Arlan Radiosport Phones and Headsets

Arlan manufactures the 'Radiosport' line of phones and headsets in the USA. Experiencing the weaknesses of other products during his motorsport career in the 1990s, the founder of Arlan started to develop and manufacture his own line of headsets and phones for the professional customer. The products are characterized by an excellent robustness, good wearing comfort and a modular design.

Spare parts are also available in the long term. The manufacturer says: "We can supply virtually any part for any headset built in our factory over more than 25 years. Often with improved parts. "

RS-20S Phones

Arlan Radiosport RS-20S
with cable

RS-60CF Headset

Arlan Radiosport RS-60CF
with various microphones

Cables & Accessories

Arlan Radiosport RS-60CF
for Radiosport Headsets

Radiosport RS-20S Headphones Nuovo

Radiosport RS-20S Headphone

The Arlan Radiosport RS-20S is a headphone for radio communications, for example for aviation, motorsport, short wave listening or the amateur radio hobby. The headphone is solidly constructed, for example the outer shells of the speakers are made from carbon fibre reinforced material. The headset frame is made from light spring steel which assures a good fit without too much pressure. By using thick, gel-filled ear pads the headphones sit very comfortably over your ears, while also offering a strong reduction of ambient noise by 24dB! This allows you to listen to a faint telegraphy QSOs even in the thick of a contest. The ear pads are additionally equipped with removeable, washable cotton covers.

The speakers have an impedance of 32 Ω, making it a good match volume-wise for standard radio speakers and desktop speakers. You Will not need to adjust the volume much when switching between speaker and headphones. Included in the shipment is a detachable cable with 3.5 mm stereo phone plug, an adaptor to 6.3 mm phone plug is also supplied. The RS-20S headphones weigh c. 480g.

Ordine No.
RS-20S Arlan Radiosport RS-20S Headphones 179.00 € Ordina Nuovo
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Download: Manual RS-20S (PDF, EN, 148KB)

Radiosport RS-60CF Headset Nuovo

The RS-60CF is the top model in the line of Radiosport headsets made by Arlan. The manufacturer started to develop these headsets for his own use when he was an active motorsports driver. The goal was to have better intelligibility and higher comfort of wearing the headset for long hours. Further a much better durability was to be achieved. The result is a top-quality headset with a boom microphone for radio communications. Since the establishment of the company more than 250'000 items of this product line have been sold.

Radiosport RS-60CF

The robustness of the RS-60CF is a result of the use of good materials and good workmanship. The speaker shells are make of carbon-fiber reinforced plastcs, the holder and frame is made from lightweight, stainless spring steel. Due to the extra-thick ear pads - which are gel-filled - the headsets has a great wear comfort. This allows you to use this headset for many hours during a contest without fatigue. Additionally the earpads are covered with a removeable, washable cotton fabric.

IN contrast to other headsets the Arlan products are built with modularity in mind. You can exchange the microphone even many years later. Together with the detachable cable a change of system from one radio brand to another is easily possible. Various microphones are available, for example dynamic and electret microphones with different frequency responses. This enables to radiosposrt headsets to be used with nearly all radio models without problems. The microphon capsules are mounted to a flexible boom. The boom can be rotated over a wide range, even fully upwards when not in use.

The following microphones are available:

  • RS-M207 dynamic capsule with narrow frequency response, ideal for DX and the contest
  • RS-M208 dynamic capsule with standard frequency response für daily QSO use. Occasional use in a contest or DX situation can be optimised with the equalizer of the radio.
  • RS-M350-ADJ Electret capsule with narrow frequency resposne and adjustable signal level
  • RS-M360 Electret capsule with standard frequency response for daily QSO use. Occasional use in a contest or DX situation can be optimised with the equalizer of the radio.

Further advice for the microphone selection see below.

The headset has an easy to reach PTT pushbutton integrated on one side. This allows to continue the chat even when moving away from the radio desk for a moment, or when the headset is temporarily used on another radio without moving the PTT. To avoid a dangling PTT branch cable on the headset cable Arlan proposes to use the (often unused) accessory PTT input found on most radios. For this purpose a selection of adaptor cables and a footswitch is offered. And even when using a multimode controller like the microHAM MicroKeyer-II oder MicroKeyer-2R/2R+ you can attach the Radiosport headset directly with a suitable, ready made cable.

