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If you are interested in a product, here you can find more documentation about many (not all) products. Larger files are packed in ZIP format, otherwise PDF.

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WiMo complete catalog (in German) Updated every 4 to 6 weeks
The catalog file is not updated daily, this leads to the fact that prices in the catalog are not always up to date. You can find current prices, daily updated on our website.
ca. 23MB
Order Form   33KB


Note: Unless otherwise noted most downloads are in German.

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Datasheet Equipment antenna 5GHz 18720.3 (GE/EN, PDF) 450 KB
Datasheet Equipment antenna 5GHz 18720.5 (GE/EN, PDF) 175 KB
Datasheet SP45/54 5.4GHz Prime Focus dish (EN, PDF) 200 KB
Datasheet SP60/54 5.4GHz Prime Focus dish (EN, PDF) 180 KB
Datasheet SP45/24 and SP60/24 2.4GHz Prime Focus dishes (EN, PDF) 670 KB
Datasheet PA-5000-21 Planar antenna 5GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 73 KB
Datasheet SA50-120-15 Sector antenna 5GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 50 KB
Datasheet SA50-90-16 Sector antenna 5GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 50 KB
Datasheet SA24-90-15 Sector antenna 2.4GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 100 KB
Datasheet SA24-90-17 Sector antenna 2.4GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 190 KB
Datasheet SA24-120-11 Sector antenna 2.4GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 228 KB
Datasheet SA24-120-16 Sector antenna 2.4GHz (DE/EN, PDF) 155 KB
Datasheet UMTS Desktop antenna 60030 (GE/EN, PDF) 85 KB
Manual about Magnetic Loop antennas (English, PDF) 5190 KB
English review EH Antennas 80/160m from RadCom 8/05 (English, PDF). Copyright Radio Society of Great Britain and reproduced with their kind permission. 375KB
Review of HF-9V from 'Funkamateur 03/2005' (German, PDF) 140KB
Data sheet for GP-3500 WiMAX antennas (de/en, PDF) 70KB
Data sheet for PA-3500-12 WiMAX antenna (de/en, PDF) 130KB
Data sheet for PA-3500-18 WiMAX antenna (de/en, PDF) 120KB
Data sheet for HSP-868 868MHz ISM/RFID Antenna (engl., PDF) 170KB
Datasheet for GP-2400-x WLAN omni directional antennas (Ger/Eng., PDF) 80KB
English language review of the EH antnna for 80m (English, PDF) 51KB
Short Review of 11m version of the EH antenna by 'Funk' 12/2003 (German, PDF) 68KB
Butternut HF-2V mounting instructions (english, PDF)  
Butternut HF-6V mounting instructions (english, PDF)  
Butternut HF-9V mounting instructions (english, PDF)  
Butternut varios other downloads (opens a new window)  
Datasheet 2.4GHz glass mount antenna 90 kB
Datasheet 2.4GHz small patch antenna 90 kB
DX-160 Lowband vertical antenna 90 kB
Omni directional antenna for WLAN (2400 MHz) 158 kB
Indoor WLAN antenna (2400 MHz) 280 kB
Mounting instructions: XR-100 Mini shortwave dipole 20 kB
Miracle Whip HF portable antenna 60 kB
ATX-1080 / AT-xx HF portable antenna 110 kB
ATX-1080 HF portable antenna: Reviews from FUNK and RADIO SCANNER 200 kB
Mounting instructions: GPM-1500 wideband vertical 30 kB
Instructions: Desktop Discone Nr. 18065 50 kB
Review of Desktop Discone Nr. 18065 from SCANNER AKTUELL 270 kB
Review of Logperiodic FULL 130-1300 MHz from "MEGAHERTZ" (french) 140 kB
Mounting instructions: WiMo-Yagis Best.Nr. 18106-18108, 18203-18206 80 kB
WiMo-Yagis design DK7ZB: Review from FUNKAMATEUR 10/00 55 kB
WiMo crossed yagis No. 18110-18111, 18207-18208: mounting instructions 180 kB
SHF-design Yagi antennas: mounting instructions 140 KB
WiMo long yagis WY-214 / WX-228: additional mounting instructions 124 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-70R: datasheet 145 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-900R: datasheet 145 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-1800R: datasheet 120 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-23R: datasheet 270 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-23R16: datasheet 140 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-13R18: datasheet 350 kB
Flat panel antenna with radome PA-13R20: datasheet 145 kB
GAP TITAN HF vertical: instructions (english) 115 KB
G4MH Mini-Beam: Instructions 100 KB
G4MH Mini-Beam: Review from FUNKAMATEUR 5/01 100 KB
ZX-YAGI: Instructions for HF monoband beams 25 KB
ZX-YAGI: Instructions MINI-2000 HF 3-Band Mini-Beam 57 KB
MOSLEY: Additional catalog PRO-Series 200 KB
MOSLEY: Additional catalog TRAPMASTER-Series 330 KB
D2T antenna: 2 Reviews 750 KB
TURNSTILE: crossed dipole for low sats at 137 MHz No. 18350: Instructions 25 KB
Big Wheel No. 18007: Instructions and review from MEGAHERTZ (french) 150 KB
Window quad No. 14301-14303: Instructions 12 KB
Helix 70 No. 18021: mounting instructions 40 KB
X-Quads 2m / 70cm No. 18010 / 18011: mounting instructions 250 KB
Catalog Mosley PRO-Series 200 KB
Catalog Mosley TRAP-Series 324 KB

