Antennas for car telephone (GSM), DECT, ISM, data and public mobile radio

On this page you will find:

Antennas for 2.4GHz ISM (e.g. WLAN) are here.

GSM/UMTS(3G) Windowantenna


Patchantenna for wall or window mount (with included suction cups). The antenna covers the frequency range from 1700 to 2200 MHz and is therefore suitable for GSM1800/GSM1900 and UMTS/3G networks. The gain is max. 11dBi ± 0.5dB. A 5m cable with SMA male connector is included. This connector fits many commercial 3G/UMTS routers. Adaptors and cables for USB sticks and 3G cards are available.
The versatile holder allows pan/tilt and can be mounted on a wall (wall anchors and screws included) or inside a window. This is very useful for a temporary installation like in a vcacation ,when in a hotel, at a conference etc. Size 290 x 185mm (excl. holder), weight approx. 900g.

Datasheet 60047 (PDF, EN, 210KB)
Order No.
60047   79.00 € Buy now

Antenna for GSM-900 and GSM-1800

Ideal antenna for notebooks with radio data modem or traditional telephone cards. Supports UMTS with HSDPA, HSUPA and GSM with EDGE/GPRS (850-960/1700-2200 MHz).

Includes magnet base, 7 dBi gain. Diameter of base 48mm, total height 45cm. Cable is 2m long with Lucent (aka MC-Card,for example for 'Option' UMTS cards) or FME connector. Other connectors available on request. Adaptor for Novatel cards available.

Order No.
60050.SMA with SMA connector 49.00 € Buy now
60050.FME with FME connector 49.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60050 (PDF, DE/EN, 97KB)

Three band antenna for UMTS, GSM-900 and GSM-1800


Small magnet base antenna for GSM and 3G mobile phones and data devices.

Magnet base antenna for GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G (UMTS, 2100MHz).
Including 2m cable RG-174, available with various connectors. 0 to 1dBi gain. Height c. 23cm, weight 180g.

60051.TNC is technically (frequency range, gain, connector) equivalent to Cisco 3G-ANTM1919D.

Order No.
60051.CRC9 mit CRC-9 Stecker 19.00 € Buy now
60051.LUC mit Lucent Stecker 19.00 € Buy now
60051.SMA mit SMA Stecker 19.00 € Buy now
60051.TNC mit TNC Stecker 19.00 € Buy now
60051.O Open cable (no connector) 17.00 € Buy now

small magnet base antenna for GSM and 3G

Small magnet base antenna GSM and 3G.

Small magnet base antenna with enclosed radiator for GSM 900/1800MHz and UMTS (3G, 2100MHz).
Also well for data modems.
With 2m cable and SMA-Connector.
Gain ca. 0 bis 1dBi, Diameter of the base 27mm, Height 145mmm, Weight ca. 55g.

Order No.
60053.SMA Small magnet base antenna with SMA connector 19.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet magnet base antenna 60053.SMA (PDF, DE/EN, 230KB)

Triband antenna UMTS, GSM900 and GSM1800 with suction cup holder

Ideal antenna for notebooks with radio data modem or traditional telephone cards. Supports UMTS with HSDPA, HSUPA and GSM with EDGE/GPRS. Gain 7dBi, length 45cm. Includes 80cm cable with RP-SMA connector. Includes suction cup holder for mounting on a window pane.

Order No.
60052 with cable and RP-SMA connector 49.00 € Buy now
60052.SMA with cable and SMA connector 49.00 € Buy now

See our window pass through cable 40360.RSMA below for convenient outdoor installation.

PAD-3000: Threeband directional Antenna 3G/UMTS, GSM-900 and GSM-1800

These antennas are used to extend the range of cellphones and data cards. The antenna has a gain of up to 14dBi, dependign on frequency band. Further to the antenna gain you will experience a system gain of at least 10dB compared to the small built-in antennas by mounting the antenna outside of a building.

If 3G/UMTS (HSDPA) is not available at your location, the most data cards and mobile phones use services on 900 or 1800MHz (fallback option). The PAD-3000 is a true three band antenna providing a substantial increase in range also on these band. It has a gain of 9 or 12 dBi on 900 or 1800 MHz respectively.

Our panel antennas are made of weatherproof aluminium, screws and other mounting material is made of stainless steel. The antennas can be installed with vertical or horizontal polarisation and come complete with mast clamp. For telephony and data applications, connector N female on pigtail. Comes complete with universal mount for wall or mast mount.

