Tarheel Antennes

Tarheel Shortwave Mobile Antennas

Tarheel antennas are short HF mobile antennas, which use a integrated motor to cover the entire shortwave band (aka screwdriver antennas). The cylindrical, weatherproof lower section contains a large air coil and the solid 12V motor. With the large air coil these antennas have a much higher efficiency than slim antennas of a comparable length, as a drawback these antennas are much more visible...

Located on the lower section are various stainless steel whips, depending on model. Included in the shipment is a 6m long control cable ready to use, the cable is fused and includes a ferrite bead to eliminate interferences into the supplied manual control unit. The antennas have a 3/8" thread on the bottom, the smaller models can be installed directly to any vehicle base with 3/8" connector. The Little Tarheel II could be easily installed for example on the triple magnet base , article 11115.

The included manual control unit can be replaced by an optional automatic control unit. Thus unit stores once found settings and can recall them easily. The required sensor which counts the motor revolutions is integrated into all Tarheel antennas.

Little Tarheel II

Frequency range 3,5 — 54 MHz, 200 W PEP, max. length 1,37m

The most often requested model, used when larger antennas are just that - too large. The lower section is just 40cm long and 4cm wide, the stainless steel whip has a length of 80cm. This makes this antenna very suitable for smaller cars, without too much negative impact on the overall view.
The manufacturer says that you shouldn't be mislead by the small size of the antenna. In contrast to larger models it can be installed on a higher position on the car, yielding in a much better radiation and less earth losses.
If the antenna is used with the optionally available 1.5m long LT-56 whip, you will see an improvement of approx. 3 dB on 40m and about 5 dB on 80m. The covered frequency range is approx. 3.4 to 30MHz with the long whip. Operation on clamps like the 20069.38 (see below) is possible.

Ordine No.
11900 Little Tarheel II, 3.5 - 54MHz, 200 W 536.00 € Ordina
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Bild Little Tarheel II Little Tarheel II
Bild Little Tarheel II Little Tarheel II
Little Tarheel II Little Tarheel II

Baby Tarheel Nuovo

11925 Baby Tarheel

Frequency range 7-54 MHz, 200 W PEP, max. length 1.25m

The shortest antenna of this family, total length without base max. 1.25m. Depending on the mounting location on the vehicle, you may even be able to drive into the garage with it! Unfortunately, you have to do without the 80m band because of this. Otherwise same as Little Tarheel II.

Ordine No.
11925 Baby Tarheel, 7 - 54MHz, 200 W 485.00 € Ordina
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Tarheel M200A-HP

Frequency range 80 to 10m, 1500 W PEP

  M100A-HP M200A-HP
Lunghezza Motor unit 914 mm (3') 1219 mm (4')
Lenhgth of whip 1828 mm (6') 1828 mm (6')
Lunghezza fully extended (80m) 3352 mm (11') 3657 mm (12')
Lunghezza fully retracted (10m) 2845 mm (9' 4") 3149 mm (10' 4")

High power antenna with a special fingerstock material with 12kg contact pressure, which touches three windings of the coil simultaneously for best power handling. The body of the coil is made of glass fibre.
This antenna is often used as a stationary antenna. For installation on a mast please us the mount MT-1 with additional radials. Installation close to the ground is also possible, again with the MT-1 a ground peg, and optionally with the radial kit. The more radials you have the better the perfomance will be.

The M100A-HP and M200A-HP differ only in the length of the motor/coil unit at the bottom. The M100A-HP has a 30cm shorter motor unit and is better suited for top mount on a vehicle, or at any location without obstructions in the vicinity. The motor unit of the M200A-HP is longer and better suitable for sidemount on a vehicle, where the longer unit helps to let the coil reach above the vehicle cabin. For fixed installations at home both antennas are equally suitable.

Ordine No.
11905 Tarheel M100A-HP 640.00 € Ordina
11910 Tarheel M200A-HP 650.00 € Ordina
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Tarheel M200A Tarheel M200A
Tarheel M200A Tarheel M200A
Tarheel M200A Tarheel M200A

Tarheel M300A

Frequency range 1.8 — 30 MHz, 250 W PEP, max. length 3.6m

The only antenna of this kind which also covers the 160m band. Of course you will have a hard time winning the 160m contest with this antenna, but it's still a good compromise, especially when the optional hat capacity is used for better efficiency. Construction like the M200A, again with galss fribre reinforced plastic body for the coil.