Everything else except antennas

Download Content Filesize
Download: Mastvideo ISO WiMo Mast video ISO for curning your CD (GER, PDF) 662MB
Download: Test RigRunner Review RigRunner from Funkamateur 05/06 (DE, PDF) 85KB
Download: Anleitung AS-1090 Datasheet AS-1090 Pre Amplifier (DE, PDF) 320KB
Download: Datasheet RG-174/U coaxial cable Datasheet RG-174/U coaxial cable (DE/EN, PDF) 13KB
Download: Datasheet RG-213/UBX coaxial cable Datasheet RG-213/UBX coaxial cable (DE/EN, PDF) 26KB
Download: Datasheet RG-58/U coaxial cable Datasheet RG-58/U coaxial cable (DE/EN, PDF) 13KB
Download: Datasheet RG-59/U coaxial cable Datasheet RG-59/U coaxial cable (DE/EN, PDF) 13KB
Download: User manual ACS-2004 antenna switch User manual ACS-2004 antenna switch (GE, PDF) 300KB
Download: Review Elektronik Industrie SBS-1 Review of SBS-1 Virtual Radar from 'Elektronik Industrie 10/05' (GE, PDF) 120KB
Download: FDM-77 Testbericht Download: FDM-77 Software Defined Radio Review from "Funk" 09/2005 (de, PDF) 500KB
Download: QSYer manual Download: User manual QSYer (de/en, PDF). 40KB
Download: Detail drawing of sizes etc. RAK rotator by SPID Download: Detail drawing of RAK rotator by SPID (PDF). 260KB
Download: Testbericht SG-211 Download: Instructions for TuneRite (de/en, PDF). 100KB
Download: Testbericht SG-211 Download: Test review of SG-211 from 'Funk' 2/2005 (German, PDF). 260KB
Download: Splitter Montagehinweis Download: Antenna combiner mounting instructions Montagehinweis (PDF). 30KB
Download: Kabel-Längenmaße für Crimpstecker Download: Cable length measure for crimp connectors (PDF). 260KB
Download: Testbericht micro-Keyer aus Funkamateur 10/04 Review of the micro-Keyer from 'Funkamateur' 10/04 (German, PDF). 106KB
Download: Engl. Anleitung zum microKEYER Instructions for microKEYER, with diagrams (English, PDF). 670KB
Download: Dt. Anleitung zum microKEYER German Instructions for microKEYER, without diagrams (German, PDF). 1200KB
Download: H-155 Datenblatt H-155 Coaxial cable datasheet (English, PDF). 30KB
Download: Testbericht RIGblaster aus Funk 2/2004 German review of RIGblaster products from "Funk" 2/2004 (German, PDF). 300KB
Download Testbericht EH Radcom English review EH Antenna from RadCom 9/03 (English, PDF, 92KB).
By friendly permission of RadCom/RSGB.
Download Testbericht R-155 Instruction manual for RT2400-2 Tx/Rx Booster for 2.4GHz (German, PDF) 430KB
Download Testbericht R-155 Review of R-155 amplifier from "Funkamateur" 12/2003 (German, PDF) 143KB
bhi-Megahertz bericht pdf Review of bhi DSP loudspeakers from french 'Megahertz' magazine, Jan. 04 (French, PDF) 166 KB
