TA-40KR / TA-30KR

Extension for 30m or 40m for MP-33, TA Series 33 and 53, CL-33M-WARC

Extend your existing Mosley beam to 30 or 40m!
The extension kit TA-40-KR expands your existing Mosley beam with a rotary dipole for 30 or 40m. If you think your inverted Vee or vertical works fine - think again. A rotary dipole can be a big improvement over wire antennas.

Technical Data:  
Rotating radius: +1,2m - +2m
Max. element length: +3,1m (SSB) +5m (CW)
Weight (ca.): +4,5 kg
Antenna surface: +0,14 m²
Wind load(@ 125 km/h): +132 N
Shipping weight: 11,3 kg
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Order No. TA-30KR: 11830 443.00 € Buy now