Antenas Portable

MP-1: Portable antennas for 3.5 to 30MHz, plus 2m/70cm

MP-1 MP-1

The MP-1 is a universal antenna made by SuperAntennas (USA). The antenna has 180cm length and max. 150 Watt power load. The center loading coil is adjusted with a sliding tap, just move the outer part of the coil up and down. The antenna has a 3/8" thread bolt for mobile use, suitable for the appropiate base mounts. For use while driving the telescopic part of the antenna should be by the available optional steel whip.
Without the center loading coil the antenna can be used on 2m and 70cm by adjusting the length of the telescope. The standard version covers all bands from 7 to 30MHz, for 80m operations an optional extension coil is available. All antennas are supplied with Tuning Aid FG-1 as of mid-May 2016.

The antenna is available in four different versions:
MP-1B: Basic model with Tuning Aid FG-1, if an installation option is available. The pure antenna with 3/8" connector below.
MP-1D: Same as MP-1B, but with UM-2 bracket and simple radial kit.
MP-1T: Same as MP-1B, but with tripod TM-1 and simple radial kit.
MP-1.KPL Complete package consisting of MP-1 antenna with attitude UM-2, Tripod TM-1, 80m additional coil, a bag, 2 radial kits 10-20m/40-80m and Tuning Aid FG-1.
MP-1.DELUXE 'All-round package' consisting of MP-1 with 80m Coil, Mounting UM-2, big Tripod TM-2 with adapter TM-3, Luxus Bag GB-1, Tuning Aid FG-1 and 2 Radial-kits 10-20m/40m-80m.

MP-1.B MP-1.B
MP-1.D MP-1.D

MP-1.T MP-1.T
Articulo No.
11490.B MP-1B portable antenna 40-10m 135.00 € Comprar
11490.D MP-1D portable antenna 40-10m with UM-2 and radial kit 209.00 € Comprar
11490.T MP-1T portable antenna 40-10m with TM-1 and radial kit 209.00 € Comprar
11490.KPL MP-1 portable antenna 80-10m all in one package 415.00 € Comprar
11490.DELUXE MP-1.DELUXE 459.00 € Comprar
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Download: MP-1 Portable Antenna (PDF, 627KB)
Download: Drawing to facilitate adjustment of MP-1 coil (PDF, 32KB)

Accessories MP-1

MP-1 tripod TM-1 TM-1

TM-1: Small tripod for portable use, connector PL female. Usable for any other antenna with 3/8" connector.

MP-1 80m coil MC-80

MC-80: 80m coil for MP-1

MP-1 LT-56 LT-56

LT-56: Steel whip 1,45m for replace the standard telescope at driving.

MP-1 Radials 1710 Radial Kit

Radial Kit: Consist of a radial from robust teflon cord for the specified bands, complete with plug shoe to be connected to the UM-1 or TM-1. The teflon cord has 41 individual wires, and so a large surface area and not tangled constantly.

MP-1 tripod TM-2 TM-2
MP-1 tripod TM-2 collapsed TM-2 collapsed
MP-1 tripod TM-2 extended TM-2 extended

TM-2: Tripod for MP-1 portable antenna or any other 3/8" antennas. Requires a mount (UM-2/UM-3). Legs adjustable in height. With a hook to hang on a weighted bag such as GB1 to stabilize the tripod.

MP-1 mount UM-2 UM-2 an pipe
MP-1 mount UM-2 UM-2 on tripod

UM-2: Universal mount to attach your antenna anywhere such as a pipe, pole, mast, balcony, railing or a tripod like the TM-2. Connector PL female, with screw clamp. Ideal for DXpeditions!

MP-1 Befestigungswinkel UM-2 UM-3

UM-3: Mount for MP-1 with TM-2, connector PL female, with screw clamp. Screwed on top of tripod TM-2.

MP-1 Bag Bag

Bag: Stable canvas bag for MP-1.

MP-1 Deluxe Bag GB1 Deluxe Bag GB1
MP-1 Deluxe Bag GB1 Bag opened

Deluxe Bag GB1: Robust, water-resistant bag for MP-1 with plenty of extra pockets for all types of equipment.

MP-1 Frequency Guide Frequency guide

Frequency guide: Instantly set up frequency band and SWR. Just hold the frequency guide next to the MP-1 and adjust operating frequency or meter band. These can also be marked on the back surface.

Articulo No.
11490.TM TM-1 tripod 71.60 € Comprar
11490.TM2 TM-2 tripod for MP-1 78.90 € Comprar
11490.UM2 UM-2 universal mount for MP-1 66.70 € Comprar
11490.UM3 UM-3 mount for MP-1 with TM-2 35.80 € Comprar
11490.80 80m coil 78.00 € Comprar
11490.X01 MP-1 Replacement telescope 3/8" 16cm/111cm 21.10 € Comprar
11930.LT-56 Steel whip 23.00 € Comprar
11498 transport bag for MP-1 19.00 € Comprar
11490.1710 radial kit for 17/15/12/10m 29.30 € Comprar
11490.2010 radial kit for 20/15/10m 29.30 € Comprar
11490.4020 radial kit for 40/30/20m 42.30 € Comprar
11490.8040 radial kit for 80/40m 43.90 € Comprar
11490.GB Deluxe bag for MP-1 47.20 € Comprar
11490.FG Frequency guide for MP-1 21.00 € Comprar
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Download: MP-1 Portable Antenna (PDF, 0,7MB)
Download: TM-2 Tripod (PDF, 2,2MB)
Download: UM-2 Universal Mount (PDF, 0,9MB)
Download: GB1 Deluxe Bag (PDF, 1,8MB)
Download: Frequency Guide (PDF, 0,9MB)