If the either of the long antennas are installed high on a large vehicle (RV, camper &c.) the maximum allowed height while driving can be exceeded. By using a shorter (optional) whip you give up the lowest band, but can use the other bands while driving. Arrived at the destination the longer whip can be installed again.

Ordine No.
11920 Tarheel M300A 640.00 € Ordina
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Tarheel M300A Tarheel M300A
This is a Tarheel antenna as well...

Technical data

Model Little Tarheel II M200A-HP M300A  
Gamma di frequenze 3.5-54 3.4-28 1.7-30 MHz
Lunghezza lower section 40 120 90 cm
Diameter lower section 40 50 50 mm
Lunghezza of whip 80 180 180 cm
Total length on highest frequency 1.2 3.1 2.8 m
Total length on lowest frequency 1.75 3.6 3.4 m
Potenza mass. 200 1500 250 W PEP
SWR typ. < 1.5 < 1.5 < 1.5  
Peso 0.9 3.8 3.8 kg

Tarheel Antenna Accessories

TARGETuner fully automatic control unit


Finally the Tarheel antennas can be tuned automatically. The TARGETuner using an RF sensor for the SWR in the transmission mode, and switch the antenna properly.

In the control unit is a intelligent microprocessor integrated which determines the motor speed and direction. Gleichzeitig wird kontinuierlich der Antennenzustand überwacht. Changes through exercise, icing and moving the antenna are thus immediately detected by the control unit.

The RF sensor is installed directly on the antenna line in the near of the transceiver. It measures the foward and reflected power and transmits it to the control unit.

Optionally the Targetuner controller can be connected to the CAT interface of certain radios. With this CAT information the antenna can be tuned without transmitting. This connection requires an optional CAT cable.

  • Included in ship ment is:
  • Control unit
  • HF Sensor
  • RJ45 Cable between contrl unit and sensor
  • Power cable with Powerpole connectors
  • short coaxial cable PL/PL
  • 4pin connector for motor control of the antenna
  • Printed manual (engl.)
  • Quick Start Guide (laminated)
Ordine No.
TARGETUNER fully automatic controller 275.00 € Ordina
RB-XCAT8 CAT Cable for FT-817/857/897 11.40 € Ordina
RB-XCIV CAT Cable for all Icom with CI-V Remote 11.40 € Ordina
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Download: English Manual Targetuner (PDF, EN, 525KB)

Kit di radiali per Tarheel

Kit di Radiali

La massiccia piastra di acciaio inox (6mm) é creata per essere utilizzata sullo stesso palo ove l'antenna é installata. Diamtero massimo del palo: 35 mm. La piastra ha un diametro di 23 cm e offre 20 contatti a vite per i fili dei radiali. Inclusi nella spedizione ci sono 10 radiali lunghi 275 cm. ciascuno.

Non é necessario dispiegare i radiali strettamente a stella. Potete piegare i radiali, trascurare alcune aree a seconda degli ostacoli vicini. L'unico accorgimento é quello di non sovrapporre i radiali.

La staffa dei radiali deve essere installata il più vicino possibile a terra e l'antenna il più vicino possible alla staffa. Tutti i particolari sono realizzati in acciaio inox, ad eccezione dei radiali.

Ordine No.
11930.GR Kit Radiali Tarheel 89.50 € Ordina
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Cappello capacitivo Tarheel

Capello capazitivo

Quando si utilizza un cappello capacitivo, é possibile accorciare l'antenna. Con uno stilo da 80 cm e un cappello capacitivo, si può avere la stessa efficienza di uno stilo lungo 180 cm.
E' anche possibile utilizzare il cappello capacitivo e uno stilo lungo per ottenere una migliore efficienza, in particolar modo sulle bande basse. Il cappello é realizzato da una barra di acciaio inox da 30 cm filettata a 3/8" e con la capacità realizzata da 8 barre di acciaio inox da 30 cm.

Note: Quando si usa il cappello capacitivo con la frusta da 180cm, la frequenza di risonanza risulta abbassata, da rendere le bande dei 10 e 12 metri inutilizzabili. Quando si usa la frusta corta (145cm) con il cappello capacitivo, tutte le bande sono disponibili ma con efficienza ridotta.