Order No.
60060 PAD-3000 138.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet PAD-3000 (PDF, DE/EN, 400KB)

LPA-Multi Glass mount antenna

Small and unobtrusive GSM/DECT 900/1800 MHz, UMTS and 2.4GHz patch antenna to be mounted on glass, plastic, wood etc. (cupboard, cubicle wall etc.), also suitable for car use. Approx. 12cm long, 2cm wide. Ideal for the PC with the antenna below the desk and without connection to the local WLAN. Or stick it to the window to extend coverage to the garden or terrace. Includes 250cm cable with connector.

Order No.
18620.RPSMA with RP-SMA connector 23.00 € Buy now
18620.SMA with SMA connector 23.00 € Buy now
18620.FME with FME jack 25.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 18620

As 18620, but for 2.4 and 5GHz Dualband. 150cm cable, RP-SMA connector.

Order No.
18619 Dualband 2.4/5GHz Glass Mount Antenna 19.00 € Buy now

As 18620, but for 850 - 2100 MHz Dualband. 3000cm cable, SMA connector.

Order No.
18621.SMA Glass Mount Antenna 850-2100 MHz 19.80 € Buy now

OMNI-A0121: Omni-Directional Antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS

Omni directional antenna with cable. Suitable for all mobile telephone services like GSM 900, DECT and UMTS/3G, supports all transmission services like GPRS, EDGA and HSDPA/HSUPA. Gain ranges from 2.8 to 5dBi, depending on frequency. Comes including an 8m low loss antenna cable with SMA connector. Fits directly to many provider supplied UMTS/3G routers like Telekom 'Web and Walk Box 4', Vodafone (Huawei) ROuter B970. For other devices we can supply a suitable adaptor. Antenna includes mounting bracket for wall mount. Height 550mm, diameter 50mm.

Order No.
60057 Omni-A0121 GSM/DECT/UMTS Antenna 79.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet Omni A-9121 (60057) GSM/DECT/UMTS (PDF, EN, 180KB)

60057.01: Omni-Directional Antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS

Omnidirectional antenna for GSM/DECT/UMTS, equipped with cable ready. Available for all GSM mobile services such as D-, E-Network, DECT and UMTS. The large frequency bandwidth allows the flexible use of all mobile data services like GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSPA. With a relatively high gain of up to 9 dBi the antenna is suitable for difficult conditions and weak signals. The supplied low loss cable has 5m length and is equipped with an SMA connector. To fit on many GSM modems and phones. The emitter is grounded and therefore requires in most cases no additional lightning protection. A mounting bracket for wall mounting is included. Length 820mm, weight 1080g.

Order No.
60057.01   59.00 € Buy now

OMNI-A0069: Omni Directional Antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS

Omni directional antenna, suitable for all mobile telephone services like GSM 900, DECT and UMTS/3G, supports all transmission services like GPRS, EDGA and HSDPA/HSUPA. Gain ranges from 4.6 to 6.3dBi, depending on frequency, usable frequency ranges 860-960 and 1710 to 2190MHz. Includes mounting bracket for mast (max 50mm diameter) or wall installation. COnnector N female. Height 500mm, diameter 50mm.

Order No.
60058   140.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet OMNI-A0069 60058 (PDF, DE, 120KB)

60058.01: Omnidirectional Antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS/Wifi

Omni directional antenna, suitable for all mobile telephone services like GSM 900, DECT and UMTS/3G, supports all transmission services like GPRS, EDGA and HSDPA/HSUPA + Wifi 2.4GHz. Gain ranges from 5 to 7dBi, depending on frequency, usable frequency ranges 806-960 and 1710 to 2590MHz. Includes mounting bracket for mast (max 50mm diameter) installation. Connector N female. Height 600mm, diameter 76mm.

Order No.
60058.01 Triband Omnidirectional Antenna GSM/UMTS/DECT/Wifi 88.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60058.01 Dreiband Omni (PDF, DE/EN, 100KB)

PA-2000-18: Directional Monoband 3G Antenna


Our most powerful 3G/UMTS antenna! Flat panel antenna with radome for outdoor installations, 18 dBi gain. Radiation angle approx 15x30°, includes mast bracket for downtilt, mast diameter from 25 to 50mm, connector N female. Size 50x25cm, weight 1.2Kg. Supports UMTS with HSDPA, HSUPA.

