Llaves para Morse, y accesorios

La telegrafía está viva ! Aunque algunos dicen que la telegrafía de morse está 'hacia fuera', es un modo de TX de uso amplio y constante de una comunidad aficionada grande. Para trabajar DX o de baja potencia, sigue siendo el modo mejor y más eficiente !

Vibroplex Straight Keys

Traditionalist CW operation with the Vibroplex straight keys. USA "Navy style" knob. Large spring loaded lever arm for nice hand feel on the key. Two models are available:

Straight Key Deluxe

Straight Key Deluxe


STRAIGHT KEY STANDARD has a black powder-coated base, black Navy-style knob.

STRAIGHT KEY DELUXE has a chrome base and red Navy-style knob.

Articulo No.
26300 Straight Key Standard 214.00 € Comprar
26300.DELUXE Straight Key Deluxe 269.00 € Comprar
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Vibroplex Standard Series Paddles

Vibroplex has long been the standard for CW operation. There are now more than 100,000 Vibroplex iambic paddles in use worldwide. Solid steel base, mechanical spring action for levers and finger pieces so the operator can adjust the key to just the right feel. 2 models are available:

Iambic Keyer

Iambic Keyer Deluxe


IAMBIC STANDARD is a black powder-coated base, black finger pieces, standard movement.

IAMBIC DELUXE is a chrome base, red finger pieces, and the lever arm movement uses jewels on both pairs of upper and lower screws. This is the best selling Vibroplex key.

Articulo No.
26310 Iambic Standard 214.00 € Comprar
26310.DELUXE Iambic Deluxe 269.00 € Comprar
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Vibrokeyer Single Lever Paddles

Vibroplex was the first company to offer a paddle for electronic keyers when the single-lever Vibrokeyer paddle was released in 1960. Solid steel base, mechanical spring action on both sides of the lever arm independently adjustable.



VIBROKEYER STANDARD is is a black powder-coated base, black finger pieces, standard movement.

VIBROKEYER DELUXE is a chrome base, red finger pieces, and the lever arm movement uses jewels on both upper and lower screws.

Articulo No.
26320 Vibrokeyer Standard 214.00 € Comprar
26320.DELUXE Vibrokeyer Deluxe 269.00 € Comprar
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Semi-automatic "Bug" Keys

Vibroplex invented the "bug" back in 1905 and 109 years later is still building and selling the same key to hams worldwide. The "bug" key represents a hand back to the rich tradition of CW operation in the hobby and many of them are in use on the air today with each operator's distinctive fist giving their code transmission a unique sound on the air.

Vibroplex Original Standard

Vibroplex Original Standard Deluxe

Blue Racer Standard


ORIGINAL STANDARD is the very same key Vibroplex has been building since the start, and features a black steel base, dual spring action movement and standard adjustable key movement with black finger pieces.

ORIGINAL DELUXE is a chrome base, and like other DELUXE keys features a jewel pivot movement inside the top and bottom screws and red finger pieces. Very nice feel!

BLUE RACER STANDARD is a smaller base version of the bug, blue powdercoated base, smaller weights and size for a faster feel when sending code, and has the jeweled movements like the ORIGINAL DELUXE.

Articulo No.
26330 Original Standard 269.00 € Comprar
26330.DELUXE Original Deluxe 334.00 € Comprar
26330.BLUE Blue Racer Standard 316.00 € Comprar
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VibroCube are extremely heavy morse paddles made by Vibroplex. Due to the high weight of about 2.5kg the keys remain fixed on the desk! Even during a hectic contest you won't need t ochase the key across your desk... The large paddles are closely spaced, allowing for high keying speeds and continued operation without fatigue. The steel base has a size of 89 x 89 x 38mm, the paddles are formed to reach down to the desktop to allow a relaxed operating position of the hand. The levers of the keys are built with jeweled movements for best precision and highest longevity. We offer the two models 'VibroCube Standard Upgraded' (black pulver coating) and 'Deluxe' (chrome base and parts).

