Diamond portable antennas for short wave

RHM-8B Portable Antenna 7-50MHz


Compact and lightweight portable antenna for shortwave 7 to 52 MHz. The antenna is tuned by moving the tap on the inner coil up and down. This assures a perfect match and a good efficiency of this antenna. Ideal for vacation and portable HF activities.

Transport length only 40cm, max. length 178cm. Max. power load up to 120W, weight only 285g, connector BNC plug. For radios with PL socket we recommend the angular PL/BNC adaptor , article 42360.

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RHM10 Portable antenna


Similar as the antenna RH-8B but including 2m und 70cm with PL259-Connector

Transport length only 50cm, max. length 177cm. Max. power load up to 130W, weight only 300g, connector PL259

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Diamond RHM-7350 Portable antenna New


Similar as the antenna RH-8B but with split steel rod, for 7-54 MHz and with PL connector.

Transport length 110cm, max. length 260cm. 130 W PEP SSB, weight 290g, PL connector. An antenna tuner is usually required for operation. Not intended for vehicle operation while driving.

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