Order No.
18039.18 PA-2000-18 139.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet PA-2000-18 (PDF, DE/EN, 280KB)

PA-2000 Directional antenna for UMTS

Flat panel antenna with radome for outdoor installations, 15 dBi gain. Radiation angle approx 30°, includes mast bracket for downtilt, mast diameter from 25 to 50mm, connector N female. Size 25x25cm, weight 1Kg. Supports UMTS with HSDPA, HSUPA.

Order No.
18039 89.00 € Buy now

Omni directional 3-band antenna GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS

For telephony (GSM, UMTS) and data application (GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA). Connector N female. Comes including universal mount for wall our mast mount, including stainless steel mounting hardware. Gain 2dB, length 235mm, color white. Frequencie range 900/1800/1710~2170 MHz

Order No.
60055 58.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60055 Dreiband Omni (PDF, DE/EN, 900KB)

Omni directional antenna for 3G/UMTS

UMTS Rundstrahler

Outdoor antanna for UMTS. The antenna is weather protected with a solid glassfibre tube and is supplied complete with stainless hardware for mast or wall mounting. Gain 5dBi, length 55cm, connector N female. Supports UMTS with HSDPA, HSUPA.
To connect the antenna to your device we suggest Ecoflex-10 or Aircell-7 cable. On request we are happy to customize cables for you.

Order No.
60035 81.10 € Buy now
Download: GP-2000 Datasheet (PDF, DE/EN, 152KB)

LP-901/LP-902: Triple Band Device Antenna


Flat antennas for unobtrusive installation on even surfaces. No protruding parts, very robust construction. The antennas work independent from external ground planes and can be installed on any materials.
The antennas are waterproof and come with a 1m long cable with SMA connector.


Two different models are available: LP-901 can be installed from the outside and is protection class IP65 (when installed). LP-902 is installed from the rear side and is therefore tamper proof. This antenna has a protection clas of IP44 (when installed).

  • Frequency range: 868-960/1710-2450 MHz
  • Gain: 2,15/4,15 dBi
  • Max. Power: 10 Watt
  • Polarisation: linear
  • Material: ABS
  • Connector: SMA
Order No.
60059.901 LP-901, 1,5m cable, SMA connector 39.50 € Buy now
60059.902 LP-902, 1m cable, SMA connector 39.50 € Buy now
Download: LP-901/902 Datasheet (PDF, EN, 490KB)

Broadband directional antenna

Enclosed broadband directional antenna for GSM/WIFI/CDMA/Wimax/3G/LTE. The directional antenna is protected by the radome, and has on the whole frequency range, a very low SWR. Cover all data communication requirements with just one antenna! Max. 9,5dBi Gain, vertikal Polarisation. 2m cable with SMA male connector , Dimension 395 x 265 x 69mm, Weight 750g, Supplied with mounting bracket

Order No.
60065.01 Boadband antenna NoName 59.00 € Buy now

LPDA-A0092: Wideband Directional Antenna with cable

Wide band directional antenna for GSM, DECT and UMTS. Suitable for 694 to 1000 and 1700 to 2700MHz, which covers most data services (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA). Very solid aluminium die cast construction, weatherproof. Gain max. 11dBi. The antenna comes including 7m low loss antenan cable with SMA (male) connector. Vertikal polarisation, mast mount clamp included. Size 1010 x 200 x 50mm, weight 1.2kg.

Order No.
60070 with 7m Kabel, SMA Stecker 95.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60070 (PDF, EN, 100KB)

Breitband Richtantenne für GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA

Wide band directional antenna for GSM, DECT and UMTS. Suitable for 824 to 2600 MHz, which covers most data services (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA). Very solid construction, weatherproof. Gain max. 11dBi. The antenna comes including 5m H155 low loss antenan cable with SMA (male) connector. Vertikal polarisation, mast mount clamp included. 520mm Long.

Order No.
60070.01 with 5m Cabel, SMA Connector 49.00 € Buy now
Passende Adapter für diese Antenne.

60075: Compact Wideband Directional Antenna GSM/DECT/3G/Wifi

  • Huge Frequency Range: 690-960, 1710-2500 MHz
  • Five Band Antenna GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz, DECT, 3G/UMTS, Wifi
  • Weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes Tilt/Swivel mount for masts
  • N female socket

Kompakte und breitbandige Universal-Antenne für viele Anwendungsbereiche. Egal ob Sie den Empfang bei GSM oder dem DECT-Telefon verbessern möchten, oder auch eine Antenne für das E-Netz, UMTS-Netz oder für WLAN suchen - diese Antenne deckt alle Anforderungen ab. Ideal für flexible Inhouse-Versorgung wo mehrere Systeme zum Einsatz kommen. Vereinfachen Sie ihre Lagerhaltung mit nur einer Universalantenne für alle Anwendungen.

