Diamond Antenna mobile par le HF

DIAMOND SD-330 HF Mobile antenna 3-30 MHz


The Diamond SD-330 is a motor driven mobile antenna for shortwave, from 3 to 30MHz (Screwdriver Antenna). Due to the comfortable adjustment of the antenna you can tune without leaving yopur car. With the supplied 120cm radiator the antenna has a total length from 170cm (@3.5MHz) to 185cm (@30MHz). With the optional radiator OPE-750 (77cm) the antenna has a length from 130 to 145cm. With this short radiator operation is possible from 7 to 52MHz.

The SD-330 has a male PL connector and can be installed on any solid PL mount, for example our heavy PL base 20029, or the Diamond trunk lid clamp K-400 + cable set. With a parked car (not while driving) a smaller PL magnet base can be used as well, with the huge triple magnet base operation may be possible even while driving. As any mobile antenna the SD-330 requires the body of the car as counterpoise. If the grounding is not sufficient (especially on the low bands 80 and 40m) an additional magnet mat MAT-50 can help. If the antenna is used at home a suitable counterpoise system must be built with wires.

SD-330 Cable with control

The SD-330 antenna is tuned with a supplied Up/Down control inside the car. The supply voltage (12V) is taken from the cigar lighter. The control cable between Up/Down control and antenna is 5m long. To change frequency you first tune the antenna to maximum noise on the receiver, then start transmitting with low power (10W) and tune for best SWR. With a goood counterpoise an SWR equal or better than 2:1 is possible. Tuning takes max. 50 seconds from 3 to 30MHz or 20 seconds from 7 to 30MHz. max power load 200W, weight 1.1kg.

Ordine No.
11940 Diamond SD-330 Mobila Antenna 3-30MHz 439.00 € Ordina
11941 Diamond OPE-750 Radiator for SD-330, 7 bis 52MHz 11.00 € Ordina
20029 heavy PL base 39.00 € Ordina
20060 Diamond MAT-50 Magnet mat 24.50 € Ordina
20069 Diamond K-400 Trunk Lid Clamp 32.50 € Ordina
20050 Diamond Cable set ECH 14.95 € Ordina
20050.5 Diamond Cable set ECH with 5m cable 16.50 € Ordina Nuovo
20053 Diamond Cable set S-405MM 38.00 € Ordina
20054 Diamond Cable set S-510MN 42.50 € Ordina
20055 Diamond Cable set M-610R 31.50 € Ordina
20034 Diamond Magnet base PL 24.50 € Ordina
20038 Diamond Magnet base Ø 100mm, PL 45.50 € Ordina
20039 Diamond Magnet base Ø 160mm, PL 65.50 € Ordina
11115.01 Triple Magnet base PL 68.40 € Ordina
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SDC-1 Semi-automatic control unit

Diamond SDC1

The SDC-1 Diamond controller is the ideal complement to the SD-330 mobile antenna. In contrast of the original controller there is a choice to use automatic fixed positions for each band. In practice, it seems that you set the desired band / the desired frequency and press "GO" button. The frequency and position count number will be shown at that time. The fine adjustment is setting with the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons by a maximum output power of 10W. The SDC-1 power supply voltage is usable from 9-14,5V and will delivered with a cigarette lighter plug. A simple reverse voltage protection is integrated into the device. During operation, the SDC-1 requires a maximum of 200mA

Ordine No.
11942 SDC-1 Control Unit 219.00 € Ordina
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Proprio un'antenna per le HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm!Ideale per i moderni tranceiver portatili tipo FT-100, FT-817, FT-857, IC-706, TS-480 etc.Adatta anche per ambienti piccoli ,es. balconi .Non e' necessario cambiare l'antenna quando si cambia banda.,i 2m e i 6m sempre pronti, piu' molte altre bande e i 70cm.
Uso simultaneo delle bande 2m, 6m, 70cm, 40/15/10m (i risuonatori sono inclusi).
Per operare sui 20m e' richiesto il risuonatore apposito opzionale HVC-14CX ,in sostituzione del risuonatore dei 40m .

Diplexer: MX-62M, vedi Diplexer

Ordine No.
11166.01 HV-7CX 149.00 € Ordina
11162.14 HVC-14CX Risuonaotre per i 30 e i 20m 26.50 € Ordina
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Antenne HF ' mobile' monobanda DIAMOND con connettore PL


Antenna base comprensiva di bobina di estensione,nera, radiatore di fibra di vetro flessibile.Lunghezza 130cm, max. potenza 200 W SSB (80m: 120W). Tutte le antenne sono equipaggiate con un elemento di taratura telescopico ,non e' necessario tagliare fili.

Ordine No.
11185.80 HF-80FX 80m 66.00 € Ordina
11185.40 HF-40FXW 40m 63.00 € Ordina
11185.30 HF-30FX 30m 55.00 € Ordina
11185.20 HF-20FX 20m 58.20 € Ordina
11185.15 HF-15FX 15m 57.00 € Ordina
11185.10 HF-10FX 10m 57.00 € Ordina
11185.6 HF-6FX 6m 51.50 € Ordina
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DIAMOND Robust Monoband Mobile Antennas with PL Connector

Solid monoband mobile antennas for shortwave. Base with PL connector, extension coil in the middle (center load), black, whip stainless steel. Length approx. 220cm. The alignment of the antenna is done by adjusting the length of the upper whip.

Modello HF-80CL HF-40CL HF-30CL HF-20CL HF-16CL HF-15CL HF-10CL HF-6CL
Frequenza 3.5 — 3.8MHz 7.0 — 7.2MHz 10.0 — 10.2 MHz 14.0 — 14.35MHz 18.1 — 18.2MHz 21.0 — 21.45MHz 28.0 — 29.7MHz 50 — 54MHz
Guadagno - - - - - - - 2.1 dBi
Potenza mass. 120 W SSB (40 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 200 W SSB (70 W FM) 250 W SSB (80 W FM)
Lunghezza 222cm 220cm 220cm 220cm 220cm 220cm 220cm 220cm
Peso 590g 590g 590g 560g 550g 550g 550g 550g

The Diamond HF-15/17/20-CL mobile antennas have proved to be very good at DJ2HD in Lesotho and Namibia (V55V) (2013/2014).

HF-15/17/20-CL ((c) DJ2HD)
Ordine No.
11187.80 HF-80CL 80m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.40 HF-40CL 40m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.30 HF-30CL 30m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.20 HF-20CL 20m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.16 HF-16CL 17m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.15 HF-15CL 15m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.10 HF-10CL 10m 63.00 € Ordina
11187.6 HF-6CL 6m 63.00 € Ordina
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TK-1173 Un'antenna 'mobile' DIAMOND per HF a larga banda

TK-1173A Base
TK-1173A Whip

TK-1173Aantenna a larga banda da 1.8 a 54MHz, e' necessario l'accordatore
Max. potenza 500W, Lunghezza 2.1m, connettore 2/8" ,fornita completa di cavo su una solida base ammortizzante.E' richeisto per operare un ATU automatico(LDG, SGC o simile).Il tuner deve essere installato il piu' possibile vicino all'antenna .Un sistema d'antenna 'integrato'che automaticamente sintonizza ogni frequenza .Alcuni accordatori interni di molti rigs non solo adatti.

Ordine No.
11125 TK-1173A 148.00 € Ordina
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