Accessories Wire Antennas, Baluns, Braids etc.

Dipole middle part

Dipole middle part 30022 and 30022.HL

For small portable dipoles without balun. The model for coaxial cable has a PL jack. The version for symmetrical feeding has a proper strain relief for the wire feed line.
Please order end insulator separately, see list below.

Order No.
30022 per coaxial cable with PL jack 9.95 € Buy now
30022.HL per feed line 10.50 € Buy now
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Fitting end insulator (for pictures see further below):

Order No.
30020 Ceramic insulator 1.50 € Buy now
30018 Insulator "egg" 38 mm 1.00 € Buy now
30019 Insulator "egg" 68 mm 1.20 € Buy now
30021 Rod insulator 1.90 € Buy now
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Ladder-Loc Center Part for Parallel Wire

Center isolator for dipoles which are fed with symmetrical 450 Ω parallel wire. The strain relief is not done with the wire but with the form-fitting rectangular excavations.

Order No.
30023 Ladder-Loc 18.20 € Buy now
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Download: Ladder-Loc Review from QST 1994 (PDF, EN, 130KB)

Center part for G5RV antennas

The feed line of the G5RV is connected to the clamps on the right side in the picture. With PL jack.

Order No.
30024 Center part for G5RV antennas 9.95 € Buy now
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Traps for self-building

For homemade ire antennas, capacity up to 1 KW, encased in Plexiglas tubes with ventilation. The traps are new, however, were partially installed for testing in dipoles. Actually, there are no traps but 'loading coils' without capacitor (could still be installed). Available in sets (2 pieces) with various inductances.

Order No.
ZG-SPK14 2x 14 µH 39.00 € Buy now
ZG-SPK40 2x 40 µH 45.00 € Buy now
ZG-SPK60 2x 60 µH 55.00 € Buy now
ZG-SPK85 2x 85 µH *) 55.00 € Buy now
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We have 40µH and 60µH traps as a single piece - please contact us.

*) ZG-SPK85 has no outer protective tube. Coiled with enamelled copper wire, paint if desired.



Toroid baluns for wire antennas, sealed tightly in a weatherproof case, with solid hooks for wires. Connectors stainless steel, recessed PL connector. The 1:1 Balun is a current balun (choke), the other models (1:2, 1:4, 1:6) are voltage baluns.

Order No.
11363.01 Balun 1:1, 200 Watt SSB/CW 39.00 € Buy now
11363.02 Balun 1:2, 200 Watt SSB/CW 39.00 € Buy now
11363.04 Balun 1:4, 200 Watt SSB/CW 39.00 € Buy now
11363.06 Balun 1:6, 200 Watt SSB/CW 39.00 € Buy now
11364.01 Balun 1:1, 1KW SSB/CW 46.70 € Buy now
11364.02 Balun 1:2, 1KW SSB/CW 52.30 € Buy now
11364.04 Balun 1:4, 1KW SSB/CW 52.30 € Buy now
11364.06 Balun 1:6, 1KW SSB/CW 52.30 € Buy now
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Small Baluns

toroid baluns

Small, light baluns for 80m-10m, maximum 100 W PEP (CW or SSB). The baluns are in a plastic case fitted with snap-on lid, with vents on the bottom. The covers are not glued, the baluns are therefore not permanently waterproof. If in doubt, helps a soapbox ...
Models with ratio 1:1 and 1:4 are 'normale'Baluns. The design is a 1:9 Unun ('MTFT') with lateral mass screw. The baluns have input side, a PL jack, the output side studs M4 stainless steel, and weigh only about 65 grams

Order No.
11365.01 Balun 1:1, 100 Watt SSB/CW 29.00 € Buy now
11365.04 Balun 1:4, 100 Watt SSB/CW 29.00 € Buy now
11365.09 Balun 1:9, 100 Watt SSB/CW 29.00 € Buy now
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Bild Mini-Balun

Mini balun useful up to 120 W PEP, weighs only 150 Gramm, ideal for QRP and portable use. Not suitable for 100 W FM! The 1:1 Balun is a current balun (choke), the other models (1:2, 1:4, 1:6) are voltage baluns.