Die kompakte Richtantenne (210 x 180mm) wird mit einer neigbaren Masthalterung ausgeliefert und lässt sich leicht überall montieren. Der große Frequenzbereich reicht von 690 bis 960 und von 1710 bis 2500 MHz. Der Gewinn beträgt ca. 7dBi, der Öffnungswinkel ist abhängig vom Band und liegt zwischen 45-60° vertikal bzw. 60-80° horizontal. Damit ist die Antenne bestens geeignet um Büros, Restaurants oder Hallen auszuleuchten, aber auch genauso Höfe und andere Aussenbereiche. Die Antenne ist wetterfest.

Wideband Antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS/Wifi 60075

Compact and wideband universal antenna for many applications. Regardless if you want to improve the reception of a GSM signal or need a better antenna for your DECT phones, or use this antenna with 3G/UMTS or even Wifi - this antenna covers all needs. Ideal for flexible inhouse coverage with many different services. Simplify your warehouse by stocking just one antenna for most applications.

The compact panel antenna (210 x 180 mm) is supplied with a tilt/swivel mast mount system and can be installed nearly anywhere. The large frequency range is 690 - 960 MHz and 1710 to 2500 MHz. The gain is approx. 7dBi, the HP beamwidth depends on the band and ranges from 45 to 60° vertical, and 60 to 80° horizontal. This is perfect for indoor coverage of offices, restaurants and halls, but also for yards and other outdoor areas. Connector N female.

Order No.
60075 Universal Wideband Antenna GSM, DECT, UMTS, Wifi 59.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet Wideband Antenna 60075 (PDF, DE, 120KB)

Cables and adaptors for UMTS cards

The usual PCMCIA (or compact) cards use several small connectors for external antennas. We supply some of them and are happy to answer your questions regarding the right cable.
If you are not sure which connector your card utilizes, please ask the vendor of that card or send us a good macro picture of the connector.

Which connector fits which card?

Please look on the botto mside of your card, there you will find the manufacturers name. Some of the more prevalent manufacturer are Option, Novatel, Sierra Wireless and Huawei. For some of these manufacturers cards we can offer adaptors.

Connector Manufacturer of card
MC-Card (aka Lucent) Option (most cards)
MS-151C Hirose Novatel (fits many cards)
CRC-9 Huawei (fits many cards)
SSMB (aka nano-SMB) Sierra Wireless

Adaptor cables (Pigtails)

Article Description Length Price
40300.N-F Adaptor cable MC-Card to N female 30 cm 19.40 € Buy now
40300.N-M Adaptor cable MC-Card to N male 30 cm 20.30 € Buy now
40300.N-M50 Adaptor cable MC-Card to N male 50 cm 21.20 € Buy now
40300.N-M200 Adaptor cable MC-Card to N male 200 cm 16.00 € Buy now
40300.N-M300 Adaptor cable MC-Card to N male 300 cm 24.00 € Buy now
40300.S-F Adaptor cable MC-Card to SMA jack 30 cm 20.30 € Buy now
40300.S-FR Adaptor cable MC-Card to RP-SMA jack 30 cm 19.80 € Buy now
40300.S-M Adaptor cable MC-Card to SMA plug 30 cm 20.30 € Buy now
40300.S-M1M Adaptor cable MC-Card to SMA plug 100 cm 21.30 € Buy now
40300.S-M2M Adaptor cable MC-Card to SMA plug 200 cm 23.00 € Buy now
40300.S-M3M Adaptor cable MC-Card to SMA plug 300 cm 24.80 € Buy now
40300.S-MR Adaptor cable MC-Card to RP-SMA plug 30 cm 20.30 € Buy now
40306.FME Adaptor cable MS-151C to FME plug 30 cm 21.30 € Buy now
40306.SFR Adaptor cable MS-151C to RP-SMA jack 30 cm 21.30 € Buy now
40306.LUC Adaptor cable MS-151C to MC-Card jack 30 cm 24.90 € Buy now
40306.O Adaptor cable MS-151C to open end 30 cm 16.00 € Buy now
40307.N-F Adaptor cable CRC-9 to N socket 30 cm 21.30 € Buy now
40307.S-F Adaptor cable CRC-9 to SMA socket 30 cm 20.30 € Buy now
40307.FME Adaptor cable CRC-9 to FME jack 30 cm 19.80 € Buy now
40307.S-F Adaptor cable CRC-9 to RP-SMA socket 30 cm 19.80 € Buy now

Other lengths and other connectors on request. We manufacture affordable cables to your specifications, also single quantities.

