Coaxial Connectors

TNC Series

TNC connectors are used mainly with commercial radio products. They are suitable for frequencies up to several GHz. In contrast to SMA or BNC these connectors are more robust and better suitable for heavy cables or antennas. Furthermore TNC connectors are better suited for outdoor use than SMA or BNC.

For Wifi equipment (wireless LAN) often so called reverse polarity, or RP-TNC connectors are used. That means that the center conductor has an inversed polarity. Instead of a male conductor you find a female contact and vice versa. This leads to quite some confusion about what is a plug and what is a jack... Usually all connectors with an outside thread are called a jack, all with a nut with inner thread are plugs, regardless of the polarity of the center conductor. On our website Wifi connectors this is explained in greater detail and with pictures.

Most of the connectors offered here are crimp connectors. That means that these connectors are not soldered but that the outer shield is pressed onto the shaft of the connector with a special tool. The center conductor is usally soldered. Of course we supply the required tools as well, please see Crimp tools.

If you want to crimp the connectors yourselves you will need also the information on the precise lengths to which a cable (outer isolation, shield and inner isolation) must be stripped. This information is to be found in the following document:

We also offer custom made coaxial cables, please see here.

TNC Plug

42076 RG-58 1.70 € Buy now
42093 Aircom Premium, Ecoflex-10 6.30 € Buy now
42093.REV Aircom Premium, Ecoflex-10 Reverse 6.30 € Buy now
42094 Aircell-7 5.20 € Buy now

TNC Plug

42402 RG-58, Crimp 1.70 € Buy now
42402.REV RG-58, Reverse, Crimp 4.30 € Buy now
42402.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, Crimp 3.90 € Buy now
42402.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, Crimp, Reverse 3.90 € Buy now
42402.316 RG-316, Crimp 2.60 € Buy now
42402.7 7mm, crimp 3.80 € Buy now

TNC Cable Jack

42419 RG-58, Crimp 3.00 € Buy now
42419.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, Crimp 3.20 € Buy now
42419.REV RG-58, Reverse, Crimp 5.20 € Buy now
42099.REV Ultraflex-10, Ecoflex-10, Aircom Premium, reverse, solder 6.60 € Buy now

TNC Jack, flange mount

42407 RG-58, Crimp 3.00 € Buy now
42407.316 RG-316, Crimp 3.60 € Buy now
42407.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, Crimp 3.20 € Buy now
42407.137REV 1.37 mm cable, Crimp, Reverse 8.10 € Buy now
42407.155REV H-155, Hyperflex-5, Crimp, Reverse 6.30 € Buy now
42407.316REV RG-316, Reverse, Crimp 6.30 € Buy now

TNC connector f/f

42409 2x jack 2.40 € Buy now

TNC Panel mount jack

42406 Panel Mount 1.70 € Buy now

TNC Connector, angled

42411 TNC plug/TNC jack, 90° 3.80 € Buy now
42411.REV RP-TNC plug/RP-TNC jack, 90° 9.80 € Buy now

TNC Connector, flange mount

42410 3.80 € Buy now

Adaptor TNC/RP-TNC

42890 Reverse-TNC plug/TNC jack 5.30 € Buy now


42805 ReverseTNC plug/ReverseSMA jack 8.00 € Buy now


42801 TNC plug/N jack 4.70 € Buy now
42801.REV ReverseTNC plug/N jack 6.30 € Buy now


42802 TNC plug/SMA jack 7.80 € Buy now


42803 ReverseTNC plug/SMA jack 10.00 € Buy now


42842 TNC jack/N jack 4.10 € Buy now


42806 Reverse-TNC jack/Reverse-SMA plug 4.80 € Buy now