Apache Labs ANAN SDR Transceiver

Apache Labs from India manufactures high end SDR transceivers, which are based on open source designs by the amareur radio community. In cooperation with many well renowned hard- and software designers from the USA, Australia, the UK and many other countries, the open source designs by the OpenHDSDR group were used and transformed into production ready transceivers. Since then these products receive highest acclaim for the receive and transmit capabilities.

Apache Labs ANAN SDR Transceiver

Apache Labs ANAN-100DE

The SDR transceivers by Apache Labs are based on the OpenHDSDR boards 'Hermes' and 'Angelia'. The products all have excellent receivers with little differences in the details. All radios use direct sampling of the spectrum up to 55MHz, the transceivers ANAN-10E, -100E, -100DE and -200DE use very fast 16 bit AD converters (ANAN-10EE: 14 bit) with a smapling rate of 122MS/s. This fast sampling rate results in an excellent blocking dynamic range and large signal handling capabilities.

A very special feature of the ANAN transceivers is the generous use of high performance hardware. The radios ANAN-10E and ANAN-100E both use FPGAs with up 40'000 logic elements. These FPGAs are designed to efficiently handle the high data rate from the AD converter(s), to transform and reduce the vast amount of data for later processing by a computer. The faster this can be done, the larger the amount of data (waterfall) later used on a computer can be.

The transceivers ANAN-100DE and ANAN-200DE even use two fast 16-bit AD converters! This enables a large number of possibilities also for experiements. Both radios support twice the number of receivers which can be operated simultaneously, or you can use two separate receivers on different antennas for antenna diversity. To handle the even larger data rate of these two radios, even larger and more capable FPGAs with 115'000 and 150'000 logic elements are used.

On the transmit side highly linear MOSFET amplifiers are used. The transceivers have either 10 or 100 W transmit power (adjustable, minimum 1W, transverter output available). A very special feature of the ANAN transceivers is the so called 'predistortion' of the TX signal. This function controls the transmit signal shape over the entire transmitter chain, from modulator to the finals. By continously adjusting the spectrum of the modulated signal the transmitted signal is exceptionally clean and free of unwanted byproducts. This highly adaptive technology even compensates differences in components and ageing effects and allows the use of high power amplifiers.

It is interesting to know that this predistortion feature is a function which has been introduced later during the development of the firmware and software of the radios, when the hardware was already marketed for quite a while. This shows the flexibility and the high capacity of the hardware to adjust to unforeseen changes. This is a benefit unique to Software Defined Radios, the features continue to develop over time.

The transmit capable frequency range is selected by a software setting. Here the user can select to enable transmit only on the amateur bands or on the entire HF range from 1.8 to 30 MHz. Please respect your local legal restrictions.

The mentioned high data rates of the radios require a fast processing power on the computer used to control the ANAN transceivers. This starts with the connection between radio and computer, with all ANAN transceivers this is a fast Gigabit Ethernet connection. This is usually much easier to handle than USB or Firewire connections, and allows a much higher sustained data rate. Further it allows remote operation in a local area network. The recommended software 'PowerSDR by OpenHDSDR' requires a fairly fast and up-to-date Windows computer, the widely used 'Netbook' type of computer or the old clunker from 10 years ago won't do here... Please see the minimum requirements for computers below. The processing power of the computer also defines the number of receivers which can be used simultaneously and other functions.

Concerning requirements in general it should be noted that the user of Apache Labs SDR Transceivers should be someone who enjoys tinkering with latest technology and has some understanding of the design principles of an SDR. For example he or she shouldn't be afraid to perform a firmware upgrade or should be able to check for errors in the required high speed Gigabit ethernet network. Since the software is in constant development a precise feedback to the developers is appreciated. And if you want to use the excellent extension capabilities of the ANAN transceivers you need to solder cables and small interfaces (like sequencer, PTT control of an amp etc) yourself.

The transceivers are supplied with an english language manual.

Articulo No.
ANAN-10EE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-10EE 1199.00 € Comprar
ANAN-10E Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-10E 1795.00 € Comprar
ANAN-100DE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-100DE 3499.00 € Comprar
ANAN-200DE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-200DE 4345.00 € Comprar
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Which software can be used with Apache Labs SDR Transceivers?

The ANAN transceivers are supported from the following software:

  • OpenHPSDR Variants of PowerSDR™
  • cuSDR © Copyright Dr. Hermann von Hasseln, DL3HVH
  • KissKonsole
  • GNU Radio OpenHPSDR
  • G0ORX/N6LYT Android app for OpenHPSDR hardware

Computer requirements for Apache Labs ANAN SDR Transceiver

Upon request the manufacturer supplied us with the following information concerning the minimum requirements of a suitable WIndows computer. It is clearly visible that the PowerSDR software makes considerable demands to the computer. Experience shows that older computers, even with high processor speeds are not suitable for the high data rates provided by the ANAN SDR transceivers.

