HF connectors

Series F

F plug (m)
42601 RG-58, crimp 1.20 € Buy now
F cable jack (female)
42604.155 H-155, Hyperflex-5, crimp 1.70 € Buy now
F panel mount jack
42062 Single hole mount 0.70 € Buy now
F connector 2x plug (m)
42610 0.60 € Buy now
F angle
42617 1.20 € Buy now
Adapter F plug/BNC jack
42822 3.00 € Buy now
Adaptor F female/IEC male
Bild Adapter F/IEC
42823 F female/IEC male 0.95 € Buy now

Installation tools for F series connectors

F series connectors are difficult to install by hand, this tool makes it easy. Just put the plug into the tool, screw the plug onto the cable - ready. Two versions available, with the combi tool the screen can be prepared more easily.

Order No.
19020 F-Tool 2.50 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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