WiMo Yagis for 2m and 70cm

WiMo-Yagis DK7ZB design
No-Compromise Electrical and Mechanical Technology.

Our Yagi antennas are made by WiMo, "Made in Germany". This means:

  • Immediately available ex works
  • German and english documentation
  • No worries about spare parts
  • Support directly from the manufacturer
  • Special versions possible

Design principles:

4x WY214, 4x WY7023, 4x SHF 2367 at DLØWIM
  • Maximum possible gain at high bandwidth and good side lobe attenuation as well as good f/b ratio. These antennas offer the ultimate performance for the serious V/UHF ham operator for DX and all transmission modes. The basis for the antennas has been designed with the xxNEC computer simulation programs and have been verified by many real-life trials + tests.
  • Design optimized for current:
    The inner electrical signature of the perfect yagi asks for homogenous current distribution from the active element to the tip of the antenna. Our yagis were optimized for an ideal current distribution profile. "Older" concepts display sudden current "jumps" between antenna elements which leads to reduced gain and bad side lobe attenuation and low f/b ratio.
  • Minimum number of elements
    Other comparable types of yagis require 2-3 elements more and consequently introduce more losses. Keep in mind: Antenna gain mainly depends on the boom length of the antenna and not so much on the number of antenna elements!
  • Broadband elements
    The elements used consist of high conductive aluminum material with a diameter of 8 mm. This represents the best compromise of minimizing losses on one hand and resulting wind loads on the other hand. When using thin antenna elements additional losses are being introduced as well as the significant effect of the skin effect in V/UHF frequency range. Yagi designs of such specifications fall short of 0.5 dB in gain mainly caused by bad conductivity!
  • Well defined element mounting
    The element mounting displays long-term stability and durability by the use of ultraviolet-resistant Polyamid clamps. The electrical specifications do not alter nor change within many years of use.
    Would the mechanical construction introduce a direct fix of the antenna elements onto the boom by means of clamps it is very likely that corrosion alters the effective element dimensions (electrically) and consequently a slow process of antenna performance degradation would take place!
  • G/T optimized, see also G/T-tables from VE7BQH



WiMo-Yagis use N-jacks (female), the balun is protected in the connector box!

The dipoles are true folded dipoles with a Teflon balun mounted in the center feed. This is a non-compromise solution avoiding the known problem of RF travelling along the outer surface of the coax's shield. Similar to the 2-m antennas the connector is an N-type. The center feed box is absolutely weather proof, sealed and additionally filled with Styrofoam. The Teflon balun is embedded into the center feed box. As seen with other antennas there are no balun slopes hanging out of the connection box and no need to affix the slope somehow to the antenna. Consequently, this design has no problems whatsoever with humidity leakages.

Element diameter

WiMo-Yagis use 8 mm diameter on elements (below)!

We utilize elements with a diameter of 8mm. This results in an extended bandwidth but same gain compared to thinner elements! The windload increases just a little bit which plays absolutely no role when using today's modern antenna rotors. Material of the elements: A highly conductive aluminum alloy we use to minimize the skin effect; DK7ZB has calculated (based on technical material from K6STI) that the losses due to the skin effect can add up to 0.8 dB for antenna elements made of stainless steel. Of course, the losses are even worse in the 70 cm band.

Element mounting

WiMo-Yagis use screw-on elements!

Fixed is fixed - we are not in favor of clamp-on connectors. The WIMO-Yagis feature elements which are fixed to the boom by means of stainless steel bolts and nuts. This guarantees low-resistance and un-hampered functionality for years to come. Each element is fixed to the boom by means of a 3 mm stainless steel bolt. We assure you we never "lost a boom" because of the additional screw holes in the boom!

Mounting hardware

WiMo-Yagis use stainless steel screws!

All nuts, bolts and washers are made of stainless steel with the exception of the mast clamp itself. This guarantees a long antenna life time. The antenna element mounts are made of Polyamide material which is highly resistant to the destructive effects of ultraviolet light. In case of the cross yagis the elements are fixed to the circular boom made of aluminum.

Crossed yagis without strut!

WiMo crossed yagis can be mounted diagonalyy or horizontally/vertically!

The antenna boom of the cross yagis is made of circular aluminum tubes (only exception is the 2 m 4-element antenna). The well designed and exceptionally manufactured mast clamp allows mounting of the antennas as well in a horizontal/vertical ('+'-Form) as in a diagonal ('X'-Form) shape. Because of the circular boom our cross yagis do not require an additional support strut; consequently the already perfect antenna diagram cannot be affected by the support strut...

