Kenwood TH-D72E

The Kenwood handheld radio offers a huge number of functions for the ambitious radio amateur: First and foremost it's a richly equipped dual band radio for 2m and 70cm. With up to 5 W TX power (0.5 and 0.05 W selectable) and a good receiver it offers good coverage. Up to 1000 memories with many scanner functions offer all a radio amateur could ask for. The radio also offers CTCSS, DCS and DTMF tone control, Echolink operation is supported as well.

Two special features turn the TH-D72E into a perfect companion for travel: the built-in TNC and the built-in GPS antenna (SIRF-III™ chip). With this the radio becomes a very versatile APRS and Packet Radio machine. APRS operation is supported with a huge number of functions. An optional external GPS antenna can be connected as well. The GPS data can be stored in memory, for example to document a hiking trail. A USB interface (the first handheld radio with such a connector!) is used to export the data to a computer. Of course all APRS and Packet Radio functions can be used with an external computer as well. Additionally the TH-D72E can act as a stand-alone Digipeater, without computer.

Operating the TH-D72E is easy, all controls are well arranged. The LC clear dot-matrix display shows the current status. Most functions are accessible with a 4way rocker switch. A full 10-numbers keyboard (backlit keys) offers a lot of additional functions. The supplied 1800mAh LiIon battery offers a long duration. In addition many functions to save power are built-in.

  • Built-in GPS receiver SIRF-III™
  • Up to 5 target programmable, display of direction and distance to target.
  • GPS logger function, stores up to 5000 waypoints
  • Export of GPS waypoints to KML for Google Earth™ (requires optional software)
  • Connector for external GPS antenna
  • Output of GPS NMEA data sets via serial port
  • Built-in TNC for Packet Radio AX.25 operation
  • APRS Transmitter and Receiver
  • Supports Peet (and other) weather stations for APRS WX beacons
  • Digipeater function
  • USB connector, cable supplied
  • Memories for easy Echolink operation (Call, Node number, Parameters etc.)
  • DTMF tone functions
  • DCS, CTCSS Tone squelch
  • Two receivers on one band (VxV, UxU)
  • Crossband operation possible, also in Packet Radio
  • 1800mAh LiIon rechargeable battery included
  • Charger, antenna, USB cable and belt clip supplied
  • Manuals in 6 languages included (plus CD-ROM)
  • Receiver covers 118-135MHz (AM), 136-173 (NFM), 320-523MHz (NFM)
Articulo No.
TH-D72E Kenwood Handheld radio with APRS and GPS TH-D72E 495.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
99FREQKLEIN Frequency Extension Please see note! 12.70 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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Accessories Kenwood TH-D72E

Screen protector
Screen protector
Articulo No.
SF-THD72 Screen protector 8.50 € Comprar Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
PG-3J 12V DC cable para conector de mechero, incluye Filtro 26.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
PB-45L Spare battery LiIon 1800mAh (as supplied) 79.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
PB-45.01 Li-Ion Battery 7.4V 2000mAh 49.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
BT-15K Battery case 30.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
KSC-32 Desktop charger incl. power supply 85.00 € Comprar No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 15 días
SC-55 Protective bag 18.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
KRS-D72 KRS-D72 Programming Software 36.80 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
MS-109K Loudspeaker/microphone combination 14.50 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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Frequency Extension for Radios

Please note:
All radios supplied by WiMo normally cover only the amateur bands (transmit wise).

The frequency extension of a radio (TX open) is done on explicit request by the customer.

Amateur Radio transceivers are usually not specified for use outside the amateur bands. In some cases the radio and especially the final amplifier or output filters can be damaged when transmitting outside the amateur bands. These damages are not covered by any warranty.

The manufacturer warranty might be voided in some cases as well.