  • Intel Pentium 4, 3 GHz (bare minimum), or Intel i3,i5,i7 2.8Ghz or better (recommended) or similar AMD
  • 4GB to 6GB RAM (6GB recommended).
  • 1280 x 1024 display screen (or higher) resolution recommended
  • Windows XP or newer (Win7 recommended). It is possible some older machines will not give satisfactory performance, regardless of processor speed.
  • Full Duplex Gigabit-Ethernet NIC card (1000 baseT/Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Full Duplex Gigabit-Ethernet network components (switches, router)
  • CAT5E or CAT6 (recommended) Ethernet patch cables



Apache Labs ANAN-10EE

The ANAN-10EE (E for 'economy') is the entry level model to the world of SDR transceivers by Apache Labs. The transceiver supports the entire shortwave from 160 to 10m plus 6m band and comes in a compact size casing. It supports all modes like SSB, AM, FM, CW, digital mdoes and much more (defined by the software). Internally a 14-bit AD converter and a somewhat smaller FPGA is used to process the digitised data. This limits the use to max. 2 simultaneous receivers with a max. spectrum width of 384 kHz each. Still the receivers have exceptional good results for blocking dynamic range and large signal handling capabilities. Like with all other ANAN transceiver the interface to the computer is Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Selected technical data ANAN-10EE
  • 14 Bit ADC
  • Altera Cyclone EP3C25 FPGA (25'000 logic elements)
  • Two independent receivers simultaneously [1]
  • Spectrum width selectable: 48 / 96 / 192 / 384 kHz
  • Full duplex operation possible
  • SPlit operation over entire frequency range possible

[1] depending on the processing power of the cmputer

More technical details of the ANAN-10EE will be published later, as soon as they become available.

  • Included in shipment
  • ANAN-10EE Transceiver 10W
  • Power supply cable
Articulo No.
ANAN-10EE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-10EE 1199.00 € Comprar
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Apache Labs ANAN-10E

The ANAN-10E is a shortwave transceiver (160 to 10m) incl. 6m band, and comes in a compact casing. It uses a fast 16 bit AD converter chip, which offers a high resolution and an excellent dynamic range. The max. transmit power is 10W. The transceiver supports all modes like SSB, AM, FM, CW, digital modes and much more. The receive range spans from 10 kHz to 55MHz, the entire spectrum can be displayed in realtime [1]. Up to 4 parallel receivers can be used simultaneously [1,2].

The ANAN-10E offers three selectable antenna connectors, the TCXO clock can be supplied from an external 10MHz reference source. Additionally inputs and outputs for transverter operation are available. An accessory socket provides various control signals for sequencers and other purposes. The DC connector is a coaxial barrel type, inner diameter 2.5mm, outer diameter 5.5mm.

[1] This function depends on the processing power of the computer.
[2] 4 Receivers on one antenna.

  • Included in shipment
  • ANAN-10E Transceiver 10W
  • Power supply cable
Articulo No.
ANAN-10E Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-10E 1795.00 € Comprar
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The ANAN-100BE is a shortwave transceiver from 160 to 10m, plus 6m band. This model is a new development with a focus on economy, based on the ANAN-100E. The main design components are similar to the ANAN-10EE but with a 100 W amplifier stage. The case is larger as with the ANAN-10EE to provide space for the larger amplifier with 100 W transmit power. For 6m reception an additional LNA is provided. The AD converter is a 14 bit type, and the FPGA is an Altera 3C25. All in all the 100BE offers a good mixture of hi-tech components at an excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Included in shipment
  • ANAN-100BE Transceiver 100W
  • Power supply cable
Articulo No.
ANAN-100BE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-100BE 2099.00 € Comprar
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Apache Labs ANAN-200DE

Both transceivers ANAN-100DE and ANAN-200DE offer the entire shortwave range from 160 to 10m, plus the 6m VHF band. The maximum transmit power is 100W, adjustable from 1 W minimum. Of course all modes are supported (depending on software). The difference to the ANAN-100E is demonstrated b the "D" in the name - Dual ADC. Both radios are equipped with two of the fast, 16 bit wide analog/digital converters LTC 2208. This allows the simultaneous operation of multiple receivers on two separate antenna inputs. This system enables functions like antenna diversity reception with two different antennas, or phase coupled parallel reception of different signals. Both transceivers provide three antenna connectors plus an additional receive-only antenna connector.

The difference between the ANAN-100DE and the -200DE is a) the different FPGAs used in the radios, and b) the software controls available in the 200DE only. The ANAN-200DE uses an Altera 4CGX150 chip with 150'000 logic elements, which allow for even higher performance and the provision of more software features. Further several less often used functions, which requirechange of internal jumper settings with the ANAN-100DE model are now controllable by software without opening the box. This affects functions like microphone type, electret microphone BIAS voltage selection (on/off), PTT support or the selection of an external reference clock source. These addtional control functions makes the ANAN-200DE more suitable for remote operations than other models.

