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No fan noise!

No radio noise!

The Microset PT series power supplies follow a well known, classic design with a transformator and a linear regulator. Further they are oversized and therefore do not require a cooling fan. The result is a lovely silence - both on the radio bands and in the shack. Of course such solid power supplies are larger and heavier, but that does not matter much when they are installed below the shack desk. As long as it is quiet in the hobby room :)

The PT series power supplies are equipped with various protections: overvoltage on the load side, overload and short circuit. Even a permanent short circuit is recognized by the control circuit and does not destroy the supply! This is an investment for a lifetime! The oversized regulator has a very low ripply of approx. 20mV and a high stability of max. 0.5% on load changes.

  • Which power supply for which task?
  • PT-105A perfect for FT-817, X1M, X-108, FDM-DUO-R, SDRs, hand held radios and other QRP devices
  • PT-110A suitable for small mobile rigs, QRP Transceiver like the FDM-DUO, IC-703 or similar, or several small loads
  • PT-120 the proper supply for FM mobile radios with high poer, or a small HF trasnceiver
  • PT-135 sufficient power even for large HF radios even with key down full power
  PT-105A PT-110A PT-120 PT-135  
Corrente mass. 5 [1] 10 20 35 [1] A
Corrente (continuata) 2.5 10 FIXME 20 A
Tensione di uscita 13.5 13.5 13.5 13.5 V DC
Ondulazione 20 20 20 20 mV
Stabilità al carico ±0.2 ±0.4 ±0.5 ±0.5 %
Tensione di ingresso 230 ±10% 230 ±10% 230 ±10% 230 ±10% V AC
Misura 110 x 170 x 80 185 x 260 x 110 200 x 290 x 130 185 x 300 x 160 mm
Peso 2.5 5 7.8 9 kg
Connettori 4 mm Boccola davanti 4 mm Boccola davanti 4 mm Boccola davanti 4 mm Boccola davanti  
Ordine No. PT-105A PT-110A PT-120 PT-135  
Prezzo 59.00 € 122.00 € 195.00 € 283.00 €

[1] Max. current for a duty cycle of 50:50.

Ordine No.
PT-105A 13.5V/5A Alimentatione 59.00 € Ordina
PT-110A 13.5V/10A Alimentatione 122.00 € Ordina
PT-120 13.5V/20A Alimentatione 195.00 € Ordina
PT-135 13.5V/35A Alimentatione 283.00 € Ordina
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Microset Alimentatori Switching

Leggeri e compatti ,per uso radio,regolabili da 5-15V o co uscita fissa 13,5V / 25A, ripple 20mV. E' dotato di un sistema interno di raffreddamento con controllo della temperatura e relativa protezione. Outlets: 4 mm jacks/clamps sul pannello frontale, PCS-125/140 e PS-50 con presa da accendino da sigarette sul retro.

  PCS-125D PCS-140D PTS-124 PTS-150  
Corrente nominale 25 40 25 50 (55 max) A
Tensione di uscita 4 - 15 4 - 15 13,5 13,5 V DC
Tensione di ingresso 190 - 240 190 - 240 190 - 240 190 - 240 V AC
Misura 160x90x220 160x90x220 110x82x190 260x110x260 mm
Peso 2 2 1,5 2,5 kg
Connettori 4 mm Boccola davanti
Accendisigari Boccola posteriore
4 mm Boccola davanti
Accendisigari Boccola posteriore
4 mm Boccola davanti 4 mm Boccola posteriore  
Ordine No. PCS-125 PCS-140 PTS-124 PTS-50  
Prezzo 133.00 € 143.00 € 83.00 € 174.00 €
Prezzo Ordina Ordina Ordina Ordina

Microset 95A adjustable power supply


With the LT-190 is now a high-performance power supply from Microset available. The highlight of this power supply is that in addition to the voltage also the current is adjustable. A large LC Display shows the voltage and current(switchable).
This power supply provides the power for the radio and all the accessories alone and you will need no more power supply at the same time.

Ordine No.
LT-190 95A Power Supply 385.00 € Ordina
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