HF wire antennas and accessories

We have a new page for wire antennas and dipole accessories such as braids, baluns, standing wave traps and etc.

W-815 80/15/10m Dipole

Sketch W-815

Ideally for the new (german) entry class license - a new threeband dipole for use on three of the four assigned bands for German license calls "E". This antenna helps with getting your feet wet on shortwave with minimal investments.
The antenna has four traps and is similar to a W3DZZ design. The wire is made of strong, plastic (PVC) coated steel braid. Length of antenna approx. 35m and come complete assembled incl. balun, weight 1.2kg. Max. power is 200 W SSB/CW. Can also be mounted as Inverted Vee. Connector is a PL jack (female) on the balun.

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11356 W-815 80/15/10m Dipole 139.00 € Buy now
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W-1610 160/80/15/10m Dipole

Sketch W-1610 Dipole

Similar to W-815, but for all 4 bands allowed to German class "E": 160/80/15/10m.

Length approx. 45m, includes Balun, max 200" SSB/SW.
The antenna weighs approx. 2.5kg. When the antenna is supported only at the ends the pull forces can become very high. Therefore it is recommended to install this dipole as an inverted Vee (supported from the middle) or to install an additional support in the middle as well.

The bandwidth of this antenna on 80m is approx. 150-200 kHz (SWR < 2), on 160m it's about 40-50 kHz; to use the entire 160m band a tuner is required.

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11355 W-1610 160/80/15/10m Dipole 209.00 € Buy now
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Diamond W-8010 Double Dipole Kit, 5 Bands

Diamond W-8010 Dipole

Shortened 5 band double dipole for 10, 15, 20, 40 80m. Total length 19.2m makes it suitable for smaller spaces. Each band can be adjusted individually. Includes all traps and insulators as well as a wideband balun BU-50A, connector PL. Max. power load 1200 PEP, weight 2.5 kg.

Diamond W-8010 Dipole
Order No.
11360 W-8010 Double Dipole 80/40/20/15/10 129.00 € Buy now
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Diamond W-735 Dipole 80/40

Dipole 3.5/7 MHz Diamond W-735 Diamond W-735

Kit for a shortened dual band dipole for 80 and 40m. Length 26m, includes balun BU-50A, weight 1.9kg. Max. power 1200W. Each band can be adjusted individually.

Order No.
11359 W-735 Dipole Kit 80/40m 89.00 € Buy now
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Diamond W-735 Dipole

G5RV Antenna 6-Band (160-10m), 5-Band (80-10m) or 4-Band (40-10m)

G5RV Dipole

Clever antenna for all bands 80 to 10m (or 40 to 10m, or 160 to 10m), consist of a 31m long dipole which is fed with a 10m long parallel feed line. At the end of the parallel feed (450 Ω) any length of coax can be used (balun version required).
SWR on amateur bands is between 1:1 and 1:4, so a tuner is required. The internal tuners of many radios are usually sufficient. Works with reduced efficiency also on WARC bands.
Max. power load 1KW SSB/CW, come complete with parallel wire fed, PVBC coated antenna wire.
If you have the space the G5RV (40m or 80m version) can be used in conjunction with our fibre glass mast 1833x. Just hang one side (the hot side) of the antenna down that mast, the other (cold) side is used as a radial. The ladder feedline is also fed sideways, like a second radial.

Order No. Article Bands Length Length feedline Balun Price
11388 G5RV 6-Band 160-10m 63m 19,50m without 104.00 € Buy now
11385 G5RV 5-Band 80-10m 31m 9,50m without 95.00 € Buy now
11385.01 G5RV 5 Band 80-10m 31m 9,50m with 1:1 balun 119.00 € Buy now
11387 G5RV 4-Band 40-10m 16m 4,80m without 69.00 € Buy now
11387.01 G5RV 4 Band 40-10m 16m 4,80m with 1:1 balun 89.00 € Buy now

Windom antenna

Windom antenna

Well renowned antenna for the harmonic bands 80, 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10m. Somewhat more bandwidth then a dipole, good SWR on all bands. At space restricted environments the antenna can be installed at an angle or non straight layout. Antenna wire of PVC coated steel wire. Includes balun 1:6, max, power load 200 or 1000 Watt SSB/CW, connector PL. The balun is located at one third of the antenna length.

The windom antennas for 160-10m and 80-10m can be extended to work on 30/15m by adding two simple wires.
The length of the wires is 9,5m for the longer part and 4,8m for the shorter part, incl. the loops for the end isolators. The new wires are connected to the balun in parallel to the existing wires and should be installed as far apart from the existing wires. Either sloped to the bottom like an inverted Vee or to the sides, forming a crossed dipole.

