X1M 5-Band QRP Transceiver Kit PLATINUM Edition

The X1M is a small 5-band QRP transceiver for 80/40/20/15/10m for SSB and CW with 5 watts output power. The device has a continous receive coverage from 0.1 to 30MHz.

X1M 5-Band QRP-Transceiver Kit

X1M X1M Front

The transmitter is continous up to 30MHz 'in principle', but there are harmonic filters only for the bands 80/40/20/15/10m. For operation outside of these bands a separate (external) low-pass filter is required.

The supply voltage ranges from 9.6V to 14.5V. While receive, the small radio needs only 350mA, in the case of transmission the power consumption goes up to max. 1200mA.

An automatic CW keyer is built in to the X1M. 2x32 memory channels and a backlight simplify the operation not only in portable use. In addition, the controls can be locked against accidental operation.

A built-in CAT interface makes the X1M also suitable for automatic logging and control. The serial interface (9pin Sub-D) on the rear supplies TTL level(!) signals. An optional interface provides a level converter to RS-232 levels. The interface emulates an Icom radio (IC-718) and can therefore be used with almost any logbook program.

The receiver sensitivity is better than 0.45 µV.


  • Modes: USB, LSB, CW
  • Receive bandwidth: 2.2kHz
  • max. 5Watt Output
  • 2 VFO
  • 2x32 Memory Channels
  • Split-Mode
  • integrated CW-Keyer (Lambic Mode A)
  • integrated Preamplifier
  • SO-239 Connector
  • Dimensions 97x40x155mm
  • Weight 650g

The kit has no CE mark after completion. The finished device may therefore be operated only by licensed radio amateurs.

X1M X1M Kit

The transceiver is supplied as an almost-finished kit. All components are fully populated. It must be mounted a printed circuit board, as well as front panel and the operating buttons are growing. The assembly time is about 10 minutes.

Included in Shipment

  • Circuit Board with Display Unit
  • Faceplate, cover for rotary encoder
  • Mounting screws
  • Hand Microphone
  • 3.5 mm jack for Morse Key
  • DC-connector
  • Manual

X1M Firmware update

Here you get the firmware update and the instructions in English for the X1M. The program is in Chinese, please read careful the instruction!

The CAT-Interface is needed for the update!

Normally, Windows will detect the driver for the USB-CAT interface automatically through Windows Update and install them. If this does not work/fails you can use the driver provided here.

X1M Transceiver now including USB-CAT and programming cable

When buying a X1M Miniature Transceivers you receive a free USB CAT and programming cable! You save 25,00 Euro!

Simply put the X1M into the shopping basket, the WiMo webshop will automatically add the cable.

X1M including X1M.CAT-U 354,00€ 329,00€

Order No.
X1M X1M 5-Band QRP Transceiver Kit 329.00 € Buy now
X1M.CAT-U CAT-Interface for X1M (USB) 25.00 € Buy now New

Video: How to assemble the X1M


From time to time there are rumors about a 'X1M MK2'.
What is it?
A new development. The unit will have 20 watts of output power and the 6m band is added. Further details are not yet known. The device should be mid-late 2014 ... available, and cost about twice as much as the current model X1M PRO.

Helpful tool for a.m. USB CAT cable: FindComPort - an Utility to find virtual COM ports which haven't been recognized by the CAT software.

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