Dualband FM Mobile transceiver with digital communications (Option)

The Icom IC-E2820 is a true dualband transceiver for VHF/UHF offering V/V and U/U operation (receving two signals in the same band. A highlight are the two antenna connectors, offering true diversity reception, always selecting the best signal quality from each antenna.

With the option UT-123 the transceiver is capable of cusing the new D-Star digital voice and data communications. This digital repeater system is currently developing in Europe and allows simultaneous voice and slow-speed data communications. Additonally GPS position data can be transmitted with the GPS antenna included in the UT-123 option.

The IC-E2820 offers max. 50 W transmit power on 2m and 70cm, morethan 500 memories, a wideband receiver, selectable display colour any much more. The large display is very easy to read and can be mounted either on the body of the radio or separately. Packet operations is possible with the integrated data socket (6-pin mini DIN), a DTMF and remote control microphone (HM-133 is included.

Esta radio está fuera de producción. Mostramos aquí a modo orientativo y para mostrar los accesorios aún disponibles

Accessorios IC-E2820

Articulo No.
MBF-1 Soporto per aparato de mando (requiere montaje placa MBA-1 o MBA-2) 54.50 € Comprar
UT-123 Digital unit 299.00 € Comprar
OPC-1663 Separation cable 3.4m 8.90 € Comprar
OPC-440 Microphone extension 5m 85.50 € Comprar
CS-2820 Cloning Software 54.50 € Comprar
OPC-1529R Datacable for DV mode 27.80 € Comprar
WCS-2820 Programming Kit USB (see Kit progr. WCS-xx 66.70 € Comprar
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