Windom Antenne
Order No.
11380.80 Length 42m, for 80/40/20/17/12/10m, 200 W 69.00 € Buy now
11380.80H Length 42m, for 80/40/20/17/12/10m, 1000 W 95.00 € Buy now
11380.160 Length 78m, for 160/80/40/20/17/12/10m, 200 W 99.00 € Buy now
11380.160H Length 78m, for 160/80/40/20/17/12/10m, 1000 W 125.00 € Buy now
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Download: Datasheet Windom Antennas (PDF, DE/EN, 25KB)

City Windom Antenna

Innovative Windom antenna with feed at the end!

City-Windoms have in contrast to the most end-feed antennas no high imedance and frequency dependent matching circuit at the feed. Physically the antenna is with a end feet but electrically the antenna is center fed like a normal windom antenna. They thus behave like Windom Antenna: Resonant on 80/40/20/17/12/10m, low impedance, undisturbed pattern. The antennas need no anchor point in the middle! So you can just go from the window of an opposite point (tree or house, etc.).

The 'big' City Windom has a total length of 40m and works on the bands 80/40/20/17/12/10m without tuner; operating on 15m is like any Windom antenna with compromises and tuner possible. The smaller model has a length of 20m and covers bands 40/20/10m without tuner, 17/12m with tuner.

Supplied complete with insulator 'egg' for suspension, 1:6 balun, standing wave trap at the entry point and 5m cable with PL connector.
The antennas can be loaded with max. 100 W PEP and weight is 1.6 kg.

Order No.
11395.80 City-Windom 80-10m, 100 W 114.00 € Buy now New
11395.40 City-Windom 40-10m, 100 W 109.00 € Buy now New
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Download: Datasheet City-Windom 80-10m (PDF, EN, 400KB)
Download: Datasheet City-Windom 40-10m (PDF, EN, 270KB)

W3DZZ 80m/40m

W3DZZ Antenne

Trap dipole for 80 and 40m. Length 34m, with sealed balun, connector PL, max. power load 200 W SSB/CW.

Order No.
11375 W3DZZ 80m/40m 115.00 € Buy now
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Short W3DZZ

Due to a very large L/C ratio the outer wires for 80m can be shortened much more than usual. The inner part for 40m remains unchanged, giving you full bandwidth. The price to pay for the shorter antenna is a limited bandwidth on 80m, approx. 110 kHz at SWR < 1:2. So if you have limited space and if you can live with good SWR only on a part of the band this shortened W3DZZ is for you.
Otherwise the construction is the same as the usual W3DZZ. Total length 24,80m, optimal band center SWR is adjusted by changing the outer wire length. Steel wire with clear plastic coating

Order No.
11375.K W3DZZ Dipole (Short) 80/40m 125.00 € Buy now
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W3DZZ+5 Wire Antenna 10-80m, 1000 Watt


Trap dipole for 80m,40m,20m,15m und 10m. Length 36m, with sealed balun, connector PL, max. power load 1000 W SSB/CW (300 W at 40m).

The 1/4λ transformer ensures that the antenna is resonant in addition to a conventional W3DZZ on 14 MHz. Between the transformer and the trap is a short piece of cable, which acts as capacitance. Thereby a resonances can be reached at 15m and 10m.

Order No.
11376 W3DZZ+5 5-Band Dipole 155.00 € Buy now
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W-210 Trap Dipole

W-210 Dipol

Shortened trap dipole for 10, 15, 20m. Length 8m, well suitable as a vacation antenna. Weight only 0.9kg, ideal companion to W3DZZ. Comes completely assembled, including sealed balun, connector PL, max. power load 200 Watt SSB/CW.

Order No.
11357 W-210 Trap Dipole 20/15/10 119.00 € Buy now
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W-312 WARC Dipole 30/17/12m

W-312 Dipole

Shortened WARC dipole (12, 17, 30m), length 11m, weight 1.1kg, ideal companion to W-210 dipole.
Comes completely assembled, including sealed balun, connector PL, max. power load 200 Watt SSB/CW.

Order No.
11358 W-312 WARC Dipole 30/17/12m 119.00 € Buy now
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T2FD wire antenna


Antenna with T2FD design: universal antennas for radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and commercial services. Very large bandwidth between 2 and 30MHz.
When installed straight these antennas have a directional pattern similar to a dipole. Installed as inverted Vee a nearly omni directional pattern results. Includes balun, 50 Ω, connector PL, insulators, no cable.