PR-430 Bericht Short review of PR-430 by Funkamateur 09/2003 (Germany, PDF) 418 KB
Review of CWK-Tiny morse keyer from 'Funkamateur' 12/2003 (German, PDF) 268 KB
Comparision table of bhi DSP-loudspeakers with other brands (english) 10 KB
Radcom article about the NEDSP-1061 DSP module for the FT-817 (english)
Copyright RSGB. With friendly permission by RSGB/Radcom.
300 KB
Review PR Transceiver PRD-70 from Funkamateur 03/2003 1090 KB
TNC-2multi, german instructions Rev.2.2 250 KB
TNC-7multi, german instructions Rev.2.2 360 KB
Specs and schematics for power supplies PCS-125 and PTS-125 151 KB
Review of PR-430 from "Funkamateur" 01/2003 95 KB
Review NES-10-2 DSP loudspeaker (english) 200 KB
Datasheet, connector mounting instructions for AIRCOM PLUS 390 KB
Datasheet, connector mounting instructions for AIRCELL-7 253 KB
Datasheet, connector mounting instructions for ECOFLEX-10 260 KB
Datasheet, connector mounting instructions for ECOFLEX-10 solderless 109 KB
Datasheet, connector mounting instructions for ECOFLEX-15 360 KB
Manual for power amplifier LINEARAMP CHALLENGER 2 180 KB
Manual for power amplifier LINEARAMP DISCOVERY 2m 250 KB
Manual for power amplifier LINEARAMP DISCOVERY 70 (english) 215 KB
Manual for power amplifier LINEARAMP DISCOVERY 6m 250 KB
Manual for power amplifier LINEARAMP RANGER 811 250 KB
DIGI-1 reviews from CQ-DL, FUNKAMATEUR and FUNK 270 KB
DIGI-1 Soundcard interface: instructions 55 KB
MAHA MH-C 777 PLUS universal battery charger: instructions 50 KB
MAHA MH-C204 NiCd/NiMH battery charger: instructions 30 KB
TinyTrak3: Instructions and Configuration Software Version 1.4.3 (ZIP, 520KB)
Ezitune: Instructions 20 KB
Ezitune: Review from FUNKAMATEUR 1,2 MB
Review about MTFT Magnetic Balun No. 11370 600 KB
Fiber glass masts MV-75, MV-12 No 18340-18343: mounting instructions 185 KB
Telescopic steel towers: instructions 250 KB (German, English)
Stainless steel towers MC-800: instructions 11 KB
TV-COM, ATV modules for 13cm / 23cm: instructions 400 KB
LCU-SER CW interface for TRX-Manager: instructions 50 KB
DIAMOND lightning arrestors: instructions 20 KB
RFtec (Lynics) Datasheet lightning protection 310 KB
remote polarization swicth No. 18080...: instructions (PDF, GE/EN) 122 KB
Mast tripods No. 18320-324: mounting instructions 70 KB


Download Content Filesize
PR-430: up to date control software supporting 12.5kHz steps 190 KB
FT-847 Supercontrol: datasheet 80 KB
FT-847 Supercontrol: Slideshow about SUPERCONTROL, read offline. Extract into empty folder and start with frame.html 1.7 MB
LCU-3 CAT-Interface: Test utility 10 KB

Order form

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