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Icom ID-51E Plus

ID-51E Plus

The Icom ID-51E is a compact handheld radio for 2m and 70cm operating in FM and D-Star with an additional AM/FM wide band Broadcast * receiver. A lot of emphasis was placed on easy use. The display has been increased by 1cm. That way the product has been exposed to be a little larger, but is still perfectly in your hand. The LC Display is easy to read and the simple menu with additional graphical icons shows all information immediately. Of course, the ID-51E is again waterproof to IPX7.

The ID-51E has a GPS antenna directly built in. This offers the D-PRS positional informations to the network, letting you see the distance and direction to other stations as well. Further the radio can act as a GPS logger as well, for example to record the track of a mountain hike. If the repeater lists are up to date the ID-51E automatically shows the closest D-Star repeaters.

The Icom ID-51E is equipped with a slot for a Micro SD card up to 32GB. In this extra memory, not only all settings and relay lists are saved, but also the data of the integrated GPS logger. The archived data can be read out later to the computer again and are processed appropriately. Similarly, you can save D-Star QSO on your memory card and play them back later.

1304 memory locations, which can be organized in different banks submit make the Icom ID-51E ready for almost all applications. The memories can organized in different banks. It is also possible to store the cut-off frequencies for the scanner and repeater offsets separately. This allows to arrange the memories for example depending on the location. Icom offers a free software for memory management CS-51 (included in delivery). This software is used directly with the Micro-SD memory card or with an optional programming cable.

Completely new is the integrated, independent AM/FM wide band Broadcast * receiver. The frequency range for this is from 520 to 1710 kHz (AM) and 88 to 108 MHz (WFM). While you listen relaxed to the radio, you will hear with the dual watch to the local repeater. Once there is activity, the radio reception is muted. It is possible too to listen to two frequencies in one amateur band at the same time. The Dual Watch covers the combinations V/V, U/U and V/U. During the VFO is in digital mode, is the simultaneous monitoring of an analog signal not possible.

The transmitter of the ID-51E has up to 5W output power, which can be reduced to 2.5, 0.5 or 0.1 W. Included in shipment is a LiIon rechargeable battery with 1150mAh capacity. A larger LiIon battery with 1880mAh and a battery box (3x AA) are available as an option. Other options include a quick/desktop charger, protective bag, various microphones and headsets and much more

  • Technical details of the ID-51E Plus
  • Faster data transmission in DV mode
  • Search function for DV- and FM Repeater
  • Extended D-PRS Functions
  • Android™-App RS-MS1A (requires optional cable OPC-2350LU)
  • Additional Dplus Reflector Link commands
ID-51E Display

Included in shipment is

  • ID-51E handheld radio
  • SMA Equipment Antenna
  • Belt clip MB-127
  • Hand carrying strap
  • LiIon Battery BP-271
  • Wall charger
  • Printed Manuals in reduced form, german and english
  • CD-ROM with full manual in english
  • CS-51 Memory management software

Wideband Receiver Ranges

  • 520 — 1710 kHz (AM Broadcast)
  • 76 — 108 MHz (WFM Broadcast)
  • 144 — 146 MHz (NFM, D*)
  • 430 — 440 MHz (NFM, D*)

[1] A memory card is not included in the shipment. Unfortunately WiMo does not offer such cards either. But microSD cards are available at any local electronics or photo store at low prices. You can use cards of any size from 2GB to 32GB, type microSD or microSDHC. The speed requirements for the memory card are not specified.

ID-51E Colour Model Fall 2015

Icom offers the best selling DV/FM radio ID-51E in a colourful and limited special edition. The radio is offered in 5 different colours and incldues some special accessories like a matching prtective bag and an LCD protection film.

The ID-51E Color Edition offers:

  • D-Star DV-Mode
  • FM-Mode
  • GPS receiver integrated
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • DV Fast Data Mode
  • DV and FM Repeater Search
  • Android App RS-MS1A *1
  • Voice Memory
  • microSD card slot
  • AM/FM Broadcast Receiver
  • Menu driven interface
*1 Requires optional OPC-2350LU cable
Order No.
ID-51E-LIME Icom ID-51E Colour Model Lime Yellow 499.00 € Buy now
ID-51E-ORANG Icom ID-51E Colour Model Sunset Orange 499.00 € Buy now
ID-51E-PINK Icom ID-51E Colour Model Passion Pink 499.00 € Buy now
ID-51E-PLUS Icom ID-51E Colour Model Schwarz 499.00 € Buy now
ID-51E-VIOLE Icom ID-51E Colour Model Ultraviolett 499.00 € Buy now
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Limited offer, only 5000 units worldwide, while supply lasts.
Order No.
ID-51E-PLUS D-Star/FM 2m/70cm Handheld Radio with GPS 499.00 € Buy now
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Accessories ID-51E

Order No.
BP-271 LiIon Battery 7.4V, 1150mAh 81.50 € Buy now
BP-272 LiIon Battery 7.4V, 1880mAh 79.00 € Buy now
BP-273 Battery Case 3x AA 49.00 € Buy now
BC-202 Qucik/Desktop Charger 45.50 € Buy now
CP-19 12V DC Cable for cigar lighter, with DC/DC converter 39.00 € Buy now
OPC-2218LU Programming Cable with USB Connector 59.50 € Buy now
OPC-2350LU Data Cable with USB Connector 59.00 € Buy now
WCS-D51 Programming Software with cable for Icom ID-51E (USB, all models) 60.03 € Buy now
HM-75LS Hand mic/Loudspeaker combo ith Up/Down keys 91.50 € Buy now
HM-186LS Light hand Mic/Loudspeaker combo 42.50 € Buy now
HM-153LS Earphone/Micro Combo with Vox function 99.00 € Buy now
HM-166LS Light Earphone/Micro combo 64.50 € Buy now
OPC-2144 Adaptor cable for older Mic/Loudspeaker combos 14.90 € Buy now
HS-94 Earphone/Micro, requires OPC-2006LS 26.50 € Buy now
HS-95 Headset, requires OPC-2006LS 139.00 € Buy now
HS-97 Throat micro/earphone, requires OPC-2006LS 38.90 € Buy now
OPC-2006LS Adaptor Cable for HS-94, HS-95, HS-97 19.00 € Buy now
OPC-254L DC cable, open wire 10.90 € Buy now
LC-179 Protective Bag ID-51E 34.50 € Buy now
SJ-1 Silicon Protective Cover ID-51E 22.00 € Buy now New
MB-127 Belt clip, as included 9.95 € Buy now
42854 Coax Adaptor SMA/BNC socket, standard 6.80 € Buy now
42854.01 Coax Adaptor SMA/BNC socket, short 7.80 € Buy now
42854.02 Coax Adaptor SMA/BNC socket, very short, black 11.40 € Buy now
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