KG-UV9D Wouxun Portable Dualband Radio

Wouxun KG-UV9 Nouveau

The WOuxun KG-UV9D is a very robust and compact dualband handheld radio for VHF and UHF. As usual with Wouxun radios, the KG-UV9D is very feature-rich at an afordable price. In contrast to the earlier model, the receiver has been extended to cover the airband in AM and FM as well as other VHF/UHF ranges in FM. The KG-UV9D is a real dualband radio, i.e. it has two independent receivers. This allows the simultaneous monitoring of (for example) the 2m repeater as well as the local club frequency on 70cm.

The frequency range of the KG-UV9D covers the ham radio bands 2m and 70cm (TX and Rx), a frequency extension is possible. The max. transmit power is 5 W on VHF and 4 W on UHF. Power supply comes from a LiIon rechargeable battery with 7.4V and 2000mAh capacity. 999 memories are more than sufficient to organize all your favorite frequencies, and of course you can name the memories with alpha-numeric labels.

A highlight of the KG-UV9D is the huge colour LC display. A clearly structured display helps with daily operation, and also the setup is very easy to handle. Large and solid keys make operationg very simple, at the side of the radio are three freely programmable function keys. The connectors for microphone and/or headset are the same as before (the same as kenwood uses since many years), so the same microphone or headset accessories can be used with the new radio. The antenna socket is a standard SMA socket. That allows us to offer a huge selection of additional antennas, for example those made by Diamond.

  • Technical featurs and data KG-UV9D
  • Dualband radio, 144-146 & 430-440MHz
  • FM Radio receiver (WFM) 76-108 MHz
  • AM/FM Reception 118-136 MHz
  • FM Reception 136-174 MHz
  • FM Reception 230-250 MHz
  • FM Reception 350-512 MHz
  • FM Reception 700-985 MHz
  • Max. 5 W TX power on 2m
  • Max. 4 W TX power on 70cm
  • Mode FM (F3E) wide/narrow selectable for 12.5 kHz
  • Channel spacing 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 100 kHz
  • 999 memories for repeater and simplex frequencies
  • Large, backlit colour LC display
  • VOX feature
  • DTMF function for Echolink
  • CTCSS/DCS selective calling
  • 1750 Hz tone call
  • Various scan functions, incl. CTCSS/DCS
  • Standard SMA antenna socket
  • Size 125 x 61 x 34 mm (without antenna)
  • Weight 490 g
  • Included in shipment is:
  • Wouxun KG-UV9D Transceiver
  • Rechargeable LiIon battery 7.4V / 2000mAh
  • Desktop charger with power supply
  • Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Printed user manual (german, english)
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Accessories KG-UV9D

KG-PCO Programming Cable USB 19.00 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
KG-HCO Headset 14.50 € Acheter Pas de stock, expedition le 06. Mar. 2017
KG-SPO Loudspeaker/Microphone 14.50 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
42873 Adapter SMA male/N female 8.30 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
42874 Adapter SMA male/PL female 6.10 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
SMC-32 Kenwood Handmike/Loudspeaker combo 45.00 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
SMC-34 Kenwood Handmike/Loudspeaker combo with volume control 59.50 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
MS-109K Handmike/Loudspeaker combo 14.50 € Acheter En stock, expedié sous 1 à 2 jours.
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Diamond Accessory for Wouxun handheld radios.

Diamond offers a wide range of antennas, loudspeakers and earphone/microphone combinations, available for the Wouxun handheld radios too.

SMA Device Antennas

We have a separate page for the SMA device antennas by Diamond.