Kenwood TM-D710E

As the successor to the very successful TM-D700 the new TM-D710E offers true dual band operation with separate receivers for 2m and 70cm. The receiver works from 118 to 524 and from 800 to 1300MHz. The max. transmit power is 50 W on each band, reducable to 10 or 5W.

As a special feature the TM-D710E supports the connection of a GPS receiver and with that the operation as an APRS node. This support includes the new "NEWn-n" system for disseminating the position reports in the APRS system. Instead of the GPS receiver a weatherstation (Peet, Davis) could be connected, allowing the use of the transceiver as a weather node in the APRS system.

Estas estaciones meteorológicas de Peet Bros. están ahora también a la venta en Wimo. Junto al TM-D710E tendrás una estación de APRS inmejorable. Y por supuesto sabrás el tiempo que va a hacer. Enlace a las Estaciones Meteorológicas Peet.

Like the TM-V71E the new TM-D710E supports Echolink operation. With an optional cable (PG-5H) and suitable software on a computer the transceiver can be immediately used as an Echolink node. Ten memories serve as special DTMF stores for often recalled Echolink connections.

Of course the display can be installed remotely (requires optional cable set PG-5F). The colour of the display can be selected by the user as amber or green. A DTMF microphone with backlit keys is included.


Same as TM-D710E, but comes with built-in GPS receiver in the control unit of the device for easy plug and play APRS operation. Accessoires is the same, too.

Articulo No.
TM-D710E   549.00 € Comprar
TM-D710G incl. GPS-Unit in the Control-Unit 619.00 € Comprar
99FREQKLEIN Frequency Extension Please see note! 12.70 € Comprar
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Accessoires TM-D710E

Articulo No.
PG-5A Packet cable 25.00 € Comprar
PG-5F Separation kit 4m 79.00 € Comprar
PG-5G Programming cable for TM-V71E/TM-D710E 42.00 € Comprar
PG-5H Echolink Cable TM-V71E/TM-D710E (includes PG-5G) 43.50 € Comprar
VGS-1 Sintetizador de Voz 99.00 € Comprar
MC-59W DTMF Microphone 42.00 € Comprar
KRS-D710 Kit de programación (Software y cable) para TM-D710A/E/G (todos modelos) 66.70 € Comprar
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Frequency Extension for Radios

Please note:
All radios supplied by WiMo normally cover only the amateur bands (transmit wise).

The frequency extension of a radio (TX open) is done on explicit request by the customer.

Amateur Radio transceivers are usually not specified for use outside the amateur bands. In some cases the radio and especially the final amplifier or output filters can be damaged when transmitting outside the amateur bands. These damages are not covered by any warranty.

The manufacturer warranty might be voided in some cases as well.