Icom IC-V80E VHF Handheld Radio


The Icom IC-V80E is a very robust and versatile monoband VHF (2m) handheld radio. The construction is dust and water protected (IP54) and therefore very well suitable for everyday outdoor use. The large speaker and an AF power of >700mW result in a very good intelligibility, even in the car or noisy environments. The transmit power can be switched from 0.5 to 2.5 or 5.5W. The receiver covers 144 to 146 MHz. More than 200 memories offer a lot of capabilities, for example the alpha-numeric channel indicator for each memory. CTCSS/DTCS functions are built in for receive and transmit. The included NiMH battery BP-264 offers a long duration. The built in keyboard helps with entering frequencies directly and is also used for DTMF tones, e.g. for Echolink operation.

  • Included in shipment of the IC-V80E is:
  • IC-V80E
  • NiMH battery BP-264 (7.2V, 1400mAh)
  • Wall charger BC-206SE + Desktop Charger Adaptor BC-192
  • Belt Clip
  • Antenna BNC
  • Carrying strap
  • Manual (DE/EN)
Order No.
IC-V80 Icom IC-V80E 129.00 € Buy now
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Accessories Icom IC-V80E

Order No.
BP-263 Battery case (6x AA cells) 18.00 € Buy now
BP-264 NiMH Battery 7.2V/1400mAh (as supplied) 29.90 € Buy now
BP-265 LiIon Battery 7.4V/1900mAh (can not be charged via the DC connector!) 44.90 € Buy now
BC-193 Quick charger for BP-265, requires BC-123SE 38.90 € Buy now
HM-158LA Loudspeaker/Microphone Combo 36.50 € Buy now
CS-V80 Cloning Software IC-V80 57.30 € Buy now
MB-124 Belt Clip IC-V80E 6.50 € Buy now
HS-94 Earphone headset with flexible boom microphone (requires OPC-2004) 26.50 € Buy now
HS-95 Behind-the-head headset with flexible boom microphone (requires OPC-2004) 139.00 € Buy now
HS-97 Earphone with throat microphone (requires OPC-2004) 38.90 € Buy now
OPC-2004 Adaptor cable for IC-V80 and HS-94/95/97 16.90 € Buy now
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