Flexible steel whip for MP-1 and other antennas with 3/8" connector

SuperWhip SW-1
This highly flexible antenna radiator was designed to meet the rigid MIL-spec requirements of the manpack mobile users even with the MP-1 portable antenna. The extremely robust radiator is made of a nearly indestructible titanium alloy. It is so flexible that it can be bent into a circle with approx. 30 cm diameter. With such a small packing size it fits easily into the optional GB-1 'Go Bag' of the MP-1 antenna. This whip is manufactured for operatrs with very high requirements on portability, reliability, robustness and weight. It can be deployed within seconds to be ready to use under EMCOMM conditions in any situation. And also for DX-peditions, when backpacking or any applications in adverse weather the SW-1 SuperWhip is a perfect and extremely robust antenna radiator, suitable for all antennas with 3/8" connector. Manufacturer SuperAntennas (USA).

Extended length 110cm, rolled up ring with approx. 30cm diameter, can be stored in GoBag GB-1 (Order No. 11490.GB) Weight approx. 100g.

Articulo No.
11490.SW SuperWhip SW-1 Flexible antenna whip with 3/8" connector 48.00 € Comprar
11490.GB Deluxe bag GB1 47.20 € Comprar
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Download: Installation instructions Diamond HFV-8040 (PDF, EN, 770KB)

ATX-1080 Multi banda antena de 80 a 6m para FT-817, IC-703 etc.

ATX-1080 BNC
ATX-1080 PL abgewinkelt ATX-1080 PL

Antena Multibanda para todas las bandas amateur de 80 a 6m incl. WARC. El cambio de banda se hace similar a la antena Outbacker, ajuste preciso se hace gracias al tubo telescopico en la punterea de la antena. Plegada sólo mide 32cm de longitud, extendida 160cm. Max. potencia 25 Watt. disponible con varios conectores, ideal para FT-817, IC-703, SG-2020, K2 y equipos similares.

ATX-1080Mk2 Adaptors
Articulo No.
11195 ATX-1080, BNC straight 92.50 € Comprar
11195.01 ATX-1080, PL 90° 92.50 € Comprar
11197 ATX-1080 Mk2, pero con adaptador BNC, PL, PL 90° y rosca 3/8" 111.00 € Comprar
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AT-xx Mono banda HF antenas


Mono bandas con conector BNC, disponible para todas las bandas de 80 a 10m, longitud de transporte 26cm, antena extendida 1.4m, max. 20 Watt.

Articulo No.
11190.10 AT-10, 10m 39.50 € Comprar
11190.15 AT-15, 15m 39.50 € Comprar
11190.20 AT-20, 20m 39.50 € Comprar
11190.30 AT-30, 30m 39.50 € Comprar
11190.40 AT-40, 40m 44.90 € Comprar
11190.80 AT-80, 80m 44.90 € Comprar
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ATAS-25 Antena Portable

Bild ATAS-25
Bild ATAS-25 Hand

Frecuencia : 7/14/21/28/50/144/430MHz, Max Poténcia Entrada: HF/50MHz: 100 W (SSB/CW), 50 W (AM/FM), 144/430MHz: 50 W (Todo modo) Peso Max 2.2m, 0.6m para transporte * Peso: 930g. Se suministra con radiales, radiales para VHF/UHF.

La ATAS-25 utiliza un sistem manual de ajuste que hace resonar los elementos para una baja SWR w sin la necesidad de las bobinas mono-banda. Permite operaciones en doble frecuencua en HF o 50MHz y 2m o 70cm (duplexor no incluido). La ATAS-25 se ha diseñado para ser montada directamente en un tripode de camara estandard (no incluido) y hace la antena portable ideal para operaciones en el campo.

para algunos modelos, puedes comprar un duplexer o triplexer y evitar mover el cable de un conector a otro. Cuando usasa la ATAS-25 con el FT-817, pon en el Menu #07 a REAR para todas las bandas.

Articulo No.
ATAS-25 304.80 € Comprar
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Buddipole / Buddistick

Debido a la creciente lista de productos de Buddipole, hemos movido toda la selección de estos productos a una página propia: Productos Buddipole & Buddistick.

XR-100: HF portable dipolo para 80 a 10m


Antena para HF portable de 3.5 a 30MHz incl. WARC, max. poténcia 100 vatios, Longitud 130cm, se le intercambia la bobina para cada banda, se puede montar facilmente en un balcon o cualquier otro sitio. Conector PL.