Inductive antenna coupler for GSM und UMTS

Induktiv Koppler PCMCIA ohne buchse für antenne ADPT-0024
ADPT-024 (60095)

Many USB sticks and PCMCIA card for UMTS/3G don't offer a connector for an external antenna. THis is where these inductive coupler helps! The couplers are mounted to the device with Velcro© strips (ADPT-024) or just pushed over the USB stick (ADPT-026). Both adaptors have a SMA female connector for which we offer a large selection of antenna cables. Works with any mobile phone or data modem, regardless of frequency (LTE, GSM, UMTS/3G) or system used (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA).

Induktiv Koppler USB STICK ohne buchse für antenne ADPT-0026 ADPT-026 (60096)
Order No.
60095 for PCMCIA cards etc. 29.90 € Buy now
60096 for USB Sticks 29.90 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet ADPT-0026/60096 (PDR, EN, 250KB)

SSMB for Sierra Wireless Cards

Bild SSMB, nano-SMB Stecker

SSMB (aka nano-SMB) plug which is used with some Sierra Wireless cards.

Order No.
42940 SSMB plug 7.00 € Buy now

Antenna cable for UMTS

For connection of an antenna with N female connector (PA-2000, GP-2000 etc.). To adapt these cables to your device please see table above.

Article Description Length Price  
40330.50cm Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 0.5 m 17.45 € Buy now
40330.1 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 1 m 20.30 € Buy now
40330.2 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 2 m 21.20 € Buy now
40330.3 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 3 m 22.20 € Buy now
40330.4 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 4 m 23.10 € Buy now
40330.5 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 5 m 24.00 € Buy now
40330.6 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 6 m 24.90 € Buy now
40330.8 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 8 m 26.80 € Buy now
40330.12 Antenna cable N male/RP-SMA plug 12 m 30.50 € Buy now

Window Pass Through

To feed the cable into your house without drilling a hole into the wall - here comes the versatile windows pass through cable. This cable has a length of 30cm and is available with RP-SMAplug/jack or SMA plug/jack.

Article Description Length Prie
40360.RSMA Window pass through cable RP-SMA plug/RP-SMA jack 30cm 22.80 € Buy now
40360.SMA Window pass through cable SMA plug/SMA jack 30cm 22.80 € Buy now
40360.N Window pass through cable N plug/N jack 80cm 22.80 € Buy now

Examples for antenna cables

Supposed you want to install the PA-2000 outside on the wall of your building and require a cable to your UMTS device, a "Web 'n Walk box 3" (which uses an Option card).

You need:

  • PA-2000 Antenna
  • Outdoors cable 40330.x (x=length in meter)
  • Window pass through cable 40360.RSMA
  • Indoor cable 30cm 40300.S-FR

Supposed you want to use the magnet base antenna ref. 60050 to your Novatel card .

You need:

  • Magnet base antenna UMTS/GSM ref. 60050
  • Adaptor cable 40306.LUC

Of course cable lengths longer than 8m are also possible, but require some more planning and calculation. We would kindly ask you to contact us for a quote.

Wideband antenna splitter for GSM/UMTS applications


Wideband 2-way splitter witrh N female connectors, for combining of GSM antennas. Due to the extraordinary bandwidth of this splitter it becomes possible to connect antennas from different bands (e.g. GSM900 and W.CDMA/UMTS). Or combine two threeband antennas to cover several directions at the same time.

Technical Data

  • Bandwidth: 800 - 3600 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Connector: 3x N female
  • VSWR: < 1.4
  • Insertion Loss: < 0.7dB
Order No.
18099.2 25.00 € Buy now

Radiator for Smarteq/ALLGON antenna base mount

62006 26.50 € Buy now 460 MHz colinear, gain 4 dB, length 540 mm
62007 16.90 € Buy now 460 MHz colinear, flexible, 0 dB, length 140mm
62013 22.50 € Buy now GSM (900 MHz) colinear radiator, gain 4 dB

62001.01 19.90 € Buy now public mobile radio 4m and 2m, 70 - 225 MHz, quarter wavelength
62002.01 22.50 € Buy now public mobile radio 4m and 2m, 70 - 225 MHz, with spring
62003.01 28.50 € Buy now public mobile radio 2m, 5/8 wavelength radiator, gain 3 dB, stainless steel, black anodized

Mini magnet base

Smarteq/Allgon Magnet base 60mm incl. Cable Smarteq/Allgon Magnet Base 60mm

Magnet base with only 60mm diameter, with 3m cable attached with FME connector. Black, with rubber base, thread is metric M6.

