Rig Expert® antenna analysers

Rig Expert® is a manufacturer from Ukraine, who produces various devices for amateur radio. We offer here the well-known graphical antenna analyser series.

Rig Expert® graphical antenna analysers AA-30, AA-54, AA-170, AA-600, AA-1400

All Rig Expert® antenna analysers are portable and battery-powered, so that analysis directly at the measuring object (antenna in backyard) is possible. Because of the graphical presentation the effects of tuning and adjusting the antenna is visible immediately. The ease of operation allows for comfortable measurements such as SWR, reflection, impedance, cable fault position, C & L of reactive loads and many more.

Compare various antenna quickly with the memory function (not available in all models). The USB port enables transfer of measured data to a computer. This way measuring results can be saved and documented easily, for example for small batch production runs. Software for Windows (32 and 64 Bit) is available as free download. Other operating systems like Linux and iOS can use the same tools with the help of a runtime environment such as 'wine'. The USB port can also be used to update firmware and to power the device.

Most analysers from Rig Expert® provide support for different languages.

RigExpert AA-230ZOOM New

RigExpert AA-230 Zoom AA-230 Zoom

The antenna analyser AA-230Zoom completes the selection of 'small' devices by RigExpert. As with all other analysers the typical RF measurements are possible, like SWR, return loss, complex resistance on discrete frequencies and much more. A simultaneous SWR measurement on different frequencies is also possible, this is very useful when tuning multiband antennas. Other remarkable features of the AA-230ZOOM are the zoomable colour display and the possibility to do TDR measurements without the need of a computer. This is useful for finding faults (short, breaks) on RF cables. The zoom function allows better precision and readability of the screen. Multi-language menus and the help screens make the AA-230 Zoom ideally suitable for international use.

Ordine No.
AA-230ZOOM RigExpert AA-230ZOOM Analyser 499.00 € Ordina Nuovo
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Rig Expert® analyser comparison
Function AA-30 AA-54 AA-170 AA-230 Zoom AA-600 AA-1000 AA-1400
Gamma di frequenze 0.1 - 30 MHz 0.1 - 54 MHz 0.1 - 170 MHz 0.1 - 230 MHz 0.1 - 600 MHz 0.1 - 1000 MHz 0.1 - 1'400 MHz
Resolution f 1 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz
Smallest sweep range 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz
SWR2AIR™ mode [1] - - - - +
MultiSWR™ mode [2] - + + + +
Sign measurement of reactance + + + + +
Antenna connector PL (SO-239) PL (SO-239) PL (SO-239) N N
Power Output +13 dBm +13 dBm -10 dBm -10 dBm -10 dBm
Reference of impedance for SWR measurement 50 & 75 Ω 50 & 75 Ω 50 & 75 Ω 25, 50, 75 & 100 Ω 25, 50, 75 & 100 Ω
Resolution ADC 10-bit 10-bit 10-bit 16-bit 16-bit
Batteries 2 x AA 2 x AA 3 x AA 4 x AAA 3 x AA
Battery voltage sensor + + + + +
External power supply via USB via USB via USB via USB via USB
Display Monochrome LCD
128 x 64 px
Monochrome LCD
128 x 64 px
Monochrome LCD
128 x 64 px
Colour TFT
290 x 220 px
Colour TFT
320 x 240 px
TDR mode with PC only [3] with PC only [3] with PC only [3] Si Si
Graphics memory No 100 for SWR, R/X 100 for SWR, R/X 100 for SWR, R/X, TDR 90 for SWR, R/X, 10 for TDR
Languages English only Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language
Presets for amateur radio bands No Si Si Si Si
Misura 22 x 10 x 3.6 cm 22 x 10 x 3.6 cm 22 x 10 x 3.6 cm 19 x 8 x 3 cm 23 x 10 x 5.5 cm
Peso 400 g 400 g 650 g 400 g 650 g
299.00 € Ordina 389.00 € Ordina 459.00 € Ordina 499.00 € Ordina 699.00 € Ordina 999.00 € Ordina 1249.00 € Ordina
  • AA-30
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Manual engl.
  • AA-54
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Manual engl.
  • AA-170
  • 3 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Manual engl.
  • AA-230 Zoom
  • Operating Manual engl.
  • Analyser
  • Protective Bag
  • Carrying Belt
  • 3 "AA" rech. batteries
  • Batt. Charger
  • Adaptor PL-f/N-m
  • USB Cable 180cm
  • Operating Manual engl.

[1] The SWR2AIR™ mode is helpful, when you have to do a measurement alone on a distant antenna. Here the analyser transmits a tone signal on a freely selectable VHF frequency. The tone signal changes according to the measured SWR. With this simple but ingenious system you can monitor effects of antenna modifications in realtime, just by using a portable radio on site. Please note that the SWR2AIR™ mode is not available in all models.

[2] The MultiSWR™ mode can display the SWR value on up to five different frequencies. This is extremely helpful when modifying a multi band antenna. The display shows immediately the effect of changes on an multiband antenna on all bands. Please note that the MultiSWR™ is not avaiable in all models.

[3] TDR modes are supported with these models only in conjunction with a computer, running the "AntScope" software. Since the graphical resolution of the TDR display is proportional to the maximum operating frequency of the device, a much better display can be achieved with other models like the AA-600 or AA-1400.