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Acom Tuner 04AT

The Acom 04AT is an automatic antenna tuner, which has been specifically designed for operation with the Acom Transistor amplifiers. In such a combination, both the amplifier and the tuner form a perfect team for very comfortable automated operation at high power.

The tuner ACOM-04AT is either installed locally in the shack. or remotely at the antennas, in a distance of up to 100 m. This reduces cable losses over the long feed line, because only the antenna nad the relatively short local feed line is tuned. Control, HF signal and power supply is entirely handled via one coaxial cable, no firther connection between amp and tuner is required. All Acom transistor amplifiers can serve as a power feed and controller for the tuner, for example the Acom 1200S, the Acom 600S etc. The possible frequency range covers the entire shortwave band from 1.8 to 30 MHz and the 6m band from 50 to 54 MHz. The maximum power is - dependig on antenna matching - up to 1200 W.

A maximum of four antennas can be connected to the tuner. The selection of one antenna is done either manually from the controls on the amplifier, or automatically by the operating frequency. All inputs are protected with two circuits against static discharge and nearby lightning strikes. All antenna inputs can be switched to "bypass" in case an antenna should be operated directly, without tuner. Tuning of the ACOM-04AT happens automatically or by manual command. This process takes a maximum of 5 seconds, usually 2 t o3 seconds, and much faster when a once used frequency/antenna combination is used again. In this case the settings are recalled from 1000 storage positions. The storage is in NVRAM, so all settings remains available even when powered down. These settings can even be exported to a computer and later restored if required. If the amplifier and the transceiver are connected via a CAT cable (and thus the amp can monitor the operating frequency) the tuner always follows the frequency and selects antenna and matching, even when the transmitter is not engaged. This CAT connection is optional, it is not required for fully automated operation.

The Tuner offers various protection mechanisms to protect the amplifier and itself. Monitored parameters are supply voltage, voltage polarity, excessive HF voltage, excessive HF current, reflected power, input power, temperature andm uch more. In case of a bad SWR the tuner 04AT signals this error to the amplifier which then can reduce the transmitted power. At full power (1200W PEP or CW) a maximum mismatch of up to 3:1 can be handled. In some cases a mismatch of up to 10:1 can be handled, but in those cases the transmitted power must be reduced, see table below. While tuning is in process the SWR towards the amplifier never exceeds 2:1, after tuning the SWR is usually 1.5:1 or better. The current operating state of the tuner is shown on the amplifier display, so you can easily monitor your entire transmitter chain from amplifier over the tuner to the antennas.

Dates techniques ACOM-04AT Tuner
Gamme de fréquence 1.8 – 30 & 50 – 54 MHz
Gamme TOS 1:1 – 3:1 [1]
Puissance maxi à SWR 3:1 1200 W [2]
Min. TX power for SWR measurement 25 W ± 3dB
Impedance 50 Ω
Connecteurs Antenne 4 × PL prise
Connecteur Ampli dernier 1 × PL prise
Lunghezza massima del cavo PA↔Tuner 100 m [3]
Dimension 345 × 250 × 190 mm (L x P x H)
Poids 4.2 kg
Classe de protection IP 53 (NEMA Type 3)
Gamme de température -40 – +65 °C
Humidité maxi 98% @ +40 °C

[1] Operation is possible in some case with a mismatch of up to 10:1, at reduced power.

[2] Max. allowed power at SWR:

SWR ≤ 3:1 3.5:1 * 4:1 * 5:1 * 7:1 * 10:1 *
Pin [W] 1200 900 700 500 300 200

[*] Only if tuning at an SWR worse than 3:1 is possble at all. Operation at an SWR over 10:1 is not permitted, even when the tuner finds a match.

[3] Max. length of cable at an cable quality of RG-213 or better.

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Automatic tuner ACOM-03AT Boite d'accord automatisée ACOM-03AT

Le coupleur automatique ACOM 03AT s'installe directement au pied de l'antenne, il permet l'adaptation d'antennes symétriques à une ligne asymétrique 50 Ω et couvre de 1.8 à 16 MHz. La puissance supportée est de 200 à 2500 W en fonction de l'accord de l'antenne.

  • Pour accorder l'antenne, envoyez simplement un signal CW. Le processus d'accord démarre alors automatiquement...
  • Un atténuateur s'enclenche automatiquement pendant l'accord afin de préserver votre émetteur, puis se désactive une fois l'accord trouvé. Le coupleur et les relais disposent également de nombreuses protections : passages en émission à chaud, tensions d'antennes excessives, chaleur excessive, etc...
  • Le coupleur étant situé au pied l'antenne, les pertes sont ainsi réduites. Il permet en effet d'avoir un ROS faible dans la ligne de transmission.
  • Le coupleur est compatible avec tous les émetteurs. Un simple signal CW de 10 à 100 W permet l'accord automatique.
  • La connexion entre l'unité de contrôle et le coupleur extérieur est effectuée par une liaison optique, jusqu'à 50 m, ceci afin d'être insensible aux puissances de transmission élevées.
  • Réglages utilisateur et sélection de puissance sont conservés dans 99 mémoires non-volatiles.
  • La fonction BYPASS, appliquée par défaut lorsque le coupleur est hors-tension, l'est également lorsque les limites de couplage sont dépassées (le balun reste toutefois présent).
  • Options: Sortie asymétrique 50 Ω sur connecteur UHF (SO239A); Contrôle de l'amplificateur linéaire ACOM 2000A et du sélecteur automatique d'antennes ACOM 2000S; Contrôle PC par RS232 ou RS422; Mémoire non-volatile pour les réglages utilisateur.
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