Glass fibre mast, single tubes etc.

Heavy Duty Fibre glas mast

HD-Fiberglasmast 10m

10m 'Heavy Duty' fibre glass mast, reinforced version. Sizes comparable to the standard 10m mast, but much more solid.

The diameter of the topmost tube is approx. 11mm, the lower most tube has a diameter of 45.8 mm at the lower end. The wall thickness is approx. 1 mm at the top and approx. 2 mm at the lower tubes. This makes this fibre glas mast nearly rigid, the mas tcan carry lightweight small yagi antennas, LogPer antennas or light wires. But also cameras, small anemometers or small lights can be mouted at the top. The HD fibre glas mast consists of ten segments, the extended length is slightly more than 10m, transport length is 117cm. Weight 1.7kg.

The lower most tube is closed with a rubber plug which aligns with the diameter of the lower tube. I.e. the plug does not contribute to the diameter. This plug is glued into the lower most tube and can not be removed. The result is that segments which are not required can not be removed. Just leave not required segments inside the lower most tube.

Diameters of all tubes at the topmost end (all values approximative): 11, 14.5, 17.1, 20.7, 24.3, 27.5, 31.1, 34.6, 38.6, 43.2 mm.

Mast Extension für HD Mast New!

The HD FIbre glas mast 18333.10 can be extended with up to 5 extension tubes, making the mast longer by approx. 4.5m. One extension (ref. 18334) consists of a 112cm long, conical tube made from very solid fibre glass material. An additional adaptor ztube (ref. 18334.01) connects the HD mast and the first extension tube. Each further extension does not require the adaptor, it fits into the previous extension.

The first extension tube extends the 10 m HD mast by about 66cm, due to the long overlap. Each further extension adds another 97cm. With maximal five extensions the 10m HD mast can be extended by 4.5m in total. The extension tube as ha diameter of 50 mm at the top, and about 56 mm at the bottom. Weight of theextension 560g, weight of the adaptor tube 310g.

The extension tubes can be used alone for a solid mast with nearly constant diameter. The number of tubes is only limited by the top load and by the guying of the mast. One of the 40cm long adaptor tubes could be used at the very top to protect the end of the mast and provide better fastening for $ntennas etc.

Order No.
18333.10 10m HD Fibre glass mast 79.50 € Buy now
18334 110cm Tube extension 25.00 € Buy now
18334.01 Adaptor for 18334 to 18333.10 (required once per 18333.10) 20.00 € Buy now
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Video about HD-Mast 18333.10

The same video in HD resolution (1920x1080).

Standard glass masts

Our simpler telescopic fibre glass masts have the same rigidity as the original, but no friction zones and not reinforcements at the end of each tube, no cloth bag as with the original. Length retracted 1m, extended 4, 6 , 8 or 10m.

New 18333.6K – short, but strong mast, extended length 6m. Very robust: diameter at top 4mm. Will carry lightweight antennas such as HB9CVs or our SOTA-Antenna (Order No. 18503).

4m 6m 6m 8m 10m 12m
Order No. 18338.04 18338.06 18333.6K 18338.08 18338.10 18338.12
Length (extended) 4 6 6 8 10 12 m
Length (transport) 1,17 1,17 0,65 1,16 1,17 1,15 m
Diameter top 3 3 4 3 3 3 mm
Diameter bottom 28 28 40 28 46 58 mm
Weight 230 460 680 800 1440 1630 g
Order No.
18338.04 4m length 11.80 € Buy now
18338.06 6m length 21.00 € Buy now
18333.6K 6m length, short, HD 39.00 € Buy now
18338.08 8m length 35.00 € Buy now
18338.10 10m length 45.00 € Buy now
18338.12 12m length 75.00 € Buy now
18339 Cloth Bag for fiberglass poles, blue 5.00 € Buy now
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Mast 18333.6K 18333.6K

Carrying Bag for masts and antennas

18335: Carrying Bag
18335: Carrying Bag

Versatile carrying bag for portable masts and antennas.

The carrying bag 18335 is very well suited to transport and store multiple portable masts, collapsed antennas for VHF or shortwave, cables and other accessories. The bag has two separately accessible compartments and a length of 116cm.

The carrying bag has long carrying handles, with these handles the bag can be carried like a back pack, for example on mountain tours where you need your hands free. The handles of the zipper fasteners are long enough to be used even with gloves.

