Various Antenna tuners

CG-3000 Automatic antenna tuner

CG-3000 Tuner

The CG-3000 is a very affordable automatic tuner for shortwave 1.6 to 30MHz, for feeding verticals, longwires, dipoles etc. Like the well known SG-230 this tuner is primarily intended to feed wire antennas or monopoles, the antenna connector is simply a high voltage connector. If you intend to connect coax just connect the shield to ground. The tuner has a tuning range of 12 to 1000 Ω, max. power load is 150W.

Once a setting has been found it is stored in non-volatile memory, so that a new tuning on similar frequencies happens very fast. The tuner uses a Pi network design which has the advantage (compared to L networks) that is acts as an additional low-pass filter, reducing spurious emissions.

The CG-3000 tuner is operated with 12V DC, other cotrol wires are not required. The solid plastic case is suitable for outdoor use, size approx. 365x240x75mm. U bolts with 55 mm width are included. The minimal required antenna length is 2.5m for frequencies of 6MHz and up, or at least 8m for 1.8MHz and up. With a small glassfibre pole (not included) and some wires (not included) a good allband antenna is constructed within minutes.

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Remote control for CG-3000


The remote control unit for the CG-3000 automatic tuner offers the features to switch the power supply for the tuner, start a rest and show the current status ('tuned'). Comes with 10m control cable and 0.3m DC cable. Dimensions 100 × 70 × 35 mm, weight 750g.

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MFJ-4116 Bias Tee

Bild MFJ-4116

Used to supply power to antenna tuners or amplifiers or for remote control of solenoids over the coax cable. Usually a pair of these Bias-Ts is used, one in the shack to source the DC power, one at the remote end (DC sink).
The MFJ-4117 switch provides an additional switch to interrupt the power supply.
Frequency range 1-60 MHz, max. 1500Watt or 50V / 1Amp. Supplied with connection cable.

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TuneRite Tuning aid

Bild TuneRite Icom TuneRite Icom
Tunerite KW

Many recent transceivers offer a "Tune" or"AT" button - which does only work when an external antenna tuner is installed. Now if you want to tune a manual tuner or antenna you have to switch to CW or FM, reduce power, push PTT, tune, then revert back to the mode and power level where you came from. Not very convenient and very time consuming.

Here the TuneRite steps in and offers great help. The following radios are supported:

  • All Icom with 4 pin tuner socket (IC-703, 706, 718, 736, 746, 7400, 756, 756ProI/II/III, 765, 775, 7000 etc.)
  • All Kenwood with 6 pin tuner socket ( TS-50, 450, 850, 950, 570, 2000, 480 etc.)

TuneRite is very easy to install: With an Icom or Kenwood, just plug it into the tuner socket on the rear, a power supply is not required.

With the TuneRite installed you just push "Tune" or "AT" on your rig, the radio now sends a continous carrier at reduced power level. At the end of tuning the previously selected mode and power level is back. This eases the tuning process very much, be it with a manual or automatic tuner, or a screwdriver antenna like the Tarheel antennas.

Note: When using the TUNERITE-KW on a TS-480HX (HX, not SAT!), the radio 'thinks' it has a kenwood tuner connected. Since these tuner do not handle more than 100 W power, the TS-480HX reduces it's output power permanently to 100w! During the tuning process the power is reduced to 10 W as usual.

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