SMART Antenna Rotators

Control Box, Power Box

The Giovannini antenna rotators are designed for medium and very large antenna systems: monobanders for 40 or 80 meters, large HF antennas for 20/15/10m, rotating towers, stacking of antennas and more.
Torque up to 1000 Nm, all models are supplied with torsionally flexible jaw coupling and square flange. The heavy duty mast clamp is supplied on request. Smart Digital Control Box and Power Box are supplied for computer and remote control via the internet or LAN.

  • Smart antenna rotator technology::
  • Controlled via USB, RS232, LAN (optionally)
  • Compatible with many ham radio software
  • Remote control via internet
  • ⚡ Power Box & 🌐 Control Box included
Technical Data
Model GE-1500NS GE-2500NS GE-4000NS
Power torque 220 Nm 625 Nm 1001 Nm
Rotating angle 540° 540° 540°
Weight 27 kg 38 kg 74 kg
Supplied with torsionally flexible jaw coupling
Double worm gears
Order No. 25150 25155 25160
Price 1799.00 € 2620.00 € 3199.00 €
Order No.
25150 GE-1500NS Antenna Rotator 1799.00 € Buy now
25155 GE-2500NS Antenna Rotator 2620.00 € Buy now
25160 GE-4000NS Antenna Rotator 3199.00 € Buy now
25170 Mast Mount for GE-XX00NS Antenna Rotator 185.00 € Buy now
25171 LAN Option for GE-XX00NS Antenna Rotator 249.00 € Buy now
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Download: SMART Rotators Specifications (PDF, EN, 750KB)