The connecting cable from the headset to the radio is always detachable and must be ordered separately. On the headset side professional Micro-XLR connectors are used. Various headset cables are available, which allow a direct connection to the radio without further adaptors. The headphones and connectors are wired for stereo, because many newer radios do offer stereo audio as well. For example one VFO on one side, the second VFO on the other ear. This is helpful for chasing DX when the rare DX station is constantly monitored on one ear, and the pile-up crowd on the other. For older radios a 'Mono' switch is provided.

A further speciality of the Arlan headsets is the secondary headphone connector. THis connector (3.5 mm phone) is integrated on the right side of the headset and allows connection to a second set of earphones, for example for the second op during a contest. Or the copilot... The RS-60CF headset weighs c. 550 g.

Ordine No.
RS-60CF-M207 Radiosport Headset RS-60CF with M207 dyn. DX microphone 288.00 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-60CF-M208 Radiosport Headset RS-60CF with M208 dyn. Standard microphone 288.00 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-60CF-M350 Radiosport Headset RS-60CF with M350 Electret DX microphone 288.00 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-60CF-M360 Radiosport Headset RS-60CF with M360 Electret Standard microphone 288.00 € Ordina Nuovo
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Download: Manual RS-60CF (PDF, EN, 150KB)

Radiosport Cable and Accessories Nuovo

Connection Cable for RS-60CF

Arlan Radiosport Cables for Headsets

Each headset RS-60CF requires a separate connection cable, suitable for the radio. On the headphone side, the cable is equipped with a professional micro XLR connector. On the radio side the appropiate connectors for phones and microphone are used. Integrated into the cable is a selector switch Stereo/Mono. PTT keying is done by the PTT button on the side of the headset, by Vox or by a separate PTT key via the accessory PTT connection, see below. Only a few connecting cables offer a PTT branch, the partnumber then ends in 'PT'.

Ordine No.
RS-CS6-FTY Radiosport cable for Yaesu, 8-pin round 94.50 € Ordina
RS-CS6-YRJ Radiosport cable for Yaesu, 8-pin RJ-45 75.00 € Ordina
RS-CS6-YRJPT Radiosport cable for Yaesu, 8-pin RJ-45, with PTT branch 94.00 € Ordina
RS-CS6-ICM Radiosport cable for Icom , 8-pin round 94.50 € Ordina
RS-CS6-IRJ Radiosport cable for Icom, 8-pin RJ-45 75.00 € Ordina
RS-CS6-ELK Radiosport cable for Kenwood, 8-pin round 94.50 € Ordina
RS-CS6-KRJ Radiosport cable for Kenwood, 8-pin RJ-45 75.00 € Ordina
RS-CS6-KRJPT Radiosport cable for Kenwood, 8-pin RJ-45, with PTT branch 94.50 € Ordina
RS-CS6-FRJ Radiosport cable for Flexradio 3000, 8-pin RJ-45 75.00 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-CS6-IRJPT Radiosport cable for Icom FM Mobile IC-2810, IC-2730 94.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-CS6-MK2R Radiosport cable for microHAM MicroKEYER-2R/2Rplus 75.00 € Ordina
RS-CS6-MKII Radiosport cable for microHAM MicroKEYER-II 75.00 € Ordina
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Which cable for which radio? See table of Radiosport cables and microphones below!

Arlan Radiosport Mikrophne Capsules

Arlan Radiosport Mikrophones

The microphones for the Radiosport RS-60CF headset by Arlan can be changed at any time without problems. Various microphone types are available for different radio types and usage scenarios. In conjunction with the detachable connecting cables the result is a modular systems, which can be continously used even when changing the radio brand.

The microphone capsules marked as "DX" have a reduced frequency responses. This helps better intelligibility in noisy channels, the signal becomes crisper and stands out from the crowd of the other signals. On the other hand the DX modulation would be too harsh for a prolonged chat at good conditions. For standard QSO use and chats, either on shortwave or on VHF the standard microphones are recommended. This microphone offers a wider frequency response, the modulation characteristics can be adjusted by the equalizer of the radio.