Kit de Extensión

Option Erweiterungssatz zu XR-100

Kit de extensión kit para XR-100, incluye un mástil, abrazaderas y tubos telescopicos. Con la bobina existente, se puede instalar otra antena para otra banda.

Articulo No.
11470 XR-100 169.00 € Comprar
11470.1 XR-100 kit Extensión 45.00 € Comprar
11400.V R1 V-mounting center part 14.90 € Comprar
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Portable Vertical


The HFP-1 is not available anymore at WiMo, sorry. We recommend the MP-1 by Superantennas instead.

R1 Mini Dipolo

Bild R1 R1 con doble banda central para dos dipolos

'R1' Dipolos cortos para 160 a 6m. Longitud total de 360cm, Longitud de transporte 120cm, max. poténcia 500 vatios PEP. La parte central de fibra de vidreo reforzada con nylon, conector PL hembra.

Gran compañero para operaciones portables. Dos partes centrales diferentes. El centro para doble banda permite usar 2 dipolos diferentes al mismo tiempo.

Se incluye un tubo corto de (500 mm x 32 mm diámetro.), para facilir el montaje en un mástil vertical. Puedes usar las abrazaderas 23001 (no inluidas) para una instalación más fácil.

Bild R1 R1 con un parte central

Nota: al pedir esta antena, pide dos articulos: La parte central y al menos un juego de dipolos.

Articulo No.
11400.G R1 parte central 18.00 € Comprar
11400.V R1 V-mounting center part 14.90 € Comprar
11400.DUO R1 parte central para doble banda 22.50 € Comprar
11400.06 6m 51.50 € Comprar
11400.10 10m 51.90 € Comprar
11400.12 11m/12m 51.90 € Comprar
11400.15 15m 51.90 € Comprar
11400.17 17m 51.90 € Comprar
11400.20 20m 51.90 € Comprar
11400.30 30m 63.50 € Comprar
11400.40 40m 63.50 € Comprar
11400.80 80m 69.50 € Comprar
11400.99 160m 69.50 € Comprar
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Parte Central
Parte Central Doble Banda
Parte central con el mástil (incluido)

MFJ-1622 antena portable de 40m a 2m

Antena pequeña y ligera para espacios restringifos y operaciones portables, trabaja de 40 a 10, 6m y 2m. Se puede usa en cualquir Use anywhere, on a balcony, on La window sill, on La camper... Collapsed only 57cm long, weight only 1.4kg, fits in onboard air luggage.
La antena esta echa de acero inoxidable y una bobina, instalada en un brazo de aluminio. El brazo se puede montar en cualquier superficies.
Para algunas operaciones la bobina se puede acorta el contra peso tiene marcas individuales, se inlcuye 10m. Con poca potencia la SWR se puede ajustar de forma muy precisa. Max. potencia de 300 Watt PEP SSB, longitud total de la antena aprox. 180cm.

Articulo No.
11180 MFJ-1622 132.30 € Comprar
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MFJ-Telescopic rod

Bild MFJ-1954

Giant telescopes from MFJ with 3/8 "connector .. The rods can directly access all standard 3/8" screwed feet. Depending on the length of the bars on different bands are resonant without further coil. Well as quarter-wave antenna, tunable as extension or for any tinkering. Not suitable for driving, not storm-proof ... When closed, the bars are 60-70cm long.

Articulo No.
MFJ-1954 3m telescopic rod 38.00 € Comprar
MFJ-1977 3,6m telescopic rod, Resonant at 12/15m, stainless steel 56.90 € Comprar
MFJ-1979 5m telescopic rod, Resonant at 20m, stainless steel 75.90 € Comprar
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Chameleon MIL Whip

Chameleon MIL Whip

Very light, small and portable antenna (being collapsible). Can be used simply as a normal antenna rod or as an optional accessory for the Chameleon MINI-HYBRID

If the antenna is used in conjunction with the Chameleon HYBRID, then it is working on 6m to 160m at a power of 1500 W SSB. Unmounted the antenna is only 73cm long. The 5 aluminum tubes are hold by a MIL-SPEC rubber cord. The Chameleon MIL WHIP antenna can only be used as a portable or in a non permanent stationary installation. Never use it mobile while in motion.

Longitud (full) 330cm
Peso 270g
Gama de Frecuencia 160-6m
Máx. Potencia 1500W
Conector 3/8" thread bolt
Impedancia 50 Ohm
Articulo No.
11459 Chameleon MIL Whip 135.10 € Comprar
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MFJ-67: Open loading coil for 40m

Bild MFJ-67 Bild MFJ-67

Open loading coil for MFJ-telescope antennas and other antennas with 3/8 "connector. The position of the alligator clip sets the resonance fixed coarse tuning is done by moving in and out of the telescope (or the unit's built-in antenna tuner). 3/8" port up and down, power 100 watts.

Articulo No.
MFJ-67 40m Open loading coil 79.40 € Comprar
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Knurled Whip Sleeve for MFJ-1954


These sleeves dramatically increase the strength of the base section and really help to prevent the base from working loose from repeated stress resulting from windy conditions and horizontal deployments.

Articulo No.
11420.KWS Knurled Whip Sleeve 8.50 € Comprar
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