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Elecraft transceivers are very popular worldwide, including the smaller QRP devices KX2 and KX3. However, these transceivers do not come with a microphone, so the question arises which one to take in order to be able to handle phone operation as well as possible and also with low power.

The manufacturer of the well-known "Alex-Loop" has taken up this challenge and developed the "ALEXMIC". The ALEXMIC is both loudspeaker and microphone, specially adapted for the Elecraft transceivers KX2 and KX3. The ALEXMIC comes with its own built-in LiIon battery to avoid unnecessary strain on the power supply, which is often limited in QRP applications. The battery can be charged anywhere with the included USB cable, with one charge you have about 8 hours of operation time.

The microphone is designed to produce a powerful and easy to understand modulation. The frequency response ranges from 200 to 8000 Hz, perfectly covering the range required for speech transmission. The sensitivity is approx. - 42dB. The ALEXMIC is complemented by a built-in loudspeaker with amplifier. A separate volume control on the ALEXMIC's housing allows convenient operation without having to reach for the transceiver. The amplifier offers about 2.5W output power. This makes it easy to listen to radio traffic even in a slightly louder environment, for example in portable mode. The robust housing is protected against splash water, another plus point for portable operation when portable.

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