Remote controlled antenna switches (coaxial)

RCS-8VX Ameritron Remote antenna switch

Remote Switch RCS-8VX

Replace 5 coax feedlines with one! Ameritron's remote Coax Switch lets you remotely switch up to five separate antennas -- so you can replace five coax feedlines with a single coax. Eliminate a tangle of troublesome coax and have a simple and neat installation -- with just a single coax feedline. The RCS-8V consists of two units -- the weatherproof switching box that mounts on your tower or mast and the control unit that's placed at your operating station. VSWR is less than 1.2 from DC to 250 MHz and less than 0.1 dB loss at 150 MHz -- if you operate HF to VHF/UHF. This RCS-8V is for you. It handles 5 KW below 30 MHz and 1 KW at 150 MHz. You can ground unused positions or leave them open. The indoor control unit is all metal to prevent RFI and TVI. It also has LEDs to indicate the antenna you've selected. A Lexan scratch proof front panel has a markable surface for labeling your antennas. The RCS-8V operates from 240 VAC power source. Uses any 6 conductor control line (not supplied) and allows safe operation with 14 volts control voltage. The cable is connected with screw terminals, no special connector required.

  • Number of antenna positions: 5
  • Insertion Loss @150MHz: < 1dB
  • VSWR: < 1:1.2 up to 250Mhz
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Max. Power Handling: 5000 W avg. @30MHz; 1500 W avg. @150MHz
  • Antenna select time: 50ms
  • Power requirements: 240VAC 5Watt
  • Connectors: PL (SO-239)
RCS-8VX Controller
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RCS-4X Ameritron Remote Controlled Antenna Switch

RCS-4X Inhouse unit

Remote controlled antenna switch similar to RCS-8VX (see above), but for 4 antennas, up to 60MHz. The switch doesnt need a control cable! The control voltages for the relays are supplied via the coaxial cable.

Technische Daten
  • Number of antennas: 4
  • Insertion loss @30MHz: < 0.1dB
  • VSWR: < 1:1.25 bis 60Mhz
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Max. Power: 2500W
  • Power supply: 240VAC 5Watt
  • Connectors: PL (SO-239)
  • Controller 130x80x135mm
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RCS-10X Ameritron Remote Controlled Antenna Switch


Remote controlled antenna switch similar to RCS-8VX (see above), but for 8 antennas, up to 100MHz. Requires four wire control cable.

  • Number of antennas: 8
  • Insertion loss @100MHz: < 1dB
  • VSWR: < 1:1.8 up to 100Mhz
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Max. Power: 5000 W @30MHz
  • Power supply: 240VAC 5Watt oder 12VDC
  • Connectors: PL (SO-239)
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40010.5 Control cable 5 wires, 0.75mm², per meter 1.10 € Buy now
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