Order No.
11362.01 Mini-Balun 1:1 36.20 € Buy now
11362.02 Mini-Balun 1:2 36.20 € Buy now
11362.04 Mini-Balun 1:4 36.20 € Buy now
11362.06 Mini-Balun 1:6 36.20 € Buy now
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Colour coding of WiMo Baluns

The baluns sold by WiMo have a colour code which denotes the transformation ratio. Now, if you have several of these baluns you probably do not know anymore which color means which ratio. So if you need it, here is the list :
  • Red    1:1
  • Blue   1:2
  • Green  1:4
  • Yellow 1:6

1:1-Balun DIAMOND BU-50

Diamond Balun BU-50

Tightly sealed wideband balun. Data:

  • Frequency range 1,7 to 40 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Ratio: 1:1
  • max. power load: 1200 Watt PEP
Order No.
11361 BU-50 Balun 31.00 € Buy now
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MFJ Current Balun

MFJ current balun

Replaces the usual center isolater. Due to the internal common mode filter all common mode current on the outer shield of the coiax are suppressed. Connector PL.

Order No.
MFJ-918 Current Balun 36.80 € Buy now
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MTFT Magnetic Balun

MTFT Magnetic Balun
MTFT Magnetic Balun

Be on the air with just some meters of wire!
Can be used wit hreduced efiiciency up to 150 MHz

Principle of operation:
Usual internal tuners or external tuner only have a limited impedance range. The matching of a short wire (short in comparision to the wavelength) with it's high impedance is usually not possible.
Futher the wire is usually outdoors, the tuner sits in the shack, but the wire cannot be connectied to the tuner with a coax feed... Here a wire tuner like the SGC products will help - at a price!. But there is a more economic alternative.

The MTFT is a resistance transformer with a ratio of 1:9. It reduces the extremely high impedance of a short wrie to a range which can be matched with a normal tuner. The balun must be used right at the antenna wire, don't use coax to feed the wire. The MTFT is then connected with a coax to the tuner, the SWR on this line is usually below 3:1, losses through resonant waves are low.

The required wire length should be at least 6m. Ground connection is good, connect ground with a clamp to the ground of the PL connector, not to the insulated case. If no ground can be used at the balun at least the transceiver should be grounded. If necessary use a common mode filter right below the balun. Instead of a ground connection a counterpoise can be used.

F6JSZ installed a 20m long windom, fed with the MTFT at one third from the end, 20m coax to the rig. He writes in french "CQ" that he had a SWR better then 1.5:1 on all amateur bands and didn't require a tuner.
But the MTFT cannot only be used with a wire but with any metallic object - water pipes, rain pipes or CB antennas (remove matching elemens of the antenna before use). The MTFT is an excellent tool for the experiemntal amateur...
Of course the MTFT can be used for transmission, max. power load is 100 W PEP.

For shortwave listeners the MTFT is an ideal accessory: a simple wire connected to the world band receiver is very badly matched, resulting in only mediocre efficiency. With the MTFT the match is greatly improved. An additional matching unit is not required.

Model 11370 is not weatherproof, use additional cober when using outdoors.

Order No.
11370 MTFT 49.00 € Buy now
11370.01 Weatherproof version for mast mount, max. 60 mm mast diameter 68.00 € Buy now
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You are looking for "Magnetic Balun" (UnUn) with higher power? With the Kelemen Dipoles we have an UnUn with up to 2kW max. power load"

MTFT Multi

New version of MTFT with three different transforming ratios for even more experimental fun. Including mast clamp, for max. mast diameter 60mm.

Order No.
11370.MULTI Watherproof, mast mount 91.00 € Buy now
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Kelemen Baluns

Our baluns have a bolted, clear polycarbonate case and are not filled with insulating plastic like other baluns. This makes the production of these baluns much more expensive, also because we still have to make the baluns weather resistant, but this method has a clear benefit: In case of an 'accident' you can fix the balun yourself. And it is much lighter than other, conventional baluns. Each balun has a hook formounting and is equipped with a PL socket.