VibroCube Standard Upgraded Morste Keyer Morse Keyer VibroCube
VibroCube Deluxe Morse Keyer VibroCube Deluxe
Articulo No.
26350 Standard Upgraded 310.00 € Comprar
26350.DELUXE Deluxe 390.00 € Comprar
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Code Warrior Jr. Iambic Paddle

The Code Warrior Jr. is an ideal paddle for travel and portable operation. Small and lightweight (0.75 kg), this key has a steel base, brass finger pieces and uses magnetic return action on each paddle.

Articulo No.
26340 Code Warrior Jr. 179.00 € Comprar
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KENT Morsetasten

Esta compañía inglesa fabrica Llaves Telegraficas de precisión.

Llave recta

El diseño de este tipo de llave, garantiza un perfecto funcionamiento durante mucho tiempo.
Se suministra en un kit ya montado o para montar (tiempo aprox. de montaje 1 hora).

Articulo No.
26210 montada 117.00 € Comprar
26210.01 Kit 100.00 € Comprar
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Kent Paddle

Kent paddle

El diseño de este tipo de llave, garantiza un perfecto funcionamiento durante mucho tiempo.
Se suministra en un kit ya montado o para montar (tiempo aprox. de montaje 1 hora).

Articulo No.
26200 Montado 135.00 € Comprar
26200.01 Kit 116.00 € Comprar
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Kent Single Paddle

Similar a la version con 2 palancas pero sin el 'squeeze'-keying...

Articulo No.
26205 Montado 110.00 € Comprar
26205.01 Kit 105.00 € Comprar
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Kent KT1 Straight Key

Llave professional con la base de acero inoxidable, negra, contatos plateados de bronce.

Articulo No.
26215 KT-1 Straight Key 130.00 € Comprar
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Kent Touch Keyer

Electronic Keyer featuring no mechanical parts. Self completing dots and dashes when touching the appropriate sensor (squeeze mode). Kit comprising all required parts, without case.

Articulo No.
26230 44.00 € Comprar
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Bencher Llaves Telegraficas

Que hace una llave ideal? Pues que reaccione perfectamente, ligera al toque, y que sea una parte mas de tus dedos.

Articulo No.
26480 BY-1 Squeeze key, lacada en negro y la base plateada, parte mecanica cromada 199.00 € Comprar
26485 BY-2 Squeeze key, cromada en color plateado 245.00 € Comprar
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Bencher Straight Morse Key RJ-1 Nuevo

Bencher RJ-1 Key Bencher RJ-1 Key

The Bencher RJ-1 is a classic straight morse key. The heavy steel base plate is black, all elements on top are chrome plated. The distance of the key and the spring forcec can be precisely adjusted, the screws can be fixed after adjustment is done. The key lever is mounted with a ball bearing on each side, this ensures a high stability and usability for many years to come. The large 'navy style' knob is situated very low above the table, which allows for a relaxed arm and hand position.

Articulo No.
26487 Bencher RJ-1 189.00 € Comprar Nuevo
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Bencher Morse HexKey

A morse key of a new dimension! The proven and reliable mechanics of the traditional Bencher keys has been improved with the HexKey by using magnets for the release force adjustment. Each paddle side (dot, dash) can be adjusted individually in it's force. Despite the robust mechanics the key can be operated with very subtle finger movements, perfect for precise and high speed keying. The contact width can also be adjusted individually for each side. Gold plated silver contacts give a reliable electrical contact over many years to come.

Morse keys need to have a fixed place on the operators desk. To remain at that place, even under hectic conditions, the key must be heavy - so the Bencher HexKey weighs 1.4kg! The black base plate is powerder coated, the mechanics are chrome plated. The hexagonal shape of the baseplate is perfect for a solid stand without tipping or movement. A hex key is supplied for adjustment of the release force and contact width. The operator needs to supply a cable to the radio (2 wires plus shield).

