Phonema Insulation kits for loudspeakers

Phonema is a manufactuer of high-grade loudspeakers from Spain. Their experiences with acoustics design led to the development of enhancement kits for ham radio speakers.

Phonema offers three product ranges:

Phonema Speakers for ham radio desktop enclosures

Phonema Speakers

These replacement speakers are instaleld into existing desktop cases of Ham radio manufacturers speakers, they replace the original speaker. The benefit of this solution is a better insulated support of the speaker and a higher quality membrane. These improvements result in a better sound from the speaker.

Order No.
PHITS-I23.GA Replacement speaker for Icom SP-23 24.50 € Buy now New
PHITS-K23.GA Replacement speaker for Kenwood SP-23 with plastic panel 31.50 € Buy now New
PHITS-K23X.G Replacement speaker for Kenwood SP-23 with metal panel 31.50 € Buy now New
PHITS-X90.GA Replacement speaker for Kenwood SP-990 / SP-9000 29.50 € Buy now New
PHITS-Y2K.GA Replacement speaker for Yaesu SP-2000 34.50 € Buy now New
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PHITS – Insulation for desktop speakers  New 

PHITS Loudspeaker Kits The speakers shown in the images are not included in the shipment.

Phonema supplies accurately fitting insulation materials for various loudspeaker models of the manufacturers Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. These desktop speakers are matching in design and size for various desktop radios, and leave some room for improvement concerning the quality of the sound. The kits are very helpful in shaping the internal resonance chamber of the speaker, resulting in an improved sound.

With the custom-fit insulation materials the acoustics of the speaker is greatly enhanced. Taking the wanted qualities of a communications speaker into consideration - clear intelligibility and suppression of distortions - Phonema uses up to four different materials for an optimal sound design. The important point is the experience of the manufacturer in acoustics - how-to do it right for speakers.

Because of the precise cut of the components to the various speaker boxes, the installation is very easy and can be done within a few minutes. You just have to open the enclosure to fit the parts at the right places. Already exsting extensions like filters and amplifiers can be easily accomodated. The result is a greatly enhanced sound in SSB and telegraphy, which benefits also radio listeners and SWLs.

Order No.
PHITS-I23 Phonema Kit for Icom SP-23 39.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-I34 Phonema Kit for Icom SP-34, SP-20 51.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-K23 Phonema Kit for Kenwood SP-23, SP-120, SP-430 31.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-K31 Phonema Kit for Kenwood SP-31 41.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-K99 Phonema Kit for Kenwood SP-990 51.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-Y2000 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-2000 49.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-Y8 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-8 49.00 € Buy now New
PHITS-Y9000 Phonema Kit for Yaesu SP-9000 77.00 € Buy now New
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Download: Assembly Manual for PHITS-I34 (PDF, EN, 157KB)
Download: Assembly Manual for PHITS-K23 (PDF, EN, 234KB)
Download: Assembly Manual for PHITS-K31 (PDF, EN, 321KB)
Installtion Kenwood SP-31
Installation Kenwood SP-23
Installation Icom SP-34