Order No.
62101 Smarteq/Allgon Magnet Base 60mm 53.60 € Buy now

Special Offer

We offer one piece of magnet base 62101. Slightly used, slightly worn, but fully functional. Full warranty.

Order No.
ZG62101 Magnet Base, used, Special Offer 40.00 € Buy now

Smarteq/Allgon base mounts

Round base mount with cable

Round base with 5m low-loss cable (same size as RG-58) attached (Article 62100), or with FME connetcor without cable (Art. 62100.01) black. Can be mounted from the outside, can be tilted by ±30 degrees. Drll hole diameter 14mm when mounting from below. Includes 2two waterproof rubber gaskets.

Order No.
62100 with 5m cable 24.50 € Buy now
62100.01 without cable 14.50 € Buy now
62099.ERSATZ Spare rubber shaft 3.50 € Buy now

Rectangular base mount for side mount, without cable

Rectangular base mount for mounting on the side of the car, can be tilted up to 52 degrees. Connector FME, black. Suitable cables see below.

Order No.
62102 24.50 € Buy now

Cables, both sides FME

Order No.
60110.01 Cable 1m H-155, FME/FME 6.80 € Buy now
60110.02 Cable 2m H-155, FME/FME 7.30 € Buy now
60110.04 Cable 4m H-155, FME/FME 8.20 € Buy now
60110.05 Cable 5m H-155, FME/FME 9.10 € Buy now

Window mount antennas

Window clamp

20019 (BNC)

20019 (SMA)

Window clamp for temporary use of a radio in a car, just place the rubber ducky of your handheld radio or any other antenna on the clamp. Includes 2m cable with BNC or SMA connectors.

Order No.
20019 BNC/BNC 19.80 € Buy now
20019.SMA SMA/SMA 19.90 € Buy now

Glass mount antennas for GSM see here.

Dual band On Glass antenna

Bild Duo GSM Antenne

Small and unobtrusive antenna for GSM900, GSM1800 and DECT, self adhesive on glass, plastic, wood etc. Also suitable for mobile use (car). Approx. 12cm long, 2cm wide. 180cm cable with SMA connector included.

Order No.
18621.SMA 19.80 € Buy now

Omni directional radiator for stationary use

All antennas with N jack (female). GSM 900MHz suitable for extension of GSM mobile phones.

Order No. Type Frequency Gain
18005.02 59.00 € Buy now GP 4m mobile radio, air band 61-1250 MHz 0 dBD
18005.01 55.40 € Buy now GP 2m mobile radio 144-174 MHz 0 dBD
18070 54.90 € Buy now Ringo mobile radio 144-174 MHz 6 dBD
18071 61.00 € Buy now Ringo Chekker 410-470 MHz 6 dBD
18006.02 25.00 € Buy now Groundplane 800-1000MHz 0 dBD
18006.03 49.00 € Buy now Groundplane GSM900 6 dBD
Download: SWR-Sheet 18006.02 (PDF, 10KB)

GSM directional antennas

Mast mounted for vertical polarization, connector box waterproof with N connector (female). Use of low loss cable is recommended (Aircell-7, Aircom+, H-155, Ecoflex).

Order No. Frequency Length Gain
18203.02 107.20 € Buy now Chekker 0,75m 8 dBD
18203.01 107.20 € Buy now 460 MHz 0,75m 8 dBD
18204.01 112.90 € Buy now 460 MHz 1,55m 10 dBD
18250 85.00 € Buy now GSM 900 (887-963MHz) 0,3 m 7 dBD
18251 116.00 € Buy now GSM 900 (887-963MHz) 1,0 m 12 dBD

Flat panel antennas for GSM 900 / 1800

Flat panel antennas consist of one or more radiators in front of a reflector panel. This design leads to very flat and therefore robust and unobtrusive antennas, combined with high gain and high bandwidth.
Our flat panel antennas are made from waetherproof aluminum, all mounting hardware is stainless steel. All antennas can be mounted for horizontal or vertical polarization and come including mounting bracket.