The materials are made of strong synthetic fabric with edge protection. Total weight (empty) 900g. Colour black.

Order No.
18335 Carrying Bag 25.00 € Buy now New
18335.K Carrying Bag for 65cm long Pole 18333.6K Available again from 25.02.2017 21.00 € Buy now New
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Spiderbeam 18m Fiberglass-Mast

Especially developed for portable use on the low bands 80 and 160m. Ideal for constructing various wire antennas, for example 80/160m wire verticals, inverted Vee or inverted L antennas. Many DX-peditions use these masts to build a 4 square antenna for 80 or 40m. A portable 80m 4-square can be set up in about one hour. Equally suited for light 1 elem. quads or Delta Loops for 40 to 10m.

A single person can set up one mast in a few minutes.

Low weight, very solid lower sections (73 mm diameter, 2 mm wall thickness), in 10m height still 50 mm diameter at 1.5 mm wall thickness. Light segments on top (1 mm wall thickness) for good balance. The reinforced laminating technique - many layers of fibre glass in different directions - results in significantly stronger segments. All masts are supplied with a free stainless steel clamp set.

Full height 18m
Transport size 1.7m
Weight 6.8kg
Diameter bottom/top 73/4mm
Wall thickness bottom/top 2/1mm
Number of segments 12
Material Fibre glass
Colour Black, UV resistant
Order No.
18360 18m Mast 219.00 € Buy now
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Accessories telecopic masts: PVC tape

Sticky tape to secure the fibreglass masts and the cables. Width 12mm, 66m per roll, pack with six rolls. Of course useable for any other application as well.

Order No.
18375 PVC sticky tape, 6 Rolls à 66m 6.90 € Buy now
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Spiderbeam 26m Fibre glass tower

26m Mast

Gigantic fibre glass tower with 26m height!
Solid construction with low weight and only 2m transport length. The fibre glass tubes are black and UV resistant, wound with multiple layers and reinforment rings. The wall thickness is on the lower end, and 1 mm on the upper end.

Such a master open a whole new world of possibilities. How about a 160m vertical with top load? Or a fullsize vertical for 80m, or even a portable 4-Square for 80m? Or build a 1 element Quad loop for 40m!

The installation can be done by two persons in about one hour, with a little practice also faster. Included in the shipment are 14 rubber-padded clamps and three guying rings. Additionally you will need gyuing lines, e.g. our light 3 mm Dyneema rope (Ref. 23100), plus material to fix the rope to the ground (ground pegs etc.).

Technical Data
Height 26m
Transport length 2m
Weight 18kg
Diameter lower end 108mm
Diameter upper end 4mm
Wall thickness lower end 2.5mm
Wall thickness upper end 1mm
Number of segments 15
Number of guying levels 3 (above 4., 7. and 11. segment)
Material Fibre glass, black, UV resistant, multilayer with reinforcements
Order No.
18361 26m Mast 549.00 € Buy now
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Sturdy Glass Fiber Mast

Compared to the light weight 'fishing rods' this mast is suitable for the installation of short wave or V/UHF beams up to 12 Kg weight or heavy wire antennas (e.g. inverted vees, delta loops etc.). The mast works for stationary applications like replacement of wooden towers and for insulated installation of wire antennas; the mast is also suited for portable use durind DXpeditions or just for the weekend QTH.

The masts are made of ultra violet resistant fiber glass telescopic pipes of 1.5m length and 60 mm diameter; they are much more rigid than compared to the well know aluminum masts. The masts are available in various lengths up to 12m togther with the required fittings.

The basic model MV-75 has a length of 7.5m and can be set-up by a single person within 10 minutes. The mast is rotatable while guyed and has a total weight of 12 Kg incl. the mechanical fittings K-75; the maximum allowable wind speed is rated at 130km/h.

The armature kit K-75 contains the base plate kit with 4 ground pegs for fixation, a guy rope (must be cut to length by the user) with guying fixation and 4 ground pegs, and the top assembly with mounting material. The vertical tube of the top kit has a diameter of 40cm and a useable length of 19cm. The horizontal tube on the top assembly has a diamter of 16 mm and a length of 8cm on each side. The ends of the horizontal tube have holes for installation of a pulley of shackle.

