Apache Labs Transceiver


ANAN-10EE Transceiver
1111.00 €


ANAN-10E Transceiver
1795.00 €


ANAN-100BE Transceiver
2099.00 €


ANAN-100DE Transceiver
3499.00 €


ANAN-200DE Transceiver
4345.00 €

Video about ANAN-100DE SDR Transceiver

A 13 minute video feature with german comments, which demonstrates the ANAN-100DE SDR transceiver by Apache Labs.

Various programs shown in the video are subject to copyright of the various authors and rights holders. cuSDR © Copyright Dr. Hermann von Hasseln, DL3HVH.

The same video in HD resolution 1920x1080px.

Video ANAN-Transceiver and CSV-Frequency Browser

This video shows how the CSV Frequency browser by DF8RY can be used with the ANAN transceivers. German text.