Location of Mounting Clamp

WiMo-Yagis allow balanced mounting of the antenna!

All long yagis with twin boom (except WY-214) have a separate boom-connector for installation; such the mast clamp may be mounted independent from the boom-connection at the center of gravity (not on WY-214).

German and english instructions

WiMo-Yagis have an excellent manual and description!

The detailed English and German manuals contain also tips and tricks for stacking, combining etc.

DK7ZB-Yagis 2m/144MHz

WY204 2m 4-element

WY207 2m 7-element

WY209 2m 9-element

WX208 2m crossed yagi 2x4-element

WX220 2m crossed yagi 2x10-element

Technical Data
Type 2m Yagi 2m Crossed yagi
WY204 WY207 WY208 WY209 WX208 WX214 WX220
Elements 4 7 8 9 2x4 2x7 2x10
Gain 7 10,6 11,4 12,4 7 10 12,3 dBD
Front/Back ratio 16 23 24 23 16 20 25 dB
SWR <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6
HPBW Vertical 67 46 40 36 67 53 38 Grad
HPBW Horizontal 61 40 36 34 61 43 35 Grad
Max. Power Standard 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 Watt FM
DK7ZB Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. Power Special Version 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 Watt PEP
Stacking distance Horizontal 1,76 2,80 3,04 3,22 2,3 3,3 m
Stacking distance Vertical 1,86 2,98 3,16 3,40 2,3 3,3 m
Length 1,2 3,0 3,8 5,0 1,3 2,6 4,6 m
Width 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05 m
Height - - - - 1,05 1,05 1,05 m
Max. Mast Diameter 65 65 65 65 65 55 55 mm
Weight 1,1 2,4 3,0 3,5 1,7 3,1 4,2 Kg
Wind load 15 30 40 50 20 35 45 @ 80 km/h, N
60 120 160 200 80 140 180 @ 160 km/h, N
Phasing harness for circular polarisation   Order No. 18051
Remark Foremast - Strut Strut Foremast without Strut
Order No. 18100.04 18100.07 18100.08 18100.09 18109 18110 18111
Price 63.00 € 74.00 € 91.30 € 106.20 € 98.20 € 125.20 € 146.70 €
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Extra charge: High-Power-Dipole with max. power load 1200 Watt PEP on 2m, 800 Watt PEP on 70cm. This extra charge has to be ordered per dipole, i.e. two times with the crossed yagis!

Order No.
18100 Surcharge for high power Dipole 2m 26.20 € Buy now
18120 Spare part Dipole 200 W for WY-204, WY-214 WX-208 WX-214, WX-220 35.00 € Buy now
18122 Spare part Dipole 200 W for WY-207, WY-208, WY-209 35.00 € Buy now
18120.H Spare part Dipole 1200 W for WY-204, WY-214 WX-208 WX-214, WX-220 50.50 € Buy now
18122.H Spare part Dipole 1200 W for WY-207, WY-208, WY-209 50.50 € Buy now
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Download: Review from WY-204 in Island (PDF, Icelandish language, 500 kb)
Download: Instructions WiMo-Yagis except WY-214 (german/english, PDF, c. 80 KB)
Download: Instructions WiMo crossed yagis except WX-228 (german/english, PDF, c. 180 KB)
Download: Instructions for 14-Element long yagi WY-214 (german/english, PDF, c. 410 KB)
Download: Instructions for 2x 14-Element crossed long yagi WX-228 (german/english, PDF, c. 620 KB)
Download: DK7ZB-Yagi: Review from FUNKAMATEUR 10/00 (german, PDF, c. 55 KB)

70cm Yagis

WY7010 70cm 10 Element Fore-mast mount
WY 2023 70 cm 23-Element
The long yagis for 2m and 70cm are supplied with an aluminum strut and two mast clamps.
WX 7020 70cm Kreuzyagi 2x10-Element Fore-mast mount