With the extension kit K-12 the mast can be extended up to 12m. An appropriate guying rope is available for the extension to 12m.

  • Included in shipment 18340 MV-75
  • 5 pcs glass fibre tubes 60mm
  • 4 pcs aluminium connectors plus installation hardware
  • Included in shipment 18342 K-75
  • Top assembly with aluminium connector and hose clamp
  • Base plate assembly, 2 brackets, 4 ground pegs
  • Guy rope, 4 ground pegs, 1 guy fixation and installation hardware
  • Included in shipment 18343 K-12
  • 3 pcs glass fibre tubes 60mm
  • 3 pcs aluminium connectors plus installation hardware
  • Guy rope, 1 guy fixation and installation hardware

Order No.
18340 MV-75 Mast Length 7,5m, 5 segments à 1,5m, Weight 7 Kg. 199.00 € Buy now
18341 M-15 fiber glass plug mast part 1,5m 42.50 € Buy now
18342 K-75 mechanical fitting kit for MV-75, consisting of an Aluminum head for antenna installation, mast base plate, guying ring, guying rope and pegs. 115.00 € Buy now
18343 K12 12m extension kit, consisting of 3 sections M-15, additional guying rings and guying rope. 185.00 € Buy now
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Download: MV-75 K-75 Mounting instructions (PDF, EN, 440KB)
18342 Fitting Kit K-75

Glass fibre tubes

Bild GFK Rohr

40 mm Ø diameter, wall thickness 4mm, weight 0,8 Kg/m or
51 mm Ø diameter, wall thickness 8mm, weight 1,9 Kg/m

Order No.
23090.01 40x4 length 1m 15.20 € Buy now
23090.02 40x4 length 2m 30.70 € Buy now
23090.25 40x4 length 2,5m (Shipping by UPS possible) 40.00 € Buy now
23090.03 40x4 length 3m (Shipping only by freight forwarding) 45.70 € Buy now
23090.06 40x4 length 6m (Shipping only by freight forwarding) 91.80 € Buy now
23094.01 50x8 length 1m 32.80 € Buy now
23094.15 50x8 length 1.5m 54.40 € Buy now
23094.02 50x8 length 2m 65.70 € Buy now
23094.03 50x8 length 3m 98.50 € Buy now
23094.06 50x8 length 6m 197.00 € Buy now
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Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium tubes for antenna construction and other purposes. Available up to 6m length, other lengths on request. Please note the high shpping costs for products longer than 2m.

Order No.
23080.02 Aluminium Tube 40x2 Length 2m 21.50 € Buy now
23080.03 Aluminium Tube 40x2 Length 3m 31.80 € Buy now
23081.03 Aluminium Tube 40x5 Length 3m 48.70 € Buy now
23081.06 Aluminium Tube 40x5 Length 6m 97.30 € Buy now
23082.02 Aluminium Tube 50x2 Length 2m 21.50 € Buy now
23082.03 Aluminium Tube 50x2 Length 3m 32.60 € Buy now
23083.03 Aluminium Tube 50x5 Length 3m 60.50 € Buy now
23083.06 Aluminium Tube 50x5 Length 6m 121.00 € Buy now
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Steel tubes

Thick walled pipes made of ST52 steel, 32x2,9mm, seamless, fits for all GAP antennas ot for any other use. Sold per meter up to 2.5m length for shipping through UPS together with the antennas.

Order No.
23110 Steel tube per meter 21.50 € Buy now
23110.2 2m 43.00 € Buy now
23110.25 2.5m 53.50 € Buy now
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Tube cap, various sizes

Caps for masts or tubes, material PVC. Size is given for the outer diameter of the tubes, suitable for tubes with wall thickness up to 2.5mm.

Order No.
23089.20 20 mm 2.60 € Buy now
23089.25 25 mm 2.60 € Buy now
23089.30 30 mm 2.90 € Buy now
23089.35 35 mm 2.90 € Buy now
23089.40 40 mm 3.30 € Buy now
23089.45 45 mm 3.30 € Buy now
23089.50 50 mm 3.60 € Buy now
23089.55 55 mm 3.60 € Buy now
23089.60 60 mm 3.60 € Buy now
23089.70 70 mm 4.60 € Buy now
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Spare parts for Spieth fibre glass mast

Order No.
18330.X02 Tube cap bottom 3.00 € Buy now
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