SGC automatic antenna tuners

The US company SGC develops and manufactures radios and accessories for mobile use on shortwave. The products were developed mainly for commercial users, and therefore are very solid and easy to operate. Among radio amateurs SGC ist most known for their robust automatic antenna tuners "SmarTuner".



A new SGC tuner, very good performance with QRP radios like Yaesu FT-817, K2 or SG-2020. Power range 1.5... 200 watts PEP, 170 memories, manual tuning without transmitting is poosible! Average DC current 230mA only. Frequency range 1.8-30 MHz, minimum antenna length 3m (9ft.) for 7 ... 30 MHz. This tuner has NO waterproof housing as all other SGC tuners have, thus a very reasonable price is possible. Dimensions: 190 x 150 x 45 mm.

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SG230 Smartuner


SG-235 von innen

Automatic antenna tuners suited for all shortwave transceivers.

Frequency range: 1.8 to 30 MHz. The tuner automatically matches wire antennas: minimum length 2.5m starting from 3.5 MHz (SG-235: 7m), 8m starting from 1.6MHz (SG-235: 16m). Wire antennas up to 100m length can be matched as well.

The incorporated pi network enables up to 500,000 element combinations; the microprocessor is built-in. The non-volatile memory stores the element combinations even without power connected. The non-volatile memory stores the last 500 combinations and overrides older tuning data. Recurrent set time only 10ms for a previously tuned frequency.

Simply connect the automatic tuner to the trx and the antenna and forget it! The transceiver will always 'see' a well tuned antenna. In order to optimize the performance it is recommendatory to install the tuner directly at the antenna feed point. This is an ideal set-up for all mobile applications - never again exchange tuning coils when changing bands or frequencies! The automatic antenna tuner offers an excellent solution for hams with restricted space for base station antennas since it is almost anywhere possible to throw a wire over a tree or mast. The SGC tuners are built into a waterproof case for easy installation outside directly at the antenna base. DC operating range is 10-18V at 1A current drain.

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Mini Smartuner for max. 100 watt SSB/ 40 watt CW, frequency range 1.8 to 60 MHz, dimensions only 23x18x4 cm incl. case! SMD technology based on 4-layer PCB results in extreme miniaturization. Economy model with reduced number of tuning elements compared to the 'big brothers'; NOT suited for 100 watt CW/RTTY or FM operation!

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Small control box featuring the following control capabilities for SG-230, SG-237 and SG-239:
  • Blocking of the automatic tuner function in order to avoid re-tuning in tunnels or in the vicinity of large metal masses (truck, bridge etc.)
  • Reset, initiates a re-tune process
  • Operational status indication of the tuner by means of an LED (e.g. tuning ready)

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MFJ-4116 Bias Tee

Bild MFJ-4116

Used to supply power to antenna tuners or amplifiers or for remote control of solenoids over the coax cable. Usually a pair of these Bias-Ts is used, one in the shack to source the DC power, one at the remote end (DC sink).
The MFJ-4117 switch provides an additional switch to interrupt the power supply.
Frequency range 1-60 MHz, max. 1500Watt or 50V / 1Amp. Supplied with connection cable.

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