Wavenode SWR meter

WN-2D: Multichannel SWR/Powermeter with USB connection

WN-2D SWR Meter
WN-2 Front View

The new WN-2D power meter measures and displays output power or SWR of up to four radios/antennas at the same time.

Up to four sensors for power/SWR can be connected to the device and can be installed at the point where they are rquired; sensors are available for 1.6 to 1300MHz and up to max. 8KW.

The measured data is displayed on a computer connected via USB. The required software (for Windows XP and newer, 32/64bit) is included.

When operating standalone the data is shown on the internal LC display and 2 bargraphs at the same time. So a computer is not required, but of course would give a much better overview.

The WN-2D measures spectrum and envelope of the transmitted signal up to 20 kHz modulation bandwidth. Intermod, splatter or overmodulation can be seen immediately. The required fast sampling rate of the transmitted signal is achieved by using a fast RISC processor in the sensor.

Additionally the WN-2D offers four analog (0 to 10V) and four digital (TTL) inputs for many measurement tasks. A programmable solenoid output offers the possibility to emergency shut-down, for example in the case of high SWR.

The device is shipped including one HF 2kW sensor, CD-ROM, USB cable and power supply.

Sensors with RF-View.
This new sensor offers an additional output (BNC female). This output signal can be connected directly to an oscilloscope and allows to monitor the trnasmitted signal in realtime. This is very useful to monitor distortions etc.

Cable length of sensors
The supplied cable on the sensors is approx. 1m long. This cable can be extended nearly without limit, there is not HF on this cable. Still you should use a shielded cable (2 wires).

WN-2 Rear View

Articulo No.
WN-2D 569.00 € Comprar Ya no disponible en almacen, solo disponible a petición del cliente. Tiempo de entrega 50 días.
WN-2.HF HF Sensor 2KW, 1.8-60MHz (2x PL femenina) 79.40 € Comprar No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 50 días.
WN-2.HF-RFV HF Sensor con RF-View, 2KW, 1.8-60MHz (2x PL femenina) 109.30 € Comprar No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 50 días.
WN-2.HF-HP HF Sensor Alta Potencia 8KW, 1.8-40MHz (2x PL femenina) 94.30 € Comprar No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 50 días.
WN-2.UHF UHF Sensor 0-300W, 140-460 MHz, 2x N fem. 79.40 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
WN-2.UHF-HP UHF Sensor Alta Potencia 2KW, 120-170MHz (2x N femenina) 113.90 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
WN-2.SHF3 Sensor 100W, 950-1300MHz (2x N femenina) 171.40 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
WN-2.QRP Sensor 25mW - 60W, 1.8-60MHz (2x PL femenina) 79.40 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
Gastos de envió
Presentation of the manufacturer WN-2D with Screenshots (PDF, Englisch, 930KB)
Review of WN-2 in QST 6/2007 (PDF, English, 430KB) With friendly permission by QST/ARRL.

Bildschirmanzeige WN-2
Bild HF-Sensor
HF Sensor 2000 W mit 150cm Kabel
Bild UHF-Sensor
UHF Sensor 300 W mit 150cm Kabel

HF Sensor mit RF-View

WN-2 Video