  • Included in shipment
  • ANAN-100DE/200DE Transceiver 100W
  • Power supply cable

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Articulo No.
ANAN-100DE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-100DE 3499.00 € Comprar
ANAN-200DE Apache Labs Transceiver ANAN-200DE 4345.00 € Comprar
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Download: ANAN-100D Review from Practical Wireless (PDF, EN, 2.8MB)
Download: ANAN-100D and Flex-6700 Review from Radcom Oct. 2014 (PDF, EN, 1.4MB)
Download: Interesting comparision of HF receivers with the noise Power Ratio method Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Tests of HF-Receivers (PDF, EN, 1.3MB)

Video about ANAN-100DE SDR Transceiver

A 13 minute video feature with german comments, which demonstrates the ANAN-100DE SDR transceiver by Apache Labs.

Various programs shown in the video are subject to copyright of the various authors and rights holders. cuSDR © Copyright Dr. Hermann von Hasseln, DL3HVH.

The same video in HD resolution 1920x1080px.

Video ANAN-Transceiver and CSV-Frequency Browser

This video shows how the CSV Frequency browser by DF8RY can be used with the ANAN transceivers. German text.

TM-2 Controller for Apache Labs ANAN-xx Transceivers


The TM-2 (formerly known as TMATE-2) is a desktop controller for various SDR programs. It offers the same operational comfort as a traditional radio, combined with the most up-to-date SDR technology.

For a full description and more images of the TM-2 controller please click here.

Articulo No.
TM-2 SDR Controller 260.00 € Comprar
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Comparision Table ANAN SDR Transceiver

Datos técnico Apache Labs SDR Transceiver
Gama de frecuencias RX 10 kHz – 55 MHz
Arquitectura Receptor Direct sampling
Convertidor análogo/digital 1 × 14 Bit 1 × 16 Bit 1 × 14 Bit 2 × 16 Bit 2 × 16 Bit
Rango dinámico [dB] 122 125 122 125
MDS [dBm] @14.2MHz, 500Hz -138
MDS [dBm] @50MHz -138 -141
Preamplificador [dB] 20 20 + LNA 6m
Atenuador [dB] (1 dB Paso) 0 – 31
Filtro Rx [2] LPF Rx: LPF + HPF, Tx: LPF + BPF
Decaimiento frecuencia conjugada [dB] > 100
Número de receptores [1] 2 2 2 7 7
Antenna diversity - - - Si Si
Espectro [kHz] 48, 96, 192, 384 48, 96, 192, 384, 1152 48, 96, 192, 384 48, 96, 192, 384, 1152
Salida audio 1 W @8Ω, 3.5 mm Casquillo teléfono
Gama de frecuencias TX Banda radio aficionados 160 - 6m
Potencia emisión [W] 1 – 10 1 – 10 1 – 100 1 – 100 1 – 100
Amplificador final RD100HHF Mosfet
Conectores d'antenas 3 3 3 3+1 3+1
Alimentation pour mic Electret Si (Jumper) Si (Jumper) Si (Jumper) Si (Jumper) Si (Software)
Full QSK capable [1] Si
Salida transverter FIXME Si
Morse-Keyer (iambic, straight) Si
Carrier and sideband suppression [dBc] -90
Spurious emission suppression ≤ 30MHz [dB] >50
Spurious emission suppression 50MHz [dB] >60
IMD3 @100 W [dB]
+ Predistortion
FPGA 3C25 3C40 3C25 4CE115 4CGX150
Flash RAM [MB] 16 16 16 128 128
Sync. RAM [MBit] - - - 32 32
Master Clock Rate [MHz] 122.88 MHz
Ruido de fase VCXO
[dBc/Hz] @1 kHz/14MHz
Ruido de fase VCXO
[dBc/Hz] @10 kHz
Ruido de fase ext. Ref.
[dBc/Hz] @1 kHz/14MHz
Precisión TCXO [ppm] ±2.5 ±0.1
Entrada referencia 10MHz Si
Salida cambiable, Open Collector 7
Salida PTT Si
Entrada analogico, 12Bit ADC 4
Entrada de control (Digital) 3
I²C Bus extern FIXME Si
Tensión de servicio 13.8V
Amperaje max.
Conector Alimentacion Conector DC coaxial Molex 0428160212
Gigabit-Ethernet Si
IP v4 address static or DHCP
Medidas [mm] 135 × 160 × 68 448 × 242 × 88
Peso [kg] 1.5 4.5

[1] The number of simultaneously useable receivers depends on the processing power of the computer and on the software which is used.