WD-330J: Length 25m, 150 W PEP, SWR 2-18 MHz: better than als 2:1, 18-30 MHz: better than 3:1.

WD-330S: Like WD-330J, but only 10m long.

Order No.
11350.J WD-330J, 25m long 145.00 € Buy now
11350.S WD-330S, 10m long 176.00 € Buy now
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Diamond BB-6 W Wideband wire antenna

Short wide-band antenna 2-30 MHz
Works with the same principle as the Diamond BB-7V vertical antenna.
The SWR above 3MHz depends on the surroundings and is 2:1 or better. On some bands a simple antenna tuner is required, the built-in tuners of most radio usually suffice. The antenna is a wide band antenna and works on all amateur bands and outside of them as well. Simple installation, no tuning required. COnnector PL female. Weight 0.8Kg. The BB-6 W antenna is just 6.4m long and takes max. 250 W PEP. Of course also useable as receive-only antenna which requires no tuner. Includes insulators and 2x 5m nylon rope.

Diamond BB-6 W comes incl. Nylon rope
Order No.
11352 BB-6 W Wideband wire antenna 169.00 € Buy now
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Chameleon Hybrid Series

Chameleon Hybrid Base

The HYBRID-Series is a new development of Chameleon. The base is fully compatible with almost any previous and future products.
The headstone is the base, which with various antenna configurations from 160m to 6m operates at a maximum power of 800W.

Here some configurations with the HYBRID-Series:

  1. HYBRID-Base with end feed wire (included in delivery)
    The HYBRID End Fed antenna configuration covers 160 to 6 meters without any gaps.
    The HYBRID End Fed is perfect for apartments, condominiums, homeowners associations, deed restrictions, field day operation, portable installation, stationary vehicular installation and many more.
    The base does not require grounding, but e generally grounding will be helpfull for every antenna construction.
    The wire must not be in a line, you can use configuration types like vertical, sloper, horizontal, inverted "L", inverted "V", zig-zagged, etc...

  2. HYBRID-Base with mobile antenna
    On the base you can use every mobile antenna with a 3/8" connector.
    When the whip alone is not adjustable, then this is the perfect complement for this.
    The base has on the bottom a 3/8" bolt and can be placed directly on existing feet.
  3. HYBRID-Base with vertikal whip
    Well suited for this purpose, the base is perfect
    In confined spaces remain vertical antennas are often the only way to be QRV.
    In conjunction with the Chameleon MIL whip antenna you have a vertical for the 160m - 6m with only 3m length.

  4. HYBRID-Basis mit Dipolantennen
    Of course, the base is also used to connect various dipole antennas.
    Depending on the building height and building form of either a steep or radiation, the typical dipole characteristic is achieved.
    Various design sketches are shown at the bottom of the page.
Order No.
11458 Chameleon Hybrid with Base 265.00 € Buy now
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Chameleon EMCOMM II

Chameleon EMCOMM II

A slightly different form of hybrid is the Chameleon Emcomm II.
The Emcomm II is a portable antenna, which can also be very good to use as a base station antenna. With the large frequency range of 1.8 - 54MHz, this antenna covers all shortwave bands completely. At the Emcomm II a 18m wire already connected. In contrast to the hybrid, mobile Whips etc. can not be mounted. For easy installation, the balun has on the top a ring terminal with a snap hook which serves simultaneously as a tension relief for the radiator. On the bottom there is a PL-jack for the coaxial cable and an additional screw with wing nut for a ground connection.
The antenna can be built in different variants to the optimal use of (non) available space. At the same time you can also influence the emission behavior of the Emcomm II by these different structure types.
The Emcomm II supports up to 500 W PEP (250 W CW). Depending on the configuration, a tuner is required. The built-in tuner in transceivers are fully sufficient here.

Order No.
11456 Chameleon Emcomm II 138.00 € Buy now
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Accessories Chameleon Antennas

Suitable accessories and mounting material like mobile bases, magnet bases, heavy duty antenna springs etc. are on the page Accessories for HF Mobile Antennas.

Wideband longwire antenna


Consists of PVC coated copper wire with 20 or 40m length, two insulators, all required hardware plus a MTFT magnetic balun in weatherproof case. Due to the balun the antenna can be fed with coax of any length. This reduces local interferences much better than with other end fed antennas. Max. power load 150 Watt.

Order No.
11372.20 with 20m antenna wire 85.00 € Buy now
11372.40 with 40m antenna wire 94.00 € Buy now
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