Ordine No.
11930.CH Capello Capacitivo Tarheel 95.50 € Ordina
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Unità di controllo semiautomatica SDC-102

Screwdriver Antenna Controller SDC-102

La SDC-102 é un unità di controllo semiautomatica per le antenne screwdriver motorizzate (non solo i modelli Tarheel). Offre 10 memorie liberamente programmabili su ogni posizione dell'antenna. Premendo un pulsante si richiama la posizione memorizzata.

Insieme alle memorie vi sono i classici pulsanti su/giù per muovere l'antenna liberamente in ogni posizione. Un display a 4 cifre molto luminoso mostra la posizione attuale. La funzione di auto-park abbassa l'antenna alla sua posizione più bassa per consentirvi, ad esempio, di entrare in un garage. Il contatore dei giri del motorino si auto-resetta per compensare eventuali errori di conteggio.

L'unità SDC-102 controlla costantemente la corrente per evitare di danneggiare il motorino. Il massimo valore di corrente consentito può essere impostato nella unità di controllo e può essere visualizzato per verificarlo. Misura 87x80x32mm, con fori di montaggio sul pannello posteriore.

Ordine No.
11930.SDC SDC-102 Unità di controllo semiautomatica 165.60 € Ordina
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Trunk lid mount

3/8 inch trunk lid mount

Special version of the Diamond K-400 trunk lid mount with 3/8" connectir, suitable for LITTLE TARHEEL II.

Ordine No.
20069.38 Trunk Lid Mount 97.80 € Ordina
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Stainless steel whip

Conical whip, as spare part or replacement, with 3/8" thread. The model 11930.SS-6 is a heavy whip 5 mm diameter at the base.

Ordine No.
11930.LT-56 1.45m 23.00 € Ordina
11930.SS-6 1.8m 41.40 € Ordina
11930.SS-6B 1.8m, negro 45.00 € Ordina
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Antenna Mount

Mount for stationary use or installation on trucks or trailers.

Connector PL female, the U-bolt clamp up to 35 mm pipe diameter. Mount/U-bolts/nuts made of stainless steel. Quick Disconnect No. 11930.KD T is included.

Consisting of a 3/8 "quick release and a matching insulated fitting with PL connector.
As spare part for the above antenna mounts or build your own brackets.

Attention, the article is suitable not only as a 'base mount' and can accommodate the bending moment of the heavy antennas not alone. The resulting bending moment is when driving intercept otherwise, the antennas must also be secured against loosening.

Ordine No.
11930.MT1 for M200A, M300A 159.00 € Ordina
11930.LTMT1 for Little Tarheel II 132.30 € Ordina
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Antennenhalterung Little Tarheel Mount Little Tarheel
Antennenhalterung Tarheel Antenna mount

Mounting Kit

'All inclusive' kit for M-200 / M-300, consisting of:

  • MT-1 mast/car mount incl. KD-T Quick Disconnect
  • 7m coaxial cable with PL connectors
  • Coax-seal
Ordine No.
11930.MTKIT Mounting kit 199.00 € Ordina
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Connector set

Steckersatz Tarheel Steuerkabel Set of connectors for Tarheel control cable.

For doi-it-yourself control cables.

Ordine No.
11930.CKIT Connector set 6.90 € Ordina
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Control cable extension

Tarheel Verlaengerung Steuerkabel Control cable extension

Length 6m, includes jack and plug.

Ordine No.
11930.CC20 Extension cable 28.20 € Ordina
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Kink adapter 3/8"

Knickadapter 3/8 Kink adapter 3/8"

Kink adapter 3/8" for heavy antennas for quick repositioning the antenna

Ordine No.
11110 Kink adapter 3/8" 25.30 € Ordina
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Quick Disconnect with PL socket

Tarheel Quick Disconnect Quick Disconnect

Consisting of a 3/8 "quick release and a matching insulated fitting with PL connector.
As spare part for the above antenna mounts or build your own brackets.

Attention, the article is suitable not only as a 'base mount' and can accommodate the bending moment of the heavy antennas not alone. The resulting bending moment is when driving intercept otherwise, the antennas must also be secured against loosening.

Ordine No.
11930.KD-T Quick Disconnect 29.90 € Ordina
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Quick Disconnect for heavy antenna whips

Quick Disconnect

Solid adaptor which is placed between lower part of the antenna and the whip. Allows fast removal of the whip.

Ordine No.
11207 Quick Disconnect 18.00 € Ordina
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