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YAESU VR-120D communications receiver

Bild VR-120

For the monitoring professional who's on the go, the VR-120D Hand-held Receiver is the ideal choice! Featuring wide-band AM/FM coverage from 100 kHz up to 1300 MHz (cellular blocked), rugged construction, and amazing ease of operation, the VR-120D provides up to 640 memory channels, so you can store all your favorite stations, whether they're on shortwave, local AM broadcast, or FM public service frequencies! Optional external DC input.

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VR-120D VR-120D Scanner 119.00 € Buy now
CT-35 Cloning cable for VR-120/VR-500 10.50 € Buy now
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Accessories VR-120D

Several wide band scanner antennas are available as accessories, see Scanner antennas.