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The design of the "tapered slot" antenna (TSA, aka Vivaldi antenna) was presented by Peter Gibson in 1979. The benefit of this antenna is it's extremely large bandwidth and very simple construction. Due to the exponentially widening of the slot a gradual transformation of impedance is achieved, with very simple geometrical figures at the base of the slot, the feed can be transformed and matched to the required impdance. For details please see the Wikipedia article on Vivaldi antennas.

TSA antennas are either constructed (etched) as a PCB or cut from sheet metal. The UWB-1 is made of solid aluminium sheet metal, the rear end is angled and can be used as a bracket for installatio of the antenna. The connector is a SMA female socket, which is the usual connector for microwave applications. The usable frequency range is 430 MHz to 6 GHz, which covers all services in the UHF and SHF range (GSM, DECT, LTE, Wifi, Wimax, ADS-B, Radar and much more). This makes this antena very well suited for spectrum monitoring with an SDR or a classical spectrum analyser. But also specialised applications like ground penetrating radar or EMC lab measurements are typical applications for such an antenna.

The UWB-1 has a relatively flat SWR response over the entire frequency range, the gain is approx. 9 dBi at the center. Each antenna is adjusted individually, a VSWR measurement documentation is included with the antenna. The bracket at the rear of the antenna is suitable to use a 38mm U bolt (not included) for installation on a mast or tripod. The UWB-1 antenna is not intended for permanent outdoor use.

Dates techniques UWB-1
Gamme de fréquence 430 – 6000 MHz
TOS 430 - 700 MHz 2.5:1 typ.
TOS 700 - 6000 MHz 2:1 typ.
Puissance maxi 50 W
Gain 9 dBi (Centre du bande)
Aperture 330 mm
Longuer 460 mm
Poids 1 kg
Connecteur SMA
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