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The IC-R8600 follows in the tradition of the large receivers IC-R8500 and IC-R9500, but also incorporates the klatest technology as it is found in the highly successful transceiver IC-7300. Up to 30 Mhz the IC-R8600 works as a direct sampling SDR receiver, from 30 to 1100 MHz a double superhet downconverter is used in front of this SDR, from 1100 to 3000 MHz a triple superhet is used. 24 automatically selected bandfilters (11 on shortwave, 13 on V/U/SHF) are employed to protect the AD converter from overload of out of band singals. The result is an excellent IP3 of +30 dBm on 14.1 MHz, at 144 MHz it's still a very good value of +10 dBm and on 440 MHz it's 0 dBm. The dynamic range is specified with 105 dB, which is an excellent value for such a wide band receiver.

The ease of use is achieved just like with the IC-7300 with a 4.3" large coulour touch display. Besides this display, large conventional controls for frequency, volume and many other functions give the '8600' SDR the feel just like a traditional radio. This combines the best of both worlds - most up-to-date technology where you need it, and classical operation control where you expect it. The IC-R8600 is equipped with 2000 memories in 100 groups, which offer endless possibilities to organize your most wanted frequencies.

Another special feature of the IC-R8600 is the possibility to listen to various digital modes. The receiver not only decodes traditional analog transmissions like AM, FM, WFM, SSB etc, but also digital modes like NXDN, P25 and D-Star. As one can expect from a software defined radio, filters can be defined on the fly as needs arise. No more buying if expensive IF crystal filters. As one of the first receivers of it's class the IC-R8600 offers a realtime waterfall display. The spectrum width can be adjusted from ± 2.5 kHz to ± 2.5 MHz. With a short touch on the waterfall display a section is enlarged and can be used for precise frequency selection. Never again miss a short transmission.

Since the end of 2017 a software update and a new ExtIO.dll library for HDSDR are available. This enables the user to run the IC-R8600 as a true SDR receiver, controlled by HDSDR on a Windows computer. Requirements for this are at least firmware version 1.30, installed ExtIO.dll for HDSDR, and a Windows computer running HDSDR.

IC-R8600 Block Diagram IC-R8600 Block Diagram
  • Further Features IC-R8600
  • Calibrated S-Meter (0.5 … 1100 MHz)
  • SD Card memory for Log and recordings
  • Screenshot function for documentation purposes
  • Output of I/Q Data for external use with future software products
  • Remote control options via Ethernet or USB
  • Extensive and fast scan modes
  • Three antenna connectors
  • Input for precision 10 MHz reference clock
  • 10.7 MHz IF output
  • Traditional Icom CI-V interface (Remote)
  • Output for S-Meter analog voltage
  • 'Mute' input for safe integration into an existing transmitter station
  • Included in shipment:
  • IC-R8600 Receiver
  • DC Power supply cable
  • Small parts (fuses etc.)
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Accessories Icom IC-R8600

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Icom SP-39AD

Icom SP-39AD

Haut-parleur de table, conçu optiquement et électriquement pour s'adapter au récepteur IC-R8600, avec alimentation intégrée AD-55NS. Le haut-parleur est équipé d'un pied rabattable qui donne le boitier le même angle que le récepteur. Courant de sortie max. 2A. Deux câbles fixés en permanence, l'un pour la sortie DC vers l'IC-R8600, l'autre pour l'entrée audio avec prise 3.5 mm. Câble CA amovible inclus.

Dates techniques SP-39AD
Tension d'entrée 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Tension de sortie 15 V DC
Courant maxi 2 A
Gamme de température 0 – 40 °C
Dimension 100 × 90 × 241 mm
Poids 1.6 kg
Puissance audio maxi 7 w
Impedance 8 Ω
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