Ordine No.
RS-M207 Dynamic microphone "DX" 59.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-M208 Dynamic microphone "Standard" 59.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-M350-ADJ Electret microphone "DX" with adjustable level 49.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-M360 Electret microphone "Standard" 34.00 € Ordina Nuovo
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Which cable for which radio? See table of Radiosport cables and microphones below!

PTT Keying for Arlan Radiosports Headsets

Radiosport PTT Cable

Each radiosport headset is equipped with a convenient and easy to reach PTT push button on the left side of the headset. In addition to this facility the manufacturer proposes to use either Vox on the (often unsused) accessory connector on the rear side of the radio. Arlan offers various adaptors for PTT keying. If the accessory socket is already occupied by another application the PTT should be connected in parallel. A few headset/radio cables offer a separate PTT branch.

  • Adaptor DIN-13I for Icom radios with 13-pin ACC1 socket, PTT to 2x Cinch sockets, HSEND and VSEND separatly. Suitable for foot switch RS-PTT-FS or other PTT keys with RCA (Cinch) connector.
  • Adaptor DIN-7 for Icom radios with 7-pin ACC1 socket, PTT to Cinch socket. Suitable for foot switch RS-PTT-FS or other PTT keys with RCA (Cinch) connector.
  • Adaptor DIN-13K for Kenwood radios with 13-pin ACC1 socket, PTT to Cinch sockets. Suitable for foot switch RS-PTT-FS or other PTT keys with RCA (Cinch) connector.
  • Many other desktop transceiver require no adaptor, because these radios do have a standard PTT cinch socket, where the PTT footswitch can be connected directly.

Ordine No.
RS-DIN13I PTT Adaptor Icom 13pin 19.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-DIN13K PTT Adaptor Kenwood 13pin 15.50 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-DIN7 PTT Adaptor Icom 7pin 12.90 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-PTT-FS Radiosport PTT footswitch with cable and Cinch (RCA) connector 59.50 € Ordina Nuovo
FS-50.CINCH Radiosport PTT footswitch with cable and Cinch (RCA) connector, no-name 14.90 € Ordina Nuovo
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Arlan Radiosport Spare parts

The quality of a manufacturer is also visible on the ready availability of spare parts. Arlan offers suitable products for the wind shield and the protective ear covers of the headphones and headsets.

Ordine No.
RS-EAR-CLOTH Connton fabric for ear pads of Radiosport headets/headphones 11.40 € Ordina Nuovo
RS-MIC-SOCKF Wind socket for Arlan Radiosport Mikrophones 11.40 € Ordina Nuovo
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Table of Radiosport Cables and Microphones

Cable and Microphones for Arlan Radiosport Headsets
Manufacturer Device Cable Mic PTT
Icom IC-706 (alle), IC-7000, IC-7100 RS-CS6-IRJ RS-M360 RS-DIN13I
IC-736, 737, 738, 761, 765, 781, 746, 756, 775, 7400, 746PRO, 756PRO, 7600, 7700, 7800 RS-CS6-ICM RS-M350-ADJ RS-DIN7
IC-718, IC-7200, 7300 RS-CS6-ICM RS-M360 RS-DIN13I
IC7410, 9100 RS-CS6-ICM RS-M350-ADJ
Kenwood TS-480SAT/HX RS-CS6-KRJ RS-M208 -
TS-570, 590S/SG, 850, 870, 930, 940, 950SDX, 990S, 2000 RS-CS6-ELK RS-M208 RS-DIN13K
Yaesu FT-450, 857, 897, 900 RS-CS6-YRJ RS-M207 -
FT-920, 950, 990, 1000D/MP/Field, 2000, DX5000, DX9000 RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207 Cinch-Buchse
FT-991 RS-CS6-YRJ RS-M208 -
FT-DX1200, DX3000 RS-CS6-FTY RS-M208 Cinch socket
microHAM MicroKeyer-II RS-CS6-MKII RS-M207 oder
MicroKeyer-2R/2R+ RS-CS6-MK2R RS-M207 oder
Elecraft K2 RS-CS6-ELK RS-M360
Flex Radio Flex-1500, 3000 RS-CS6-YRJ RS-M207
Flex-5000, 6300 RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207
Flex-6500, 6700 RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207 oder
JRC JST-145, 245 RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207
Ten Tec Omni-VII RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207 oder
Orion-II RS-CS6-FTY RS-M207