Coaxial Connectors

SMA Series

SMA connectors are used for device internal cables as well as external antenna connectors for small antennas. Most amateur radio handheld radios do use a SMA female connector. SMA connectors can be used up to frequencies of more than 14GHz, depending on the model of the connector. The SMA connectors offered here have a gold plated center conductor and nickel plated exterior.

For Wifi equipment (wireless LAN) often so called reverse polarity, or RP-SMA connectors are used. That means that the center conductor has an inversed polarity. Instead of a male conductor you find a female contact and vice versa. This leads to quite some confusion about what is a plug and what is a jack... Usually all connectors with an outside thread are called a jack, all with a nut with inner thread are plugs, regardless of the polarity of the center conductor. On our website Wifi connectors this is explained in greater detail and with pictures.

Most of the connectors offered here are crimp connectors. That means that these connectors are not soldered but that the outer shield is pressed onto the shaft of the connector with a special tool. The center conductor is usally soldered. Of course we supply the required tools as well, please see Crimp tools.

If you want to crimp the connectors yourselves you will need also the information on the precise lengths to which a cable (outer isolation, shield and inner isolation) must be stripped. This information is to be found in the following document:

We also offer custom made coaxial cables, please see here.

SMA plug

42100 Ultraflex 7 / Aircell 7, solder 5.30 € Buy now
42900 RG-58, solder 5.10 € Buy now

SMA plug, Reverse SMA plug

42901 RG-58, crimp 3.70 € Buy now
42901.REV RG-58, crimp, Reverse 4.00 € Buy now
42901.316 RG-316, RG-174, crimp 4.70 € Buy now
42901.316REV RG-316, RG-174, crimp, Reverse 4.45 € Buy now
42901.316LI RG-316, crimp, lefthand thread 1.50 € Buy now
42901.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp 4.00 € Buy now
42901.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, Reverse 5.10 € Buy now
42901.155LI H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, lefthand thread 1.80 € Buy now
42901.7 7mm, crimp 3.50 € Buy now

SMA and Reverse SMA plug for Ecoflex-10

42098.SMA SMA plug, solder, Ecoflex-10, Ultraflex 10, Hyperflex-10, Aircom Premium 7.40 € Buy now
42098.REV RP-SMA plug, solder, Ecoflex-10, Ultraflex 10, Hyperflex-10, Aircom Premium 10.20 € Buy now

SMA angled plug, Reverse

42908.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, 90° angled, Reverse 8.90 € Buy now

SMA angled plug

42908.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, 90° angled 8.90 € Buy now

SMA cable jack

42902 RG-58, crimp 3.50 € Buy now
42902.316 RG-316, crimp 4.10 € Buy now
42902.316REV RG-316, crimp, Reverse 4.90 € Buy now
42902.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp 4.90 € Buy now
42902.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, Reverse 5.60 € Buy now
42095.SMA Ecoflex-10, Ultraflex 10, Hyperflex-10, Aircom Premium, crimp 6.30 € Buy now
42095.REV Ecoflex-10, Ultraflex 10, Hyperflex-10, Aircom Premium, crimp, Reverse 10.20 € Buy now

SMA cable jack, bulkhead mount

42906 RG-58, crimp 4.10 € Buy now
42906.REV RG-58, crimp, Reverse 4.30 € Buy now
42906.137 1.37 mm cable, crimp 3.30 € Buy now
42906.137REV 1.37 mm cable, crimp, Reverse 1.20 € Buy now
42906.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp 5.10 € Buy now
42906.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp, Reverse 5.60 € Buy now
42906.316 RG-316, crimp 5.10 € Buy now
42906.316REV RG-316, crimp, Reverse 5.60 € Buy now

SMA jack, bulkhead mount

42903 solder 3.90 € Buy now

SMA Adaptors

SMA connector ff

42904 2x jack 2.50 € Buy now

SMA connector mm

42905 2x plug 2.90 € Buy now

SMA connector extension

42850 SMA-Connector/SMA-Plug adapter. Is used as an extension when in a device the SMA connectors are recessed, but often the connector should be removed. The adapter remains on the jacks on Device. 5.20 € Buy now

SMA quick release connector

SMA Quick Connect SMA Quick Connect
42860 SMA-Quick release plug/SMA socket, gold plated New Very helpful adaptor where the connections needs to be exchanged very often, for example on a test site. The plug side does not have a thread but a feathered jacket which provides a secure connection. 7.90 € Buy now

Adaptor Reverse-SMA / SMA

Both sides with female center contact!
42880 RP-SMA plug/SMA jack 4.90 € Buy now
42881 SMA plug/RP-SMA jack 5.70 € Buy now

Adaptor Reverse SMA jack/Reverse SMA plug 90°

Bild RP-SMA WinkelAdaptor
42910.REV 90° angled, Reverse 9.80 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/SMA plug 90°

Bild SMA WinkelAdaptor
42910 90° angled, 5.60 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA plug/PL jack

42874   6.10 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/PL plug

42875   6.10 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA plug/N jack

42873   6.50 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/N plug

42872   8.30 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA plug/BNC jack

42854   6.80 € Buy now
42854.01 Short version 7.80 € Buy now
42854.02 Extra short version, black 11.40 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/BNC plug

42855   7.70 € Buy now
42855.01 Stable version, black 10.50 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/BNC jack

42870   6.10 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA plug/FME jack

42111   4.70 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/FME jack

42110   3.80 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/TNC plug

42802 SMA-female to TNC plug (fem.) 7.80 € Buy now

Adaptor SMA jack/RP-TNC plug

42803 SMA-female to RP-TMC plug (fem.) 10.00 € Buy now