Datos Technicos Bencher Hex Key
Peso 1.4kg
Anchura max. 130 mm
Altura max. 60 mm
Conectors 3x Screw Terminals (Dot, Dash, Ground)
Articulo No.
26490 Bencher Hex Squeeze Key 399.00 € Comprar
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MFJ-564/MFJ-564B Morse Paddles

MFJ-564 Morse Keyer MFJ-564

Solid morse paddles for any electronic keyer (Iambic keyer). The heavy baseplate with skid-proof rubber feet ensures that the paddles do not move on the desk. Both levers are equipped with needle bearings for best articulation, even in the long term. The distance of the contacts can be regulated with good precision, as well as the elastic force of the spring. These adjustments allow for high telegraphy speeds.

Articulo No.
MFJ-564 Iambic Morse Paddle, chrome 89.00 € Comprar
MFJ-564B Iambic Morse Paddle, black 89.00 € Comprar
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MFJ-564B Morse Keyer MFJ-564B

microHAM USB CAT interface con llave para CW

microHAM CW-Keyer

CW-KEYER™ es un potente CW USB interface/llamador basado en el diseño de K1EL WinKey chip and micro KEYER.

CW-KEYER™ usa un puerto USB y se puede controlar con muchos programas de control con el Pc.

microHAM CW-Keyer vista de atrás

Todos los conectores en la parte trasera: USB, CAT, Paddles, PTT keying, CW keying, alimentación y teclado

  • Caraterisitcas del CW KEYER™
  • No COM o LPT port, sólo un puerto USB
  • Aislamiento Electrico Completo "Computer <-> Radio"
  • Compatible con muchos MS Windows programas de log
  • Integra el chip de K1EL WinKey®
    • en el panel delantero tiene el control de velocidad
    • nueve (9) memorias programables
    • PS/2 keyboard/keypad support para enviar CW
    • PS/2 keyboard/keypad CW funciona sin conexión al pc
    • side tone ajustable
  • Anti-RFI
  • LEDs para saber el estado
  • Caja de Metal/Aluminio
  • Datos técnico
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed o USB 1.1
  • Consumo:
    • USB max. 100mA
    • TX max. 100mA @13.8V (max. 16V)
  • Radioport: RxD, TxD max. 57600 Bd, TTL Pegel, Open Collector, RS232
  • CW: Open Collector, max. 30V/400mA
  • PTT: Open Collector max. 30V/400mA
  • Sizes: 103x44x85 WxHxD
  • Peso: 600g

Ofrecemos una opcional 10 teclas teclado MK-KEYPAD, vemos a continuación.

Articulo No.
CW-KEYER 136.50 € Comprar
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Miniature CW Memory Keyer PK-4

Extremely small memory keyer for all radios.
Key speed from 8 to 50 WPM, adjustable character weighting, adjustable repeat delay.
Four memory slots with space for a total of 120 characters, each available by individual buttons. Programming is done via paddle. Connector with 3.5 mm jack with ca. 1m cable to the radio, built-in sidetone (can be turned off). Power-saving mode with batteries (2x AAA micro), ideal for contest, portable use and at home.

Articulo No.
PK-4 Pocket Keyer 49.00 € Comprar
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Download: Operating Manual PK-4 Memory Keyer (PDF, English, 110KB)

CW-Keyer Tiny

Morse keyer para PC
Puedes mandar Morse usando tu teclado de Pc. Funciona si PC, requiere entre 7 a 15V DC.

  • 8 memorias estandar (4x 32 chars, 4x 64 chars)
  • Una memoria rápida
  • 2 velocidades.
  • 7 programas de entreno
  • Generador automatico para concursos
  • Beacon mode
  • Soprta el nuevo '@' caracter
Articulo No.
CWK-TINY 44.00 € Comprar
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A customer writes:

From: nigel
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 6:40 PM
    To: wimo
    Subject: CWK-Tiny

    Dear Sir,  I would like to give you some feedback on my recent purchase
    of the CW keyer Tiny.  The item arrived very quickly, you made an effort
    to post to me before your holiday.  I found the product information
    clear, and fitted the board inside a standard keyboard.

