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PSU-1228/1250 Alimentation à découpage

Petites alimentations à découpage allant jusqu'à 28/50A.

These power supplies offer in a small case everything the radio amateur needs. The power supplies are either switched to fixed 13.8V, or to a variable output voltage between 9 and 15V. The maximum current may be up to 28A (PSU-1228, 20A continous) or 50A (PSU-1250, 40A continous). This is sufficient for all 100 W transceivers. The built-in fan is temperature controlled. With little load the fan does not run at all, the PSU-12xx is absolutely quiet. Only with a longer and higher load the fan starts to run to cool the internal electronics. In cases where interferences occur, the PSU-12xx offers a control which shifts the frequency of the birdies, if required. The back-lit instrument shows (selectable) either Voltage or Current. All controls are conveniently located on the front, the 230VAC and DC connectors are on the rear. The PSU-1228 has the same front panel size and layout as the well known SX- series SWR/power meters and so fits perfectly into the ham shack. The PSU-1250 has the same design but is somewhat larger.

Charactéristiques Techniques
PSU-1228 PSU-1250
Tension entrée 180 - 240 VAC 220 VAC
Tension sortie 13.8V fixe ou 9-15V réglable
Régulation de la tension de sortie < 2%
Protection Court Circuit, limité à 28A Court Circuit, limité à 50A
Courant de sortie 28A max., 20A continus 50A max., 40A continus
Résiduelle < 80mVpp à charge moyenne
Fusible (Primaire) 5A 8A
Taille (sans les commandes) 155 x 70 x 205 mm (LxHxP) 195 x 85 x 280 mm (LxHxP)
Poids ca. 1.5kg ca. 2.5kg
PSU-1228 Alimentation à decoupage 28A 79.00 € Acheter
PSU-1250 Switching Power Supply 50A 119.00 € Acheter
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SPS-1050S Alimentation à decoupage Nouveau

SPS-1050S SPS-1050S

Powerful switching power supply for amplifiers or the entireradio station.

The SPS-1050S is a switching power supply with a max. output current of 55A, manufactured by RM Italy. The continous load is 50A, which makes it particularly suitable for the supply of amplifiers or other large loads.

The SPS-1050S can either be set to a fixed output voltage of 13.5V or to a adjustable voltage of 9 to 15 Volt. This makes it useful for other consumers loads which require a different voltage, or to compensate voltage losses on long cables. Two backlit analog instruments show voltage and current at the same time, for an immediate control of the power supply. Safety measures against too high tempereature or excessive current as well as short circuit help to protect the power supply as well as the load. Weight only approx. 3 kg, size 185 × 113 × 285 mm.

Dates techniques SPS-1050S
Tension d'entrée 230 - 240 / 110 VAC
Tension de sortie 13.5V fixed or 9-15V adjustable
Protection short circuit, excess current, high temperature
Courant maxi 55A
Ripple ≤ 50mVpp
Dimension 185 × 113 × 285 mm
Poids 2.9kg
SPS-1050S Alimentation à decoupage 50A 199.00 € Acheter
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Mini alimentation à découpage, 13.8V/2.8A pour FT-817 ou portatifs VHF . Taille seulement 102 x 62 x 37mm, poids 300gr. Large fourchette de tension en entrée 100 à 240V AC. Protections surtension, surcharge, et surchauffe. Cable DC avec connecteur 2.1/5.5mm, avec adaptateur FT-817. Connecteur d'entrée AC, cable AC amovible (Euro) inclus.

MFJ-4103 59.80 € Acheter
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