Peltier Modules

Bild Peltier-Element

Thermo-electrical modules: cooling and heating with electrical power, without moving parts. In contrast to a compressor system extremely small, absolute noiseless and maintenance free. When supplied with power one side of the module get's cold, the other hot, the module 'pumps' heat. With reverse polarity reverses the direction of temperature flow. Important is the temperature difference on both sides. Usually one side is equipped with a heat sink and/or a ventilator and held at room temperature, the other side get's hotter or colder, depending on polarity.

Model 1703
Supply voltage [V] 1.9
Max. current [A] 3.0
Max. Heat pump power [W] 3.9
Max. temperature difference [°C] 60
Size [mm] 15x15x3.9
Order No. 30030.1703
Price 3.50 €
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