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Yaesu FT-1XDE


The transceiver Yaesu FT-1XDE is a dual band device for 144/430 MHz with the new C4FM/FDMA digital mode.

The great strength of this radio is in the data transfer. With a transmission rate of 9600bps in C4FM FDMA digital mode with a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz, a even greater amount of data can be transferred.

Among the digital voice transmission is a strong error correction to take a proper understanding without annoying dropouts.

The FT-1XDE supports 3 Digital and 1 Analog Mode.

  • The V/D mode transmits voice and data at the same time slot. In this time slot in addition to the voice data, the GPS data, the ID data is sent together. These data includes the call data for error correction and stabilize the Voice transmission. The V/D Mode is the basic mode in C4FM FDMA digital amateur radio
  • The Data FR Mode is for full rate Data Transmission. The transfer of large amounts of data such as text messages, pictures and voice notes is in this mode done at twice the speed compared to the V/D mode.
  • The Voice FR Mode use the full rate for Voice Transmission in high quality. Thus, the transmission does sound very clearly and naturally.
  • In addition to the digital mode, the FT-1XDE can also analog FM. This mode allows the normal FM operation.

The new FT-1XDE has an automatic mode switching. The received mode is then automatically transferred.

The Receiver offers more than just a receiver for 144/430 MHz. So a broadband receiver with a frequency range from 504 kHz to 999.900 MHz in AM/FM is integrated. Besides the actual handheld transceiver you have also the same as a radio receiver in the luggage.
Also the developer from Yaesu has integrated a GPS-Receiver. Smart navigation is also possible, as APRS operation. In addition, the data from the GPS as well as images, and memory settings can be stored on a memory card in the SD card slot.

The Transmitter works on 2m and 70cm with an output power of max. 5W, which can be reduced to 2.5W, 1 W and 100mW.
Besides the Display the keypad also is illuminated.
Most functions can be called directly. For the deeper features an easy to understand menu will help you.

Differences between FT-1DE, FT-1XDE
Since autumn 2015 Yaesu has introduced the new revision FT-1XDE. The differences to the earlier available FT-1DE are an improved GPS receiver with 66 channels, which offers a shorter time to first fix (TTF). The included battery was upgraded to the larger SBR-14LI, and a new belt clip is included.

  • Features:
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • illuminated Keyboard
  • Real Dualband Function (V+V, U+U, V+U)
  • Automatic Mode Selection
  • Snapshot Function (with MH-85A11U)
  • Bandscope
  • Broadband Receiver
  • integrated GPS Receiver
  • 1200/9600bps APRS
  • Smart Navigation
  • 1266 Memory channels
  • Scanner
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Slot for Micro-SD
  • Included in shipment:
  • Yaesu FT-D1E
  • Battery SBR-14LI, 7.2V, 2200mAh
  • PC Connection USB cable SCU-19
  • Belt clip
  • Duoband Antenna
  • Manual
  • Charger

Ordine No.
FT-1XDE Yaesu FT-1XDE C4FM FDMA Duoband handheld radio (Black) 355.00 € Ordina
99FREQKLEIN Frequency Range Modification 12.70 € Ordina
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Accessori FT-1XDE

Ordine No.
SF-FT1 Screen protector 8.50 € Ordina Nuovo
ADMS-FT1D Programming kit for FT-1DE 44.90 € Ordina
CD-41 Quick charger 19.50 € Ordina
CSC-97 Protective bag 15.20 € Ordina
CT-168 Yaesu Cloning Cable 20.90 € Ordina
CT-169 Data cable D-Sub 9-Pin 38.20 € Ordina
CT-44 mikrophone adapter 10.20 € Ordina
EDC-6 DC-Cable 6.40 € Ordina
FBA-39 Battery case 3x AA 27.30 € Ordina
FNB-101LI Li-Ion Battery 7,4V 1100mAh 56.10 € Ordina
FNB-102.01 Li-Ion Battery 7,4V 2000mAh 37.50 € Ordina
MH-34B4B Speaker mikrophone 24.50 € Ordina
MH-85A11U Speaker mikrophone with Camera 125.40 € Ordina
EM-100V Earset/neck microphone with 2x PTT 25.00 € Ordina
EM-200V In-Ear Microphone/Earset with PTT 27.00 € Ordina
HE-57V Earphone with strap 8.50 € Ordina
PA-48C Charger 12.80 € Ordina
SBR-14LI Li-Ion Battery 2200mAh 74.90 € Ordina
SCU-19 PC Connection Cable USB [1] 85.60 € Ordina
SDD-13 DC cable for cigar lighter with filter 27.80 € Ordina
SSM-57A Earphone microphone combination 23.50 € Ordina
SSM-63A YAESU Headset 49.50 € Ordina
42854 Adapter SMA/BNC Connector 6.80 € Ordina
42854.01 Special Adapter SMA/BNC Connector 7.80 € Ordina
42854.02 Antenna Adapter SMA/BNC black 11.40 € Ordina
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[1] The software ADMS-6 for the FT-1DE is available as a free download at www.yaesu.com. Please select Products → VHF/UHF Handhelds → FT-1DR → Files. Since the link changes from time to time we cannot provide a direct link. ☹

SHB-11 SHB-11 belt clip
Yaesu MH-85A11U