Balun 1kW
Transmission ratio Impedance Power Application Order No. Price  
1:1 50 Ω 1kW (CW) Dipole 11530.1.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:2 100 Ω 1kW (CW) Loop 11530.2.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:4 200 Ω 1kW (CW) Folded Dipole 11530.4.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:6 300 Ω 1kW (CW) Windom 11530.6.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:9 500 Ω 1kW (CW) T2FD 11530.9.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:1 50 Ω 2kW (CW) Dipole 11530.1.2000 79.00 € Buy now
1:2 100 Ω 2kW (CW) Loop 11530.2.2000 79.00 € Buy now
1:4 200 Ω 2kW (CW) Folded Dipole 11530.4.2000 79.00 € Buy now
1:6 300 Ω 2kW (CW) Windom 11530.6.2000 79.00 € Buy now
1:9 500 Ω 2kW (CW) T2FD 11530.9.2000 79.00 € Buy now
1:9 unun / 450 Ω 20W Longwire 11535.20 42.00 € Buy now
1:9 unun / 450 Ω 1kW Longwire 11535.1000 67.00 € Buy now
1:9 unun / 450 Ω 2kW Longwire 11535.2000 79.00 € Buy now
Balun 2kW

Universal mount for baluns

Universal Mount for 1KW Baluns
For easy installation of baluns on a horizontal or vertical tube up to 50 mm diameter. Solid aluminium plate, complete with 3 sets of U bolts and mounting hardware, all stainless steel. Of course also suitable for other baluns with max. 50 mm diameter.

Order No.
11538 Balun Mount 19.50 € Buy now
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Common mode filter 1,8 to 30 MHz

Common Mode Filter (Choke) Common Mode Filter (Choke)

Useful to reduce common mode currents (and thereby reducing TVI/BCI) on coax feed lines. Much higher inductivity and better efficiency than a cable coil. Weatherproof sealed case, connector PL. Best used right at the antenna feed point.
Note:Max. power load is relative to use at 50 Ω systems. When used behind a tuner with higher voltages use model with higher power load.

Order No.
11368 200 Watt SSB/CW 45.00 € Buy now
11368.01 1000 Watt SSB/CW 59.50 € Buy now
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Coax-Common mode filter

Powerful common mode filter for use directly after the station or the amplifier in the shack.
For additional protection against rain, this lock can also be used at the antenna. The filter uses RG-213/U and a number of ferrite cores to block standing waves directly at the station.
Capacity up to max. 1500W, length 1m, 2x PL-plug, 1x PL-double female included.

Order No.
11540 Coax-Common mode filter 44.00 € Buy now
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Slingshot for easy hanging of wire antennas

The EZ-HANG slingshot is the only quality steel constructed slingshot with a patented design. The unique EZ-HANG attaches a quality fishing reel in front, which enables the user to shoot a line 100 feet or more (both horizontally and vertically) with a single shot!

The EZ-HANG shoots a 1 oz. bright yellow weight with a quick disconnect clip attached to 300 feet of 10-lb. test monofilament line. Once you make a shot, disconnect the weight and clip on the yellow nylon rope provided, reel it back, then pull up your antenna.

  • Comes with:
  • Slingshot incl. 100m nylon line
  • Reel with 150m red Nylon rope
  • 5 pcs. weigths

Bild EZhang EZ-Hang
Order No.
EZHANG Slingshot 148.40 € Buy now
EZHANG-BAND Rubber band replacement 8.90 € Buy now
EZHANG-GEW 4 pcs weights replacement 8.90 € Buy now
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Download: Instructions EZHang (PDF, DE/EN, 600KB)

Antenna wires

High Grade Antenna Wire Silver coated with steel center

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Excellent Conductivity
  • More Power
  • Larger Bandwidth

The HFW-2 is a high quality antenna wire for the construction of antennas. Whether you want to build a dipole, a wire beam, a long wire, a quad or a Deltaloop - with this strand can solve many of the usual problems.

HFW-2 is stranded on a stainless steel core with 1.5 mm Ø. It is a silver-coated copper mesh with 2.1 mm outer diameter. Due to the steel core in a very high tensile strength, such measures can also be very long, free-hanging antennas as Beverages, dipoles etc. taut tension. The silver-coated copper braid provides excellent conductivity. This helps especially at the dipole center, where high currents can occur at high power.

In contrast of other 'premium" wires with smaller diameters the HFW-2 strand is made ​much more robust and is, for example, also used in military antennas. The larger diameter provides larger bandwidths with dipole antennas. The silver coating of dense copper braiding provides excellent conductivity in order to handle higher power.

The outer jacket is made of a special UV-resistant PVC with 3 mm outer diameter.