Model PA-900R PA-1800R PA-1800R-15
Frequency GSM 890-960 MHz GSM 1800 GSM 1800 MHz
Gain 9 10 15 dBD
3dB angle vertical: 54 65 32 deg.
horizontal: 55 55 27 deg.
Front/Back ratio >20 >20 >20 dB
Max. power load 50 50 50 Watt
Weight ca. 1,3 0,7 1,8 Kg
Sizes 280x280 210x210 440x440 mm
Wind load at 160 km/h 130 80 200 N
Connector FME N jack (female) N jack (female)
Order No. 18034 132.40 € Buy now 18036 50.00 € Buy now 18036.01 115.00 € Buy now

Download: Datasheet PA-900R (18034) (PDF, DE/EN, 145KB)
Download: Datasheet PA-1800R (18036) (PDF, DE/EN, 120KB)

Watertight Antennas with protection class IP68


Series of robust, dust and waterproof antennas for industrial applications, protection class IP68. Antennas are available for 430, 8681800/1900 and 2400MHz. The coaxial connector (SMB type) is housed in a protected screw cap.

The antennas are used for typical industrial applications like Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi GSM or ISM remote control. The installation at the enclosure is done with a single hole mount with 150cm RG-174 cable attached, open ended. WiMo offers various connectors for the cable type, installation on request.

The antennas have an approximative gain of 2dBi, omnidirectional radiation, impedance 50Ωm length 92mm.

Order No.
14210.440 Buccaneer Antenna 420-470 MHz, IP68 23.00 € Buy now New
14210.868 Buccaneer Antenna 868/1800/1900 MHz, IP68 27.00 € Buy now New
14210.2400 Buccaneer Antenna 2400-2500 MHz, IP68 19.00 € Buy now New
14210.SO Buccaneer Single Hole Mount IP68, 150cm Cable RG-174, open 26.00 € Buy now New
42901.316 SMA connector, crimp, RG-174 4.10 € Buy now
42901.316REV RP-SMA connector, crimp, RG-174 4.45 € Buy now
42075.316 BNC connector, crimp, RG-174 1.50 € Buy now
42402.316 TNC connector, crimp, RG-174 2.30 € Buy now
42955 MCX connector, angled, crimp, RG-174 5.40 € Buy now
42960 MMCX connector, angled, crimp, RG-174 5.40 € Buy now
42750 SMB conector, straight, crimp, RG-174/RG-316 4.75 € Buy now
42755 SMB-Stecker, angled, crimp, RG-174/RG-316 6.60 € Buy now
99ANSCHLAGEN Service, Installation of one connector 5.00 € Buy now

Stubby Antennas 868 or 2400 MHz


Series of small stubby antennas for short range communication in industrial environments. Available for 2.4GHz (Wifi, Bluetooth) and 868/900/1800 MHz (ISM, GSM). Suitable for portable equipment and machines, small and unobtrusive. Straight or angled SMA or RP-SMA connector. Length 32mm, gain 0dBi, weight approx. 5g.

Order No.
17006.868SMA Stubby Antenna, SMA connector, 868/900/1800MHz 12.00 € Buy now
17006.SMA Stubby Antenna, SMA connector, 2400-2483MHz 12.00 € Buy now
17006.RSMA Stubby Antenna, RP-SMA connector, 2400-2483MHz 12.00 € Buy now
17007.868SMA Stubby Antenna, SMA connector angled, 868/900/1800/1900MHz 9.00 € Buy now
17007.SMA Stubby Antenna, SMA connector angled, 2400-2483MHz 9.00 € Buy now
17007.RSMA Stubby Antenna, RP-SMA connector angled, 2400-2483MHz 9.00 € Buy now
Datasheet 17006.868SMA (PDF, DE/EN, 160KB)
Datasheet 17006.(R)SMA (PDF, DE/EN, 160KB)
Datasheet 17007.868SMA (PDF, DE/EN, 160KB)
Datasheet 17007.(R)SMA (PDF, DE/EN, 160KB)

Duoband Stubby Antenna

Duoband Stubby Antenna

Slight Duoband Stubby Antenna for GSM 900/1800 MHz, with knuckle, Length 118mm, with SMA- oder FME-connector. The model with FME plug can be stored on appropriate ports be used, or via adapter on BNC, TNC, PL, SMA or N-connector.

