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ATAS-120 Yaesu antenna mobile HF

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Outback 1899

Outback 2000

Universal mobile- and portable antennas for HF and VHF/UHF

Three different antennas are available: the Outback 2000 is a 9 band antenna for all HF bands from 80 to 6m incl. WARC. The smaller model Outback 1899 supports only the 5 clasic bands 80/40/20/15/10m, but can additionally be used on 2m and 70cm and on the airband 118 to 136MHz.

The Outback 2012 is a 12 band antenna for shortwave, 2m, 4m and 6m. This antenna has a 3/8" base, an adaptor to PL male is included, so the antenna can be used on PL or 3/8" bases.

Band changes are similar accomplished as with the ATX antennas by a short lead, fine tuning is done with the telescope on top. The antennas can be operated mobile or portable on a solid PL socket (Order No. 20029), a magnet base (while standing) or any other mount (tripod?). As with any other shortwave vertical a counterpoise system (radials) is required for a low take-off angle, don't forget that...

Modello Outback 2000 Outback 1899 Outback 2012
Bandes 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6m 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 11, 10, 6, 4, 2m
Lunghezza 1,60 m 1,80 m 1,64 m
Lunghezza Transport 0,70 m 0,88 m 1,18 m
Potenza mass. 200 W PEP 120 W PEP 200 W PEP
Peso 700g 370g 540
Connettore PL male PL male 3/8" + Adaptor PL

Outback 2000
Ordine No.
11130 Outback 2000 69.00 € Ordina
11132 Outback 1899 49.00 € Ordina
11131 Outback 2012 79.00 € Ordina
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Solida antenna monobanda per ' bande singole HF ', consistente in una radiatore caricato alla base di circa 130 cm. di lunghezza e ' tarabile ' con una corda di acciaio della lunghezza di circa a 30 cm. per una lunghezza totale di 260 cm
Potenza max.di carico , 250 Watt PEP , come tutte le C-Whip con connettore 3/8".Eccellente performance grazie alla sua relativa lunghezza a buona larghezza di banda. Sono consigliati tiranti di fissaggio.
Tipo Banda Largh. di Banda Ordine No.
C-80 80m 36 kHz 11120.80 55.40 € Ordina
C-40 40m 60 kHz 11120.40 46.90 € Ordina
C-30 30m 100 kHz 11120.30 46.90 € Ordina
C-20 20m 150 kHz 11120.20 46.90 € Ordina
C-17 17m 175 kHz 11120.17 46.90 € Ordina
C-15 15m 200 kHz 11120.15 46.90 € Ordina
C-12 12m 300 kHz 11120.12 46.90 € Ordina
C-10 10m 500 kHz 11120.10 46.90 € Ordina

MFJ-Telescopic rod

Bild MFJ-1954

Giant telescopes from MFJ with 3/8 "connector .. The rods can directly access all standard 3/8" screwed feet. Depending on the length of the bars on different bands are resonant without further coil. Well as quarter-wave antenna, tunable as extension or for any tinkering. Not suitable for driving, not storm-proof ... When closed, the bars are 60-70cm long.

Ordine No.
MFJ-1954 3m telescopic rod 38.00 € Ordina
MFJ-1977 3,6m telescopic rod, Resonant at 12/15m, stainless steel 56.90 € Ordina
MFJ-1979 5m telescopic rod, Resonant at 20m, stainless steel 75.90 € Ordina
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MFJ-67: Open loading coil for 40m

Bild MFJ-67 Bild MFJ-67

Open loading coil for MFJ-telescope antennas and other antennas with 3/8 "connector. The position of the alligator clip sets the resonance fixed coarse tuning is done by moving in and out of the telescope (or the unit's built-in antenna tuner). 3/8" port up and down, power 100 watts.

Ordine No.
MFJ-67 40m Open loading coil 79.40 € Ordina
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Knurled Whip Sleeve for telescopes


These sleeves dramatically increase the strength of the base section and really help to prevent the base from working loose from repeated stress resulting from windy conditions and horizontal deployments.

Ordine No.
11420.KWS Knurled Whip Sleeve for telescopes 8.50 € Ordina
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