All in all, the HFW-2 wire is an excellent alternative "Made in Europe" to other antenna wires. Durable, high tensile strength, weather proof, high power, relatively easy - better an antenna wire hardly be.

Technical Data HFW-2
Steel Core Diameter 1.5 mm Ø
Material 49 x 0.18 mm CrNiMo 1712 - UNI 6900/71
Copper Braid Diameter 2.1 mm Ø
Material 49 x 0.15 mm Cu, silver coated
Temperature Range -100 to +155°C
Weight 22g/m
DC Resistance 30 Ω/1000m
Breaking Load 1170 N
23060, 23060.D

For fastening of the HFW-2 wire we recommend stainless steel clamps, WiMo article 23060.xx.

Order No.
40053 HFW-2 Litz Wire per meter 2.30 € Buy now
23060 Simplex Clamp 3mm, Stainless Steel 1.10 € Buy now
23060.D Duplex Clamp 3mm, Stainless Steel 1.99 € Buy now
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Order No.
ZG40053-1 HFW-2 MK2 Länge / length 6m 12.42 € Buy now
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Download: Application hints (PDF, EN, 136KB)

Video HFW-2 Wire

Steel braid Antenna Wire

Antenna wire

Highly flexible antenna wire, braided steel, with transparent PVC coating, 1.5mm² area, outer diameter 3mm.

Order No.
40050 Steelwire per Meter 0.60 € Buy now
40050.025 Steel wire 25m 12.80 € Buy now
40050.050 Steel wire 50m 25.70 € Buy now
40050.100 Steel wire 100m 45.00 € Buy now
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Order No.
ZG40050-1 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 20m 10.80 € Buy now
ZG40050-2 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 90m 48.60 € Buy now
ZG40050-3 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 19m 10.20 € Buy now
ZG40050-4 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 18m 9.70 € Buy now
ZG40050-7 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 6m 3.00 € Buy now
ZG40050-8 Antennenlitze Stahl verz. Länge 9m 4.86 € Buy now
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Copper braid Antenna Wire

Braided copper wire, PVC insulated, black or transparent. Lightweight, but less tensile strength as steel.

Order No.
40051.05 Copper, 0.5mm2, 2 mm diameter, transparent, per meter 0.40 € Buy now
40051.15SW Copper, 1.5mm2, 2.6 mm diameter, black, per meter 0.50 € Buy now
40051.15 Copper, 1.5mm2, 2.6 mm diameter, transparent, per meter 0.50 € Buy now
40051.25 Copper, 2.5mm2, 3.2 mm diameter, transparent, per meter 0.90 € Buy now
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Order No.
ZG40051.15.2 Antennenlitze Kupfer PVC klar Länge 3,5m 1.50 € Buy now
ZG40051.15.4 Antennenlitze Kupfer PVC klar Länge 3m 1.30 € Buy now
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Order No.
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Order No.
ZG40051.25.2 Antennenlitze Kupfer klar 2.5qmm 15m 12.15 € Buy now
ZG40051.25.3 Antennenlitze Kupfer klar 2.5qmm 5,5m 4.40 € Buy now
ZG40051.25.4 Antennenlitze Kupfer klar 2.5qmm 4,5m 3.60 € Buy now
ZG40051.25.5 Antennenlitze Kupfer klar 2.5qmm 3,5m 2.80 € Buy now
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Antenna insulators

Bild Ceramic-Isolator new

Ceramic insulator for wire antennas
61 mm long, 25 mm diameter, weight 60g, hole diameter 7mm.

Order No.
30020 Ceramic insulator 1.34 ( 1.30) 1.50 € Buy now
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Antenna insulators

Insulator for wire antennas, black plastic, UV resistant

30021 Rod Insulator
Insulator Egg 30018, 30019 Insulator 'Egg'
Order No.
30018 Insulator 'Egg' 38 mm 1.00 € Buy now
30019 Insulator 'Egg' 68 mm 1.20 € Buy now
30021 Rod Insulator 1.90 € Buy now
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Parallel feed line 450 Ohm / Twinlead


See Antenna feed lines

Spreader for parallel wires


For do-it-yourself parallel feedlines. Distance approx. 85mm, for wires with 1.5mm² cross section. Pack of 50 pieces.

Order No.
30025 Pack of 50 pcs spreader, 85 mm 8.90 € Buy now
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