    I had one difficulty which I would like to pass on to you.  When the
    keyer and keyboard are used in my home location with external HF/VHF
    antenna the performance was perfect, my station being FT897 plus G5RV
    However on holiday using long wire or magnetic loop, the problem of RF
    on the keyline occured.  This resulted in letters keyed not being sent
    to the rig.  I solved this putting a ferrite clipon on the keyline.  You
    may wish to add a note to your infomation should others have this
    problem.  I have only just started using the basics, but will learn to
    use the special features you have included in due course.  I am very
    pleased with my purchase and will pass on your firm details to my
    friends.  Many thanks

    Nigel M0NDE

MFJ Morse-Tutor, -Decoder, -Keyer

Morse Tutor

Quieres aprender morse? Entonces el MFJ Tutor es ideal para ti.


  • Punto de inicio
    QST describe a MFJ tutors "el punto de partida para los principiantes".
  • InstantReplay
    Practica con la TX y la RX.
  • Puedes escojer el tipo de caracteres
    Tienes problemas con algunos caracteres? Puedes programarlos para que te aparezcan en diferentes grupos y practiques lo que necesitas.
  • Qsos Reales
    Practica los QSOs que te vas a encontrar en las bandas.
  • Diferentes niveles
    Escoje letras, numeros, puntuación... lo que necesites en cada momento.
  • Grupos fijos o aleatorios
    Puedes usar palabras fijas o aleatorias, hasta 8 letras.
  • Cavia la velocidad
    Puede canviar la velocidad al vuelo, hasta 60 palabras por minuto.
Articulo No.
MFJ-418 114.00 € Comprar
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Decodificador de Morse MFJ-461

Ahora con este aparato podras disfrutar al 100% de tus ratos en CW, sin perder una palabra.

  • Ajuste automatico de la velocidad
    Selecciona la velocidad automatica.
  • LCD de alto contraste
    LCD de 2-lines.
  • Se puede llevar en el bolsillo
    Pesa menos de 5.5 onzas.
  • Facil de usar!
    Sólo ponlo en marcha y listo!
Articulo No.
MFJ-461 114.00 € Comprar
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Decodificador de Morse y Llave MFJ-464

Decodificador Morse y keyer en una pequeña caja. El MFJ-464 usa el mismo decodificador que el MFJ-461 (mira las funciones más arriba). Además del decodificador ofrece un keyer al cual puedes conectar un manipulador, un teclado o un ordenador. Los caracteres Morse enviados se muestran en una pantalla LCD de dos líneas, la velocidad y el volumen se regulan mediante controles en el frontal.

The given with an attached paddle characters are decoded by the device, but not the sign of a connected hand key.

  • Decodifica y manipula con velocidades de 5 a 99 palabras por minuto
  • Reconocimiento automático de la velocidad cuando decodifica
  • Gran pantalla LCD de dos líneas
  • Conexiones para manipulador vertical o de palas, o teclado de ordenador
  • Controles para la velocidad y el volumen en el frontal, fácilmente accesibles
  • Cuatro memorias para texto CW
  • Buffer de escritura hacia adelante
  • Buffer de lectura
  • Duración de los caracteres ajustable
  • Potente altavoz para el tono lateral
  • Necesita alimentación a 12V
Articulo No.
MFJ-464 249.00 € Comprar
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CW Memory Keyer MFJ-495


CW Memory Keyer in a compact housing. The MFJ-495 has a keyer can connect to a paddle, a computer keyboard or a PC. Saved characters can be continuously repeated. You can add additional breaks in which the keyer serial numbers or commands inserts. The output is a well-read, two-line LC Display. The output rate and volume can be adjusted via controls on the front. On the back are ports for keyboard, straight key, paddle, computer and a remote control port. About this remote control port, the keyer can be remote controlled directly from a contest software.

  • Key with speeds from 5 to 99 WPM
  • Large, two line LC display
  • Connection for single or double paddle
  • Connection for computer keyboard (AT type, DIN 5pin)
  • Controls for speed and volume on the front side, easily accessible
  • 32 memories for CW text up to 8000 digits
  • Write-ahead buffer
  • Adjustable character weighting
  • Loudspeaker for sidetone
  • Remote controll port
  • 4 different user profiles
  • requires 12V power supply
Articulo No.
MFJ-495 209.00 € Comprar
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