Wifi Ethernet-Bridge WTP-5000

The 'wireless ethernet cable'

Three different models are available:

  • WTP-5000: up to 5 km reach, up to 54 MBit/s, ready to use, 349.00 € per side
  • Mini WTP-5000: up to 800m reach, up to 150 MBit/s, ready to use, 212.50 € per side
  • Nano WTP-5000: up to c. 200m reach, up to 150 MBit/s, ready to use, 199.00 € per side

Ethernet Wifi bridge Maxi-WTP-5000

Maxi-WTP-5000 Bridge

Ideal product to connect remote buildings, branch offices without network connection to the internet. Or integrate outlying buildings quickly and secure into your local network. The maximum distance is up to 5km with a free line of sight.

The Maxi-WTP-5000 is a 2x 24 dBi directional antenna with built-in Ethernet bridge. The device is pre configured for transparent operations (default SSID and WPA encryption). For point-to-point operation no further configuration is necessary! Just mount it outside of the building, connect to your local computer or network and go.

The bridge acts like a 'wireless cable', works independently of IP adresses of your local network and carries nearly any relevant protocols. Just like the outlying computer were connected to you LAN with a cable. The maximum data rate is 300MBit/s. For maximum security the connection is encrypted via AES/CCMP, the authentication is done by WPA2.

The Maxi-WTP-5000 bridges could handle much more than simple bridge operation. The integrated board supports also the operation as a Wifi client unit, for example also for VLANs. The configuration is done by Telnet/ssh (recommended) or by a webbrowser or a supplied windows tool.

The WTP-bridges are installed in a solid weatherproof case. The allowed temperature range is from -30 to +70°C. A mast mount bracket is included in shipment. The case has a waterproof RJ-45 socket for connection of an ethernet cable (not included). Power supply is done over the ethernet cable (PoE) with the supplied adaptor and power supply (PoE not 802.11af compatible).

Attention - for bridge use you need one unit 'bridge' and one unit 'Client'.

Articulo No.
18781.C Maxi-WTP-5000 5GHz Client 349.00 € Comprar Nuevo No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 70 días.
18781.B Maxi-WTP-5000 5GHz Bridge 349.00 € Comprar Nuevo No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 70 días.
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Download: Ficha de datos WTP-Bridge (PDF, DE/EN, 50KB)
Download: Installation Instructions WTP-Bridge, german only! (PDF, DE, 100KB)

Miniature WTP-5000n 802.11n Ethernet Wifi Bridge

mini-WTP-5000 wifi ethernet bridge Mini-WTP-5000 Bridge

Up to 800m distance, high transmission rate with 802.11n.
Pre-configured - instant use, like a 'long ethernet cable'!

The new Mini WTP-5000n systems are using up-to-date 802.11n antenna and transmission technology, for a more robust and much faster vonnection. The radio side works with approx. 150MBit/s, offering enough speed for for applications like VoIP, Webcams etc. The maximum distance is 500 to 800m. The actually achieved speed is depending on the distance, local situation and the wired network.

The enclosure is weatherproof and can be installed to a mast with the enclosed mounting hardware. The connection is done with an ethernet cable (not included). The power supply is also done over the ethernet cable, a power supply and a DC branch is included in shipment. Please note that this power supply is not compatible to 802.11af or 802.11at.

The Mini WTP-Bridge is preconfigured ready to use, including a WPA2 encrypted Wifi connection. So the bridge is ready for use - just install it to the mast, switch on, ready. The bridge is transparent and behaves nearly like a 'long cable'.

The compact enclosure has a diameter of 250mm, 90 mm depth. Weight is 830g.

For operation a 'client' and a 'bridge' side must be ordered!

In contrast to earlier models of this mini bridge, this device can not be combined with the larger WTP-5000 bridges offered below.

The ethernet cable should have a connector as short as possible. The usual connectors with molded bend protection might be too long, standard crimp connectors work fine.

For larger distances up to 5km please consider the larger version WTP-5000 below.

Articulo No.
18783.C Mini-WTP-5000n 5GHz Client side 212.50 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
18783.B Mini-WTP-5000n 5GHz Bridge side 212.50 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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Download: Ficha de datos WTP-Bridge (PDF, DE/EN, 50KB)
Download: Installation Instructions WTP-Bridge, german only! (PDF, DE, 100KB)


Nano-WTP-5000 Ethernet Wifi bridge Nano-WTP-5000 Ethernet Wifi bridge

If you want to transmit only 'across the street', then a smaller and thus cost-saving solution is sufficient.

The NANO-WTP has the same features like the MINI-WTP specified above, but a smaller and thereby less conspicuous antenna with only 140 mm diameter and respectively less gain.

However it works a couple of hundred meter far when in line of sight, in fact with great signals!

Articulo No.
18785.C NANO-WTP, Client side (for remote building) 199.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
18785.B NANO-WTP, Bridge side (for building with LAN connection) 199.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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Spareparts WTP-Bridges

Articulo No.
18790.PS POE Power Splitter for WTP-Bridge spare part 18.50 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
RB-411 Mikrotik RB-411 Board 74.80 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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FAQ WTP-5000 Bridge

  1. How many devices do I need for one link?

    Two, one Bridge, one Client.

  2. Which power consumption do the bridges have?

    Power consumption is 8 to 12 W at 24V supply voltage.

  3. What is the maximum cable length?

    The WTP-5000 Bridges are connected wit ha standard Ethernet cable to your local switch or computer. Depending on the network structure this cable can be up to 100m long.

  4. Do I need special Ethernet cables?

    When installed permanently - yes. The cables should be UV resistant. Perhaps it's a good idea to install the cables into tubes or in the antenna mast.

  5. Does a regular RJ-45 fit through the supplied, weatherproof connection?

    Yes, except with the mini-WTP, which requires RJ45 connectors without plastic cap (crimp connectors). On the Maxi-WTP large professional connectors like telegärtner MFP8 can be too large.

  6. Does the bridge support the spanning tree protocol, so I can use the bridge as a backup link to the existing network??

    Yes, STP is supported.

  7. What about support for other functions like QoS, Trunking, packet filter (aka firewall), SNMP, Routing etc?

    Yes, mayn of these functions are supported (except trunking). The board used in these bridges is quite complex and offers many more functions than used by the bridge. The problem is: We can support you only with the standard configuration (except changed password, IP addresses etc.). If you use further functions of the board we are unable to support you technically.

  8. How do I change the IP address, the password, the radio channel, the WPA passphrase etc.?

    The board used in the bridge support configuration by Telnet/SSH or brwoser interface or by a supplied windows tool. We recommend the configuration by SSH (command line).

  9. Does the bridge retain it's configuration also at a power outage?


  10. Does this bridge require a special radio permit?

    No, at least not in Germany. It uses regular Wifi systemns, but the bridge is configured for the German regulatory domain. It might be necessary to change the bridge settings to our country for compliance with your local rules.

  11. Can I connect with multiple Wifi clients to one bridge?

    No, unfortunately that's not possible with the currently employed softwware revision (Mikrotik RouterOS Level 3).

  12. Can I connect two separate network segments with the same IP address range with this bridge?

    Yes, that's just what the WTP-5000 is made for.