EzMilitary Portable Antenna

EzMilitary Portable Antenna

The EzMilitary is a very solid and easy to handle universal antenna for portable use during backpacking or in a vacation. The antenna consists of a 390cm long 'shock cord' radiator, which is collapsible into 15 elements of approx. 35cm length. Due to this construction the elements of the radiator are very light, cannot get lost and are extremely fast to assemble to full height. The radiator is attached to an adaptor plate with 3/8" thread, which in turn is mounted to a universal clamp mount (Jaw Mount). This universal clamp can be installed nearly anywhere - on a balcony railing, on a fence post, or on a small tree... you have endless possibilities. Finally a wire counterpoise is attached to the ground post on the clamp.

The antenna is fed with the 'AlphaMatch', a tuning aid working similar to a magnetic balun. This makes the antenna usable with good efficiency on any band from 6 to 80m. For operation of the EzMilitary antenna a tuner is usually required, in most cases the built-in tuner of a radio is sufficient. The attainable SWR depends heavily on the installation height above ground. Close to the ground an SWR better than 3:1 is possible, higher on 6 and 80m bands. With installation heights of 2m and more above ground an SWR of 2:1 will be possible, 2.5:1 on 6 and 80m. An even better SWR is possible by using additional radials (not included).

All in all the EzMilitary vertical by Alpha Antenna is one of the easiest and fastest to install universal wideband antenna. The low weight of only 1.5 kg and small packing size (40 x 10 x 8 cm) make it an ideal antenna forSOTA expeditions or emergency use. Included in the shipment is a nylon packing bag, a collapsible 390cm radiator, a 3/8" adaptor, a wire counterpoise and the universal Jaw Mount.

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Military 2.0 New Version

Military 2.0: improved version of the EzMilitary!

Military 2.0 Portable Antenne

The "Multiband Military 2.0" is an axtremely portable and robust antenna, which can be used without tuner for all bands from 10 to 80m. It#s main features are rapid deploye´ment, easy operation (no tuner) and suitability for local contacts and DX.

The heart of the antenna is a newly develped balun, which is enclsed in a very rugged metal case. To this balun two radiatos rea conencted: a vertical whip and a horizontal wire. A further wire serves as a counterpise, both wires come equipped with a ground peg for fast setup. With the combination of vertical and horizontal radiators are small directional effect can be observed, good for DX.

For installation a 'Jaw Mount' is included. This is a very heavy clamp which can be installed very fast to a fence post, a large tree branch or other suitable points. Onto this clamp the balun is mounted, which connects radiators and counterpoise. To the same balun the coaxial cable to the radio is conected. The connector is a PL socket.

Due to the wideband design of the antenna, no tuner is required under msot conditions. The SWR is usually below 2:1, at the lower band edge it cab be slightly higher. The length of the vertical whip is approx. 4m, the horizontal radiator wire is 7.6m long, the counterpoise about 2.4m. The huge benefit of this antenna is that it can be installed very rapidly. In combination with the small packing size (a bag with only 42cm length is included) the result is an excellent antenna for mountain hikes, walks Fienddays or other portable activities like SOTA. The max. allowed transmit power is 500W, the weight incl. bag is only 2.6 kg.

  • Included in shipment is
  • Carrying Bag
  • Balun in metal enclosure
  • Foldable vertical radiator
  • Wire radiator with ground peg
  • Wire counterpoise with ground peg
  • Heavy mounting clamp (Jaw Mount)
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Download: Alpha Ez-Military Antenna User Guide (PDF, EN, 82KB)