In the tradition of the top-of-the-line transceivers IC-7800/IC-7700 Icom now offers the IC-7600. The receiver is a double superhet design with IF DSP, resulting in a much better intermod free dynamic range. Icom claims 104 dB dynamic range and an IP3 of +30dBm. Equipped with two 32bit Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) the receiver has two AGC loops, one analog, one digital. This results in a perfectly controlled gain control.

Three selectable 1st IF roofing filters (15, 6 and 3 kHz) provide a very good selectivity, especially at SSB and CW modes. The other IF filters are - as usual - freely programmable, due to the DSP design. THree filters can be programmed for each mode. With the well known twin passband tuning a fine tuning of the optimal bandwidth is possible during operation.

The IC-7600 offers the possibility to listen to two frequencies in one band at the same time (Dualwatch). This enables you to listen to the DX station on one VFO, and to the pile-up on the other.A must have for the serious DXer.

And the powerful signal processors offer many more functions, for example an effective noise cancellation, a variable noise blanker, automatic or manual notch filters with three selectable bandwidths, voice recorder functions for receive and transmit and much more. A precise TCXO (temperature controlled crystal oscillator) is factory installed, resulting in a very high frequency stability of ±0.5ppm. Especially digital modes like PSK31 etc benefit from this high stability.

The large colour LC display (5.8") offers a wide viewing angle and is for the first time equipped with a white LED backlight. This greatly reduces heat and has a much longer life than traditional CCFL lights. The multi function meter does not only display transmit power and signal strength, but also current and temperature of the final amplifier, SWR, ALC and compression level and much more.

A USB keyboard can be directly connected to the transceiver, allowing operation in PSK31 and RTTY without a computer. Another USB interface on the rear offers the usual remote control functions plus the receive and transmit audio. This allows for a much easier computer/transceiver integration.

Many more improvements like a selectable amplifier keying (FET or relay), freely programmable band edges, a solid 100 W FET amplifier and much more turns the IC-7600 into the perfect HF transceiver for the ambitious radio amateur. And as usual with the best Icom quality!

Included in shipment are a handbook, hand microphone HM-36, carrying handle MB-121, a DC cable plus spare fuses and some hardware parts.

IC-7600 3549.00 € Acheter
99FREQ Debridation Transmetteur Svp voyez avertissement! 25.00 € Acheter
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Download: Product Brochure IC-7600 (PDF, EN, 5.6MB) Download: Compte-rendu de Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ sur le IC-7600 (März 2009) (PDF, Anglais, 840KB)

Accessoires IC-7600

CT-17 Convertisseur de niveau CI-V 99.00 € Acheter
HM-36 - Microphone à main 56.50 € Acheter
SM-30 Microphone de table 159.00 € Acheter
SM-50 Microphone de table 269.00 € Acheter
SP-23I Icom Haute Parleur SP-23 265.00 € Acheter
PHITS-I23 Phonema Insulation Kit for Icom SP-23I 39.00 € Acheter Nouveau
DC-CABLE-HF4 DC Cable 2.5m, avec fusibles (similaire OPC-1457) 21.90 € Acheter
42914.I-TUN Connecteur pour prise 'Tuner' 9.50 € Acheter
PS-126 25A switching power supply from ICOM 445.00 € Acheter Nouveau
DC-IC7600 Dust cover for IC-7600 39.00 € Acheter Nouveau
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Dust Cover DC-IC7600 Dust cover
PHITS-I23 PHITS-I23 Phonema Insulation Kit

Icom RS-BA1 Logiciel pour pilotage à la distance

Ce tranceiver peut être utilisé à distance via internet ou un réseau local, en utilisant le logiciel RS-BA1. Instructions détaillées pour le logiciel RS-BA1.

RS-BA1 Logiciel Pilotage à la distance 79.90 € Acheter
RC-28 Remote Control Unit 215.00 € Acheter
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Ouverture en fréquence / débridage d'émetteurs

Note importante :
Tous les émetteurs vendus par WiMo ne couvrent normalement que les bandes radioamateur.

L'extension en fréquence (débridage) est effectuée sur demande explicite de l'acquéreur.

Les transceivers radioamateur ne sont généralement pas conçus pour émettre en dehors des bandes radioamateur. Dans certains cas, l'étage final amplificateur ou les filtres de sortie peuvent être endommagés lors des transmissions en dehors des fréquences pour lesquelles ils ont été conçus. Ces cas ne sont pas couverts pas la garantie.

La garantie constructeur peut également être annulée dans certains cas.