Accessories for HF mobile antennas

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Couterpoise Magnet Mat

Bild MAT-50 MAT-50 Magnet mat

Magnet mat as couterpoise for HF mobile antennas

Every shortwave mobile antenn requires a good and reliable counterpoise. But with some installations that's hard to achieve, for example when using a clamp on the roof railing or when using a small magnet base.
This problem can be solved with the new magnet mat from Diamond. Just put the mat on a flat surface on the car and connect the included wire to the antenna base.. Due to the large capacity between mat and chassis metal the HF resistance is greatly reduced. When operating on 3.5MHz two of these mats are recommended. When operating on 50MHz the connecting cable should be as short as necessary (less than 20cm).

Technical data:

  • Frequency range: 7 to 50MHz (3.5MHz with two mats)
  • Max. Power: 500W (SSB), 200W (FM,CW)
  • Adhesive force: ok up to 110km/h (without wind)
  • Size of mat: 80 x 195mm
  • Length connecting cable: 30cm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Accessories: 16mm ring, heat shrink tube
Order No.
20060 MAT-50 Counterpoise 29.00 € Buy now

Triple magnet base

Bild Dreifach-Magnetfuß
Bild Dreifach-Magnetfuß

For heavy HF antennas with 3/8" thread or PL connector
With three large single magnets with 12cm diameter each. Magnets black, 3.5m cable with PL connector included.

Order No.
11115 Triple Magnet base with 3/8" thread 56.00 € Buy now
11107 Heavy Spring with 3/8" thread 24.00 € Buy now
11115.01 Triple Magnet base with PL connector 59.50 € Buy now

Sparepart: Rubber cups

Set of 3 rubber cups for 11115.xx magnet base.

Order No.
11115.RUBBER Set Rubber caps 7.80 € Buy now

Diamond K-3000 Triple Magnet Base

Diamond K-3000

Triple Magnet base Diamond K-3000. With three strong magnet with 85mm diameter each, without coax sockwet, without cable. For installation of the Diamond cable harnesses, or for your own construction with a PL or N socket. The central hole has a diameter of 16mm, the four mounting holes around the central hole have a distance of 23x23mm. Weight 1.5kg.

Order No.
20078 Diamond K-3000 Triple Magnet Base 65.00 € Buy now

Heavy antenna base

For antennas with 3/8" thread. Tiltable by 90°, suitable for cables like RG-58 or RG-213.

Order No.
11106 27.50 € Buy now

Stand for antennas with M10 connector


Stand for antennas with 3/8" or M10 connection, separable. Connection of the Radio PL-jack, with 6.3mm Car accessory shoe for attachment of Radials, etc.

Order No.
11496 Stand for antennas with M10 connector 34.00 € Buy now
11490.TM Stand for antennas with 3/8" connector 35.00 € Buy now

Heavy mast clamp 'Jaw Mount'

Jaw Mount

Very versatile clamp for installation of anyy shortwave antenna with 3/8" mount (MP-1, Chameleon, Outbacker and many more). The 'Jaw Mount' clamp has one isolated 3/8" socket with PL connector for the cable, the other 3/8" mount is intended for the second side of a dipole or for installation of radials or a counterpoise. The 'Haw Mount' clamps spans masts up to 55mm diameter, or any other vertical installation like a balcony railing, a broomstick, a fence post or what ever you will find for installation of your antenna.

Order No.
11463 'Jaw Mount' 3/8" 49.00 € Buy now
Jaw Mount

Dipole mount for 3/8" antennas

Dipole mount

Mid section for 2 antennas with 3/8" to build a dipole. Similar Jaw Mount, but with conventional mast clamp up to 32mm.

Order No.
MFJ-347 Dipole mount for 3/8" antennas 25.00 € Buy now

Heavy spring

Chrome plated spring for heavy HF antennas

Order No.
11107 Heavy Spring 24.00 € Buy now

Medium Spring

with 3/8" thread

Order No.
11108 Medium spring 10.50 € Buy now

Kink adapter 3/8"

Knickadapter 3/8 Kink adapter 3/8"

Kink adapter 3/8" for heavy antennas for quick repositioning the antenna

Order No.
11110 Kink adapter 3/8" 22.00 € Buy now

Quick Disconnect

Bild Quick Disconnect

Quick disconnect for shortwave antennas with 3/8" thread.

Order No.
11109 Quick Disconnect 12.10 € Buy now

Quick Disconnect for heavy antenna whips

Quick Disconnect

Solid adaptor which is placed between lower part of the antenna and the whip. Allows fast removal of the whip.

Order No.
11207 Quick Disconnect 18.00 € Buy now

Trunk lid mount

3/8 inch trunk lid mount

Special version of the Diamond K-400 trunk lid mount with 3/8" connectir, suitable for heavy mobile antennas.

Order No.
20069.38 Trunk Lid Mount 85.00 € Buy now

Balcony railing mount for 3/8" antennas

Aluminium bracket for installation on a mast, lamp post, railing... 45cm length between mast center and antenna. Includes two U bolts for max. mast diameter 45mm. Install any antenna with 3/8" thread (MP-1, Chaneleon, Outbacker etc.), an isolated mount with 3/8" socket and PL female socket is included (Article 30016).

Order No.
11104 Balcony railing mount 3/8" 46.00 € Buy now
30016 Isolated Mount PL - 3/8" 9.50 € Buy now New

Socket PL - 3/8" (Art. 30016)
Socket PL - 3/8" (Art. 30016)

Trailer Hitch Mount

Bild AHK Fuss am Auto

Especially long antennas can't be mounted safely on the top of the car because that would violate the max. allowed height. And the sheet metal might not be solid enough...

The massive aluminum mount is installed on the trailer hitch and fastened with two large screws. The top surface has drill holes prepared for the 3/8" mount Order No. 11106 (not included). With the large surface area the trailer hitch mount has a good ground contact to the car.
Of course this mount is also suitable for cars with aluminum chassis, where magnet mounts cannot be used. Please observe the local vehicle and traffic regulations! Use while driving is not permitted AFAWK.

Bild AHK Fuss
Order No.
11119 56.50 € Buy now

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