Yaesu Radios Portables (Sinopsis)

FT-2DE Nuevo

Yaesu FT-2DE

395.00 €


Yaesu FT-1DE

295.00 €


Yaesu FT-252E

74.50 €


Yaesu FT-270E

119.00 €


Yaesu VX-8GE


Los equipos fijos Yaesu (HF, VHF) estan aquí.
Los equipos portables estan aquí.

Accessories Yaesu Handheld Radios

Articulo No. Radio
FBA-25 VX-110/VX-150 Battery box 6xAA 10.90 € Comprar
FBA-21 FT-50 etc. Battery box 28.50 € Comprar
FNB-41.02 FT-50 Noname battery NiMH 9,6V / 900mAh 33.90 € Comprar
FNB-38.01 FT-51 Noname battery 9,6V / 700mAh 41.00 € Comprar
FNB-82LI VX-2E Yaesu Battery 3,6V/1 Ah 30.00 € Comprar
FNB-82.01 VX-2E NoName Battery 3,6V/1 Ah 24.50 € Comprar
CSC-88 VX-7 Yaesu Protection Case 10.90 € Comprar
CT-27 VX-1/2/3/5, FT-150, FT-51, VX-110/150 Cloning Cable 12.00 € Comprar
CT-44 FT-60/VX-2/3/5, VX-110/150 Microphone adaptor for older mics 8.90 € Comprar
CD-15A VX-5/6/7 Desktop charger 17.50 € Comprar
FBA-23 VX-5/6/7 Battery box 22.50 € Comprar
FNB-80LI VX-5/6/7 etc. Batería Yaesu Li-ION 7.4V / 1250mAh 54.00 € Comprar
FNB-80.01 VX-5/6/7 etc. Batería 'sin nombre' Li-ION 7.4V / 1400mAh 29.80 € Comprar
MH-73A4B VX-120/170/177 Water protected Loudspeaker/Microphone combo 43.00 € Comprar
SDD-13 various DC charging cable for cigar lighter 25.50 € Comprar
EDC-6 diverse DC cable 5.50 € Comprar
EDC-21 diverse DC cable 33.50 € Comprar
MH-34B4B diverse Loudspeaker/Microphone combo 23.50 € Comprar
SSM-57A diverse Small Earphone/Microphone combo 29.00 € Comprar
MS-109Y diverse Loudspeaker/Microphone combo 15.00 € Comprar
SU-1 VX-7 Barometer unit 42.50 € Comprar
SSM-63A YAESU Headset 48.50 € Comprar
42854.01 diverse SMA(m)/BNC(f) Adaptor, very short 7.80 € Comprar
13200.SMA Telescopic Antenna 2m, SMA, λ/4 10.80 € Comprar
PA-48C Wall Charger for FT-817, VX-5R (ex NC-72C) 11.70 € Comprar
VX7-CABLE Cable para VX-6/7 4.90 € Comprar
SSM-57A Pequeno auricular FT60E/VX-3E/VX-8GE 29.00 € Comprar
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Frequency Extension for Radios

Please note:
All radios supplied by WiMo normally cover only the amateur bands (transmit wise).

The frequency extension of a radio (TX open) is done on explicit request by the customer.

Amateur Radio transceivers are usually not specified for use outside the amateur bands. In some cases the radio and especially the final amplifier or output filters can be damaged when transmitting outside the amateur bands. These damages are not covered by any warranty.

The manufacturer warranty might be voided in some cases as well.