Order No.
60022.FME Duoband Stubby Antenna with FME Connector 12.00 € Buy now
60022.SMA Duoband Stubby Antenna with SMA Connector 12.00 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60022.FME/60022.SMA Antenne (PDF, DE/EN, 290KB)

different Adapter

Order No.
42101 Adapter FME/BNC-Connector 3.90 € Buy now
42103 Adapter FME/PL-Connector 3.90 € Buy now
42105 Adapter FME/TNC-Connector 3.90 € Buy now
42106 Adapter FME/N-Connector 5.10 € Buy now
42111 Adapter FME/SMA-Connector 4.10 € Buy now

GSM Stubby Antennas







Series of small stubby antennas for GSM / UMTS in industrial environments. Suitable for portable equipment and machines, small and unobtrusive.

Order No.
60023 GSM900 long, 3 dB, 16cm, Mini-UHF 4.90 € Buy now
60024 Dualband GSM900, GSM1800, 0 dB, 6 cm, SMA 10.00 € Buy now
60024.RA GSM900, GSM1800, 2dBi, 6.1cm, SMA 90° angle plug 11.00 € Buy now
60025 Tri-Band Antenna GSM, DECT and 3G/UMTS. 2.5dBi, 115 mm, SMA 9.80 € Buy now
60026 like 60025 but with knuckle 12.80 € Buy now
60027 Triband antenna with knuckle 17.99 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 60024 & 60024.RA Antenna (PDF, DE/EN, 230KB)
Download: Datasheet 60025 Antenna (PDF, DE/EN, 590KB)
Download: Datasheet 60026 Antenna (PDF, DE/EN, 590KB)
Download: Datasheet 60027 Antenna (PDF, DE/EN, 150KB)

GSM, ISM, PMR equipment antennas

Bild 868MHz Antenne SMA
Type Length Connector Order No. Price
8m band short, 40.68 MHz 19 cm BNC 14200.40BNC 19.50 € Buy now
VHF, short, 121 MHz 19 cm BNC 14200.121BNC 15.00 € Buy now
4m band short, 68-84 MHz 40 cm BNC 17008.11 27.00 € Buy now
2m band long, 146-174 MHz 45 cm BNC 13204 15.20 € Buy now
TNC 13204.02 23.50 € Buy now
2m band short, 146-174 MHz 18 cm BNC 14200 11.20 € Buy now
Chekker 410-440MHz 18 cm BNC 17010.435BNC 14.90 € Buy now
16 cm BNC 17010.445BNC 14.90 € Buy now
18 cm SMA 17010.435SMA 18.40 € Buy now
35 cm TNC 17008.02 28.00 € Buy now
23 cm Swivel joint, 90°, panel installation 17008.50 9.00 € Buy now
Data band 868 MHz 9 cm BNC 17010.868BNC 18.40 € Buy now
9 cm SMA 17010.868SMA 18.40 € Buy now
Per Mobile 450MHz long, 3 dB 40 cm TNC 17008.02 28.00 € Buy now
450MHz standard, 0 dB 17 cm BNC 17010.435BNC 14.90 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 17008.11 Antenne (PDF, DE/EN, 50KB)
Download: Datasheet 17010.435SMA Antenne (PDF, DE/EN, 40KB)
Download: Datasheet 14200 Antenne (PDF, DE/EN, 205KB)
Download: Datasheet 17010.435BNC Antenne (PDF, EN, 191KB)

MIMO OMNI directional antenna for LTE 790-2700MHz

OMNI directional antenna for all LTE bands!
This snazzy housing contains 2 omnidirectional antennas, which are arranged in an X shape. The MIMO technology can now be used even if it is not known from which direction the signal is coming. The antenna is the ideal replacement for the supplied equipment antennas. To improve the reception, we recommend the use of directional antennas.
The antenna is supplied with 2 x 5m cables and connectors (SMA).

Order No.
18700 LTE MIMO OMNI antenna 2 dBi 82.00 € Buy now

MIMO Broadband Directional antenna for LTE 650-2700MHz

LTE Directional All band Antena

Directional antenna for all LTE-Bands!
Finally, a directional antenna that can be used for everything. Due to the enormous frequency range of 650 MHz to 2.7 GHz, this antenna is suitable for GSM, UMTS and all LTE frequencies.
The antenna comes complete with 2x 5m cable and SMA connectors.

Order No.
18701 LTE MIMO Broadband Directional antenna 8,5 dBi 130.00 € Buy now

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