Technical Data
Type 70cm Yagi 70cm Crossed yagi
WY706 WY7010 WY7018 WY7023 WX7020 WX7036
Elements 6 10 18 23 2x10 2x18
Gain 8 11,5 14 15 11,5 14 dBD
Front/Back ratio >20 >20 >20 >20 >20 >20 dB
SWR <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6 <1,6
HPBW Vertical 60 42 30 28 42 30 Grad
HPBW Horizontal 48 36 28 26 36 28 Grad
Max. Power Standard 200 200 200 200 200 200 Watt FM
Max. Power Special Version 800 800 800 800 800 800 Watt PEP
Stacking distance Horizontal - 1 1,4 1,5     m
Stacking distance Vertical - 1,1 1,5 1,6 m
Length 0,75 1,6 3,1 4,2 2 3,4 m
Width 0,34 0,34 0,34 0,34 0,34 0,34 m
Height - - - - 0,34 0,34 m
Max. Mast Diameter 65 65 65 65 65 65 mm
Weight 0,9 1 2,4 2,8 2,2 3,1 Kg
Wind load 10 13 35 40 15 22 @ 80 km/h, N
Wind load 40 52 140 160 60 88 @ 160 km/h, N
Phasing harness for circular polarisation   18052 49.00 € Buy now
Impedance 50 50 50 50 50 50 Ω
Remark Foremast Foremast - Strut Foremast -
Order No. 18203 18204 18205 18206 18207 18208
Price 72.20 € 76.70 € 100.50 € 113.90 € 125.20 € 146.70 €
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Extra charge: High-Power-Dipole with max. power load 1200 Watt PEP on 2m, 800 Watt PEP on 70cm. This extra charge has to be ordered per dipole, i.e. two times with the crossed yagis!

Order No.
18200 Surcharge for High Power Dipole 70cm 26.20 € Buy now
18125 Spare part Dipole 200 W for 70cm Yagi 35.00 € Buy now
18125.H Spare part Dipole 1200 W PEP for 70cm Yagi 50.50 € Buy now
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WY-209 Bild M0FGH
2x WY-209 at M0FGH (© M0FGH)

4x WY-209 at DL0VV (© DL0VV)

Customer feedback

Geoff, MW0ATI writes about the WY-209:
From: rb Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 8:56 AM To: wimo Subject: RE: [Web] Other inquiries: update Hi Volkmar, I Have the antenna on the tower now,and I am very very pleased with its performance,its the best beam antenna I have used on 2m so far 73 Geoff mw0ati
OM René writes:
From: René Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2007 4:18 PM To: wimo Subject: RE: Receive confirmation, your WiMo order No xxxx Volkmar I'm operating PJ4EME the last 2 weeks. I'm happy with the 4 x 9 el wimo yagi's Till now I made 265 EME qso's, a vy good result. 73's René PE1L @ PJ4EME
Hello Volkmar, In october, finally, I finished the array. As you can see from the pictures, I mounted the dipoles with the connectors facing backwards and I built a T-frame for guiding the coax lines. Additionally I have braced differently the booms, the "guy tower" is mounted on the GFK masts so the bending forces do not discharge through the boom mounting. The system performed very well in the recent ARRL contest, first weekend. Particularly I was favourably impressed by the lower noise with respect to the preceding M2 array, evidently the secondary lobes are much smaller. Cordially, Giorgio IK1UWL

4x WX-214 at IK1ULW

Dual band Yagi for 2m and 70cm


No-compromise yagi for 2m and 70cm, consisting of a 3-element yagi for 2m range and a 6-element yagi for 70cm. Separate systems with nearly zero interaction between the two antennas. With separate coax feedlines both bands are useable at the same time! Fore-mast design, but the mast clamp can be installed in the center of gravity as well.

Technical Data
Type WY3000
Gain 2m 5,5 dBD
Gain 70cm 8 dBD
SWR <1,6
Max. Power 2 x 200 Watt
Length 1,4 m
Width 1,05 m
Connector 2x N socket
Weight 1,9 Kg
Wind load 100 @ 160km/h, N
Order No.
18230 WY-3000 Dualband Yagi 129.80 € Buy now
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Diamond A-1430 Dualband Yagi 2m/70cm with only one connector


Compact and lightweight dualband yagi antenna for 2m and 70cm, with one common connector. Requires only one cable down to the radio, ideal for dualband radios with integrated diplexer. Consists of a 3-element yagi for 2m and a 5-element yagi for 70cm. With it's little weight the antenna is perfectly well suited for portable operations or a vacation. The antenna is installed in front of the mast, the supplied mast clamp allows horizontal or vertical mounting.

Technical Data
Type Diamond A-1430S7
Gain 2m 7.5 dBi
Gain 70cm 9.3 dBi
Front/Back ratio 2m > 11.5 dB
Front/Back ratio 70cm > 8 dB
SWR <1.5
Max. Power 100 Watt FM
Length 1,2 m
Width 1,02 m
Connector 1x PL socket  
Weight 0.95 kg
Max. Wind Velocity 125 km/h
Mast Diameter 25 - 62 mm
Wind surface 0.17
Order No.
18240 Diamond A-1430S7 Dualband Yagi VHF/UHF 139.00 € Buy now
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