Antenna diplexer

Antenna diplexer 2m / 70cm / Radio

Diplexer for high power, for simltaneous use of 2m- and 70cm rigs on one antenna. Completely aligned, no further adjustment required. All connections are made on one side to facility cabling. The diplexers are available with various connectors. Particularly noteworthy is a special version in which the 2m output are provided with a PL jack, the 70cm output and antenna connector with N connectors.

Common data:
Max. power load: 100 Watt
Sizes: 75x55x30 mm

Connector antenna Connector 2m Connector 70cm Connector broadcast
22030 37.40 € Buy now BNC BNC BNC No
22031 37.40 € Buy now PL PL PL No
22032 44.90 € Buy now N N N No
22033 42.90 € Buy now N PL N No

Antenna diplexer 2m and 70cm / broadcast

Universal filter/diplexer for connection of the car radio to the rig antenna: 2m/broadcast, 70cm/broadcast or for dual band rigs with just one antenna connector. One common port for 2m/70cm. Steep High/Low pass combination, no alignment required. Available with BNC or cable connectors.

Technical Data
Attenuation 2m/Radio 40 40 dB
Antenna/Radio <2,5 <2,5 dB
Antenna/ham rig <0,8 <0,8 dB
Max. power load 100 100 Watt
Connectors Antenna BNC N
Ham rig BNC FME
Car radio F jack F jack
Order Nº 22021 22022
Price 45.30 € 49.80 €
Order No.
22021 Diplexer BNC/BNC/F 45.30 € Buy now
22022 Diplexer N/FME/F 49.80 € Buy now
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Antenna diplexer 4m/2m/0.7m/GSM900 or 4m/3m/2m/GSM900

Diplexer with four ports for amateur bands and public mobile radio.
The version with broadcast port allows simultaneous use of car radio and ham radio rig, but with additional attennuation for car radio 6dB. The broadcast port is turned off while transmitting on 4m/2m/GSM bands.
Cross talk less than 40dB, insertion loss less than 1dB. metal case, FME connectors, suitable cables see Order No. 60110.xx, 12V DC feed required for version with broadcast port.The max. power rating is 50 W per band, max. 100 W in total.

Order No.
22060 Diplexer 68-87 / 140-175 / 400-470 / 860-930 MHz 98.00 € Buy now
22061 Diplexer 68-87 / 86-108 / 140-175 / 860-930 MHz 98.00 € Buy now
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Mast diplexer

Antenna diplexer 2m/70cm for mast mount, in weatherproof case, includes mast clamp. Max. power load 100 Watt, connectors N jacks. The 2m path is DC coupled, i.e. you can use a 2m pre-amp with remote power supply over the coaxial cable.

Order No.
22039 Outdoor Diplexer 2m/70cm 69.80 € Buy now
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Cable and Plugs

Plug for Car Radio antenna

Order No.
22012 1.20 € Buy now
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DIAMOND Diplexer

Very compact diplexers with excellent specs, in solid aluminum die cast case. Already complete aligned, no adjustment required.
All Diamond diplexers have on the short-wave side a DC pass for example, the ATAS-120


Triplexer 2m/70cm/23cm for Triband mobile- oder stationary antennas, oder Triplexer 2m/70cm/GSM900 in conjunction with mobile antennas NR-910 or NR-950.

Pass band range 1,6-160 350-500 850-1300 MHz
Insertion loss 0,15 0,25 0,3 dB
Max. Power 800W 400W 200W PEP
Isolation 55 dB
Connector Antenna N fem.
Model Connectors
22001 67.20 € Buy now MX-3000 PL male PL male N male
22001.N 70.00 € Buy now MX-3000N PL male N male N male


Pass band ranges 1,6-60 110-170 300-950 MHz
Insertion loss 0,15 0,2 0,25 dB
Max. power load 800W 800W 500W PEP
Isolation 60 dB
Connector Antenna PL fem.
Model Connectors
22004 74.70 € Buy now MX-2000 PL male PL male PL male
22004.N 78.00 € Buy now MX-2000N PL male PL male N male

MX-72N / MX-72D

Diplexer 2m/70cm or HF/70cm

Pass band ranges 1,6-150 400-460 MHz
Insertion loss 0,15 0,25 dB
Max. power load 400W 250W PEP
Isolation 60 dB
Connector antenna PL jack
Typ Conn. antenna Connector 2m Connector 70cm
22003.N 36.50 € Buy now MX-72N PL jack cable with PL plug cable with N plug
22003.A 39.50 € Buy now MX-72A N jack cable with PL plug cable with N plug
22003.D 39.50 € Buy now MX-72D PL jack PL plug PL plug
22003.H 36.50 € Buy now MX-72H PL jack cable with PL plug cable with PL plug


Diplexer side 1: shortwave + 6m, side 2: 2m + 70cm, for example for the Diamond HV-7CX or other combined antennas for HF + VHF, to used with radios like IC-706, IC-7000 or FT-857D. The diplexer MX-62M is transparent for DC voltages and can be used with the FT-857D and the ATAS-120 antenna. This setup requires an additional adaptor PL-female to N-male, WiMo ref. 42031.

Pass band ranges 1,6-56 140-470 MHz
Insertion loss 0,2 0,3 dB
Max. power load 600W 600W PEP
Isolation 50 dB
Connectors Cable PL
Connector antenna PL-Buchse
22009 61.00 € Buy now


Diplexer HF/6m-70cm
For rigs with one antenna connector to connect to a HF antenna and a combined 6m/2m/70cm antenna (e.g. V-2000).

Pass band ranges 1,3-30 49-470 MHz
Insertion loss 0,2 0,25 dB
Max. power load 600W 500W PEP
Connectors Cable PL
Connector antenna PL female
22005 73.00 € Buy now