VHF portable and indoor antennas, HB9CV

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HB9CV for 2m, 70cm and 23cm

HB9CV antennas are used for direction finding or small portable antennas. With the HB9CV design, both elements are fed phase shifted, achieving a relatively high gain of about 5.5 dBBD. All HB9CV models are Nickel or Chrome plated.

Dual band HB9CV


One antenna for 2m and 70cm. Theends of the elements are removeable for easier storage and transportation. Two separate connectors (BNC) for 2m and 70cm.

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Standard version

70cm HB9CV 2m HB9CV, collapsible into 5 segments 23cm HB9CV

Technical Data 2 m HB9CV 70 cm HB9CV 23 cm HB9CV
Frequency range 144-148 430-440 1200-1300 MHz
Gain 5 5 5 dBD
SWR 1,5 1,5 1,5
Max. power load 100 100 100 Watt
Connector UHF-Buchse BNC-Buchse BNC-Buchse
Lenght 1030 337 118 mm
Width 260 90 35 mm
Weight 0,5 0,2 0,1 Kg
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Collapsible HB9CV for 2m


This 2m HB9CV antenna can be collapsed into 5 elements, including the inner boom segment. So the antenna can be packed very small for transportation. Together with the small portable mast in it's included bag, and you're ready for a backpacking trip.

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Accessories for HB9CV

Portable mast

Portable mast

Small portable mast for HB9CV, 5 elements, nickel coated brass, total length 180cm, collapsed only 38cm, weight 380 gram. With PL connector on top, can be directly used for connection to the 2m HB9CV, lowest segment has a pin point for ground mounting. Requires a cable to be soldered to the PL plug (cable not included).

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Bag for portable mast Backpacking kit
Bag made of robust nylon for portable mast and/or collapsible HB9CV, size 450 x 100mm, machine washable. Consists of collapsible 2m HB9CV, portable mast No. 18008 and bag No. 18013.
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Window quad

Window Quad Window Quad

Quad loop as a mono band antenna for 2m or 70cm, or a dual band version for both bands. Full wavelength loop, gain approx. 1dBD, includes BNC connector. The loop can be opened at one corner, which allows for fast and very small packing. SWR adjustment with a plastic screw at gamma match feed. Both antennas are mounted to the window with oversized suction cups, can be mounted either for horizontal or vertical polarization.

Overview Window quad

Typ: Window quad 2m Window quad 70cm Window quad
Duo 2m/70cm
Frequency: 144-146 MHz 430-440 MHz 144-146/430-440 MHz
Gain: 1 dBD 1 dBD 1 dBD/1 dBD
Sizes: 54x54 cm 40x20 cm 54x54 cm
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2m/70cm Dual band dipole

Dualband dipole

Collapsible dipole for 2m and 70cm, well suitable for balcony, window sill or other portable operations. Fits in any bag, gain at least +5dB more than rubber ducky.
Both dipole sides are made from stainless steel and are simply plugged together. Central part tighly sealed, with PL jack and mounting hooks. Max. 100W.

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