Conector MS-151C

Series MS-151C

The connector type MS-151C is used for pigtails to connect to UMTS/3G card and USB sticks. Some (but not all!) cards by Novatel use this connector.

Cables con conector MS-151C, Listo para usar

Articulo No.
40306.FME 30cm, MS-151C - FME conector 21.30 € Comprar
40306.LUC 30cm, MS-151C - Lucent femenino 19.00 € Comprar
40306.O 30cm, MS-151C - terminal abierto 16.00 € Comprar
40306.SFR 30cm, MS-151C - RP-SMA femenino